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Range, Height and Time.

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1 Range, Height and Time

2 Projectile Path All projectiles follow the same shape path.
This path is a parabola. Acceleration is constant. Horizontal velocity is also constant. Velocity and position change.

3 Parameterized Curve The two equations of motion can be combined to give an equation for the trajectory. We’ve set the origin to x0 = 0, y0 = 0.

4 Height The maximum height occurs when vy = 0.
This is identical to 1-dimensional motion. From the height can the initial velocity be estimated?

5 Range The range of a projectile is the horizontal distance.
The simplest range to find is for a projectile returning to its initial height. This is linked to the angle of the initial velocity.

6 Time The time in flight can be determined by height alone.
The “hang time” is just this time in flight. A 1 m jump will be in the air for about 0.9 s. The range doesn’t matter.

7 Different Heights Not all motion starts and stops at the same height.
The difference in height can be found by the full set of equations. Let y be some non-zero value.

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