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Lesson 4 Computer Maintenance 1. Regular maintenance is required to keep computer running efficiently Potential issues: Hard drive performance slowing.

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1 Lesson 4 Computer Maintenance 1

2 Regular maintenance is required to keep computer running efficiently Potential issues: Hard drive performance slowing Printer problems Keyboard and mouse sluggish Monitor not working properly Computer cables damaged Cable Management: Use to organize computer cables and bundle them together Kits available almost anywhere computer supplies are sold Damaged cables can prevent communication problems with peripheral devices 2

3 Preventative Maintenance performed on regular schedule will cut down on computer repairs Clean every 3-6 months; if dusty, clean more often Keyboard Check and clean periodically b/c keys can become jammed from dirt, dust, hair, or food particles Use compressed air to clean Spilled liquid on keyboard = turn off computer immediately, disconnect keyboard, rinse with water, turn upside down to remove excess liquid, dry with cloth, leave upside down for @ least 12 hours before reconnecting. 3

4 Mouse Mechanical mice (ball inside) can prevent rollers from moving effectively if they become clogged Cleaning eliminates jerky or erratic movement: Remove Cover Remove Ball Remove/Clean Debris from inside/outside mouse and the mouse ball Reassemble Mouse 4

5 Printer Check Printer Documentation (manual or online) Clean recommended parts Use cleaner recommended by manufacturer or lint-free cloth with 50-50 mixture of water and vinegar; do not allow fluid inside of printer Never spray aerosol directly on printer Wear latex gloves to protect hands 5

6 Inkjet Printers After extensive use, small deposits of dried ink accumulate on printhead and eventually will clog ink jets and cause blotchy printing. Many printers have self-cleaning modes that are available through printers control panel; if not, you can use inkjet cleaning cartridge. Dust and ink from inexpensive paper can affect printer rollers Suggested Cleaning: Turn off printer and unplug it Let it cool down, if necessary Use small vacuum to remove debris Do not use compressed air; it adds moisture to printer Use special cleaning supplies, if required 6

7 Laser Printers Cleaned when print quality deteriorates or change toner cartridges When cleaning internal components, do not touch anything shiny as if might be HOT or contain a charge Suggested Cleaning: Use printer brush or paint brush and lint-free cloth to clean inside toner openings Remove paper fragments Use clean cloth to remove spilled toner or dust Clean rollers but do not touch transfer sponge roller Replace toner cartridge(s) Do not touch CORONA WIRES, if applicable They are used to generate positive charge on drum surface and paper. Do not use brush or vacuum on them either Exposure to light can damage toner cartridges 7

8 Necessary if components are become damaged or output/production needs to be increased. Computer Memory Best value to increasing computer performance RAM made up of small memory chips to forma memory modules; found in RAM slots on motherboard Hard Drive (HD) = Long term memory RAM = Short term memory (temporary) Computer Reads and Writes to RAM When RAM becomes full, processor accesses HD to replace old data with new data HD access is slower than RAM therefore processing speed slows down when RAM is overloaded Overloaded RAM can affect speed of monitor Adding RAM increases performance, speed, and usability Computers have max on amount of RAM that can be installed 8

9 Keyboards Keyboards can be replaced without having to replace any other hardware components Select keyboard according to design, performance and comfort Ergonomic keyboard allow natural positioning for arms and hands; many are smaller in width to allow mouse to be closer; some include touchpads Wireless keyboard reduces clutter of wires and cables and improves mobility 9

10 Mouse Mice can be replaced without having to replace any other hardware components Various types - Mechanical, Optical, Laser, Wireless Can be ergonomic as well Touchpad can be used as a pointing device Sense position of finger and move pointer accordingly Notebook/Laptop computers usually have one Cannot be replaced or upgraded without replacing entire computer Can use external touchpads 10

11 Computers slow over as you add/delete files, install/uninstall software, and normal activities Microsoft Windows comes with a Utilities program to help with the maintenance of your computer Defrag HD Empty Recycle Bin Delete Temporary Files Remove Cookies Following a routine maintenance schedule will allow your computer to run faster and more efficient 11

12 Disk Defragmentation New HD write file data in a set of side-by-side clusters When HD becomes cluttered or limited on space, windows divides new data into sectors Disk fragmentation occurs when data is broken up in to several pieces but not stored close together Sectors are stored in blocks of non-adjacent clusters creating fragmented files 12 CONTIGUOUS FILE HARD DISK SECTOR

13 Disk Defragmentation (cont) Computer reads fragmented file as single file, but has to scan multiple parts of drive and extends disk seek time; slows processing cycle and computer performance Defragmentation organizes files so all of the files sectors are stored together Defrag utility available in Windows Defrag utility does not work on read-only disks, networks drives, or locked drives 13

14 Disk Defragmentation (cont) Steps to Defrag Click Start then Control Panel Click System and Security Under Administrative Tools, click Defragment Hard Drive Click Defragment Hard Drive 14

15 Recycle Bin Holding area for files and folders before final deletion from storage Contains files from HD that have been deleted intentionally or accidentally removable media do not contain a recycle bin, therefore once file is deleted it is permanently gone Access from desktop icon Can view (double-click or right-click, open) contents before permanently deleted Right-clicking an item will display shortcut menus Restore, Cut, Delete, or Properties Empty contents of Recycle Bin to permanently delete files/folders Right-click icon and click Empty Recycle Bin Warning box displays to prevent accidental deletion of files Options are Yes or No at this point Once file(s) have been deleted from bin = cannot be restored 15

16 Recycle Bin (cont) Restore file(s) by opening Recycle Bin Right-click name of file Click Restore Modify Recycle Bin settings Right-click icon Select Properties Select settings to change Click OK 16

17 Temporary Files Created by various programs; it determines where and when to create temp files Reasons: Free memory for other programs Act as a safety net to prevent data loss Print while computer performs other tasks Exist in current session of program Program closed normally = temp files deleted automatically Power loss/program not closed properly = temp file remain on HD 17

18 Temporary Files (cont) Steps to delete Temp Files Click Start, Accessories, System Tools,DISK CLEANUP Select Drive (if system contains more than one drive) to scan, Click OK After scan, click on files to delete to display description, then click checkbox to select specific temp files to delete, then click OK 18

19 Cookies Small text file form a website used to identify specific computer File created/updated on computers HD each time visit Website Not a threat to computers security Text file contains code that identifies your computer with the Web server each time Web page is accessed Used primarily to gather info about your surfing habits 19

20 Cookies (cont) Steps to delete Cookies Click Start, Control Panel, Network and Internet, Internet Options Select General tab; in browsing history section, click the Delete button to display Delete Browser History dialog box Check the Cookies checkbox Press Delete 20


22 Some maintenance procedures require a computer professional; listed below are examples: Replacing power supply/opening power supply case Replacing electrical components Replacing processor Replacing/Adding HD Replacing/Adding RAM Monitors, scanners, or printers are not designed to be opened by average computer user; use a computer tech 22

23 Computer network security tested by equipment malfunctions, system failures, hackers, and viruses Examples: Natural disasters – floods, storms, fires Electrical disturbances – brownouts or blackouts Server malfunctions – lose of network resources like printers, drives, and information Hackers – gain unauthorized access to computer systems to steal services and/or information and cause damage to computer systems Viruses – created to infect/sabotage computer systems and files/information 23

24 QUICK QUIZZES 1)A computer is no different from a car in that it requires regular __________. Answer: maintenance 2)__________ kits can be used to organize cables and bundle them together. Answer: Cable management 3)As a general rule, how often should you clean a computer? Answer:Every three to six months 24

25 QUICK QUIZZES 4)True or False? You should brush or vacuum the corona wires on a laser printer once a year. Answer: False 5) Adding __________ to a computer generally helps increase performance, speed, and usability. Answer: RAM 6)__________ keyboards allow for a more natural positioning of your arms and hands. Answer: Ergonomic 25

26 QUICK QUIZZES 7)A(n) __________ keyboard reduces the clutter of unsightly wires and other cable problems and improves mobility. Answer: wireless 8)A(n) __________ is a pointing device you can use instead of a mouse. Answer: touchpad 9)Disk __________ occurs when data is broken up into many pieces that are not stored close together. Answer: fragmentation 26

27 QUICK QUIZZES 10)Disk __________ organizes fragmented files so that all of the files sectors are stored together. Answer: defragmentation 11)The Windows __________ is a holding area for files and folders before their final deletion from a storage device. Answer: Recycle Bin 12)True or False? Replacing or adding additional RAM to your computer should generally be performed by a computer professional. Answer: True 27

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