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1 SharePoint Conference 2009

2 Around registration and the keynote hall Laptop bags given


4 The keynote speech Tom Rizzo And Steve Balmer


6 The man and his new baby, SharePoint 2010

7 How the rest of the world followed SPC09

8 From the live streaming of the opening keynote

9 Panorama view of the exhibitors hall

10 Was this a men only conference? Best dresser of the week Lunch hall

11 Luxury and Eskom at the Luxor

12 See if you can make out the writing on the bus parked outside the conference Money grab

13 Lab rooms Vegas style

14 Vegas by day and night

15 Parties Vegas style

16 And more

17 Have fun or die trying

18 Oh so there were girls there

19 This concert went down a treat judging by the tweets

20 No explanation necessary really

21 Only in Vegas? This did say

22 EPC doing their thing

23 It is Vegas after all

24 Getting there and day 1 Best of Twitter

25 On the keynote

26 On the keynote

27 On Steve Balmer

28 Geeks and Nerds

29 Party Consequences

30 Party Consequences

31 Getting tired – day 3

32 What?

33 What?

34 Appreciation

35 Marriage and Divorce

36 Random Stuff

37 Random Stuff

38 On Hotels and Vegas

39 On Twitter

40 See where the priorities were for a while ;-) … in their defense, it looks like they were spammed

41 News for Business Users

42 News for Business Users

43 News for Business Users

44 News for Business Users

45 News for Business Users

46 You shouldve have known…

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