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Students Repairing Laptops… It Works! PETE & C Conference Feb 2010 – Hershey Lodge Ed Crist City Charter High School Pittsburgh, PA.

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1 Students Repairing Laptops… It Works! PETE & C Conference Feb 2010 – Hershey Lodge Ed Crist City Charter High School Pittsburgh, PA

2 About CCHS MISSION The MISSION of City Charter High School, a technology infused public school, is to graduate students who are academically, technologically, personally and socially prepared to succeed in post-secondary education or training. Using a team approach, City High cultivates a safe, supportive and academically rigorous environment by recognizing and nurturing individual talents, needs and skills. CORE BELIEFS Individual responsibility for learning. Academic success is dependent on students taking an active role in their learning. Continuous challenge. A curriculum constructed with multiple levels of challenge and aligned to the Pennsylvania Standards best meets the academic needs of individual students. Connections to the real world. Career focused curriculum and related experiences convince students that what they do at City High impacts their future. Personal Academic Connections. Success relies strongly on each student feeling connected to one or more adults at City High. Safe and caring environment. A safe and caring environment – physical, emotional, intellectual – is essential to active classroom engagement. Collaboration. A students ability to collaborate is essential in todays work environment. GRADUATE PROFILE A graduate of City Charter High School will: Possess foundational academic skills and the ability to access, synthesize and apply new knowledge. Have a comfort level with current technology and the confidence to adapt to future technology. Possess the personal qualities needed to be a self-assured, motivated, responsible young adult and to possess the work ethic to succeed in post-secondary education or training. Effectively navigate through a variety of interpersonal situations in family, community, school and workplace settings.

3 About CCHS City High is a 21st century school preparing students for the new economy. Career Planning Every student has an Education and Career Plan. 9th and 10th grade students conduct career research and participate in job application simulations. 11th grade students participate in a 13-week internship at a local company. 12th grade students who qualify, can take for-credit courses at partner colleges or 13-week internships at local companies. Work Environment The school day begins at 8:00 AM and goes to 4:00 PM. The school day is divided into four blocks - three academic classes and one Activity Period. City High has a year-around school calendar with three vacations - December, April, August. Every student receives a laptop for use at school and at home. Dress code is corporate casual. Every student receives a membership to The Downtown YMCA.

4 About CCHS 5 Floors located in the New Clark Building, downtown Pittsburgh. Each grade level has a floor – 7 – 9 th grade – 8 – 10 th grade – 10 – 11 th grade – 12 – 12 th grade – 9 th floor is administration, wellness, cafeteria

5 Overview of Technology at CCHS Laptops – Each year CCHS receives bids on laptops for the incoming 9 th grade class. (approx. 180-190 machines) – Current 2008-09 laptop models are 12 th grade – Dell Latitude 620 11 th Grade – Dell Latitude 630 10 th grade – Lenovo R61 9 th grade – Lenovo R400 – Every student receives a new laptop upon enrollment. (560 students) – Every staff member also receives a laptop (80+ staff) – Laptops have 2 batteries and no optical drives for maximum life during the school day – Chargers are not used by students at school and must be kept at home.

6 Overview of Technology at CCHS Network infrastructure – 5 (Dell) Windows Servers (2003 and 2008) File, web, MS SQL, etc. Office Communications Server 2007 (IM) 1 domain with 2 controllers – 43 Cisco wireless access points distributed over 5 floors of the building – At least 5 physical drops in each room – Approx. 30 desktops spread throughout the building.

7 Overview of Technology at CCHS Internet Filtering – 8e6 appliance ( Symantec End Point Security (anti-virus) KBOX Systems Management Appliance Windows Defender (anti-spyware) Watchguard firewall Email – Off site hosted/managed MS Exchange server Laptop user environment control – Windows GPOs Student information management software – Rediker Software, Inc. EDLINE, GradeQuick Web, Administrators Plus, SNAP Health Center, QSP Food Service, etc.

8 More about laptop use Laptops are crucial to the curriculum and are used almost EVERY DAY in classes. No text books are purchased. Students take laptops home. Each grade level has a faculty team and faculty are directly involved in managing laptops in the classroom and on the floors. – Discipline issues and workforce may take away a laptop for a period of time – Floor faculty keep a few spare laptops – Floor faculty are well versed in managing Login/logout problems Connection to wireless APs General usage needs Students get to keep their laptop upon successful graduation from CCHS…they also receive a DVD with all items from their H drive (home directory on the server) Students sign a form that CCHS is NOT responsible for any further support for the laptop. Office 2007, Adobe Master CS3.3, etc.

9 Student Tech Team The key to our success is the 8-10 students who make up the Tech Team. To get on the tech team…. – Fill out an application – C grade or higher – No discipline referrals – 2 letters of recommendation – No attendance problems – 10 th grade or higher Students are paid minimum wage for the hours they put in. Payroll $$$ comes from the warranty repair reimbursements from the laptop vendors.

10 Student Tech Team The job responsibilities are – Troubleshooting and repairs of Laptops Desktops Printers other – Entering orders into the tech database for parts – Cloning hard drives using hard drive duplicators – Preparing equipment for new trimester/year – Other duties as assigned

11 Problem reports Laptop problems are entered into a web page database (MySQL) by students and/or staff. – Database written and maintained by Tech Team members. Reports are printed and attached to laptop and sent to the tech office for assessment and repairs.

12 Problem reports


14 Most repairs are performed by the student tech team after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Students come to the tech office to retrieve the repaired laptop.

15 Warranty Repairs CCHS requires that laptop vendors provide the following… – 4 year Complete Care warranties. This ensures that a laptop is under warranty throughout the 4 years in high school. – Vendor must approve CCHS as a warranty repair service center. CCHS staff become certified as warranty administrators and technical service agents All repairs are done onsite at CCHS CCHS receives any and all reimbursements for certain repairs – Motherboards, LCDs, etc. $$$ from reimbursements fund ALL student payroll…not just tech team. (2008-09 total $$$ - approx $36,000.00)

16 Contact Information Ed Crist – Tech Manager City Charter High School 717 Liberty Ave, Suite 900 Pittsburgh, PA 15222 412 – 690 – 2489

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