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AppSense DataNow David Shepherd Pre Sales Director (EMEA)

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1 AppSense DataNow David Shepherd Pre Sales Director (EMEA)

2 The AppSense Approach: People-Centric Computing Mobile Applications Interactions Data Access Personalization User Rights Context Integration Optimization Governance My Experience Same experience on all devices Apps, look and feel, bookmarks Reduction in IT complexity Migrations, support costs, policy control, licensing Leverage existing technologies Stitch together PC, virtual desktops, virtual apps, mobile devices

3 Tablets: The Next Wave of IT Complexity As of March 2012, over 55 million iPads sold since introduction According to IDC, 67 million total tablets sold in 2010 Projecting 106.1 million tablets sold in 2012 No native access to enterprise data Frequent combination of business and personal data

4 These Trends drive behavior.. Transfer data to a device of choice Ensure that data on laptops is backed up Share files with internal / external colleagues Access corporate information from mobile devices

5 Insecure Workarounds Have Always Been There…

6 …and the Sophistication is Growing

7 AppSense Company Confidential What the Enterprise Does Today

8 IT Major investments in centralized servers and storage Access managed by Active Directory Infrastructure management best practices Policies and practices steering users towards these investments Current IT infrastructure and practices are misaligned with user workflow User Need to be productive anywhere Frustrated by jumping through hoops like VPN connections Burned by performance / data corruption Path of least resistance = saving files locally on laptop Todays Enterprise Disconnect

9 Five Keys to Success with Your Mobility Strategy 1.Easy for users 2.Simple and efficient for IT 3.Non-disruptive to existing business processes 4.Secure and compliant 5.Flexible as needs evolve

10 Lightweight virtual appliance that integrates with your existing on-premise infrastructure Anywhere data access from corporate PCs, employee-owned PCs, tablets and smartphones No data migration or disruption to existing file paths and business processes Future-proof: single pane of glass for a variety of on-premise and cloud storage approaches DataNow: An Approach that Starts in the Enterprise

11 DataNow TM – Infrastructure Existing Storage e.g. NAS/SAN Existing Active Directory virtual appliance Hyper-V, ESX, XEN Mobile/Tablet Clients Desktop Clients

12 DataNow TM Essentials – Active Directory Connector Active Directory DMZ home drive Mobile/Tablet Clients Desktop Clients

13 DataNow TM – Future Enterprise Connectors Internal storage Mobile/Tablet Clients Desktop Clients Public Cloud Storage

14 Why AppSense for Enterprise Data Simple implementation with no changes to how you store data or provision users Unique on-premises approach overcomes common security / regulatory concerns Storage-agnostic approach – embrace the cloud on your terms Enterprise-focused policy and control Thought leadership that ends beyond data to mobile apps

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