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How Microsoft Can Help Make Real and subsidize Your State ICT Capacity Building Initiatives Ken Spann J.D. M.B.A. Development Platform Manager Microsoft.

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1 How Microsoft Can Help Make Real and subsidize Your State ICT Capacity Building Initiatives Ken Spann J.D. M.B.A. Development Platform Manager Microsoft October 11, 2010

2 Explore: Transforming ICT to Cross-Curiculum from Separate Courses Reinventing Curriculum, Schools, and Classrooms All kindergarten to grade 12 students must be prepared to understand, use and apply technologies in effective, efficient and ethical ways (Mandate from The Alberta Canada provincial education ministry)

3 More Content Needed than Computers and Internet Teacher Preparation Focus on Technology Integration rahter than the Laptop Networking, etc. Create a seamless experience for Teachers and students Governance around Technology training and implementation a must Technical Leadership both inside the schools and in Government Teachers must acquire skills as well

4 China has implemented Microsoft IT Academies Galileo Educational Network in Canada promotes innovation in leadership and teaching practices Information technology is integrated in a seamless, transparent way through careful inquiry project design, implementation and evaluation

5 Fundamental Changes must occur (Thomas and Knezek (1991) changes in learning experiences; teacher roles; curriculum; organizational leadership/structure; and governance/funding.

6 Delivers the World Class Microsoft Official Curriculum Microsoft spends $10B per year in Research and Development Large number of Microsoft Partners & Customers Microsoft Technology skills are recognized worldwide


8 The Microsoft IT Academy Program offer world-class computer technology curriculums enriched with real-world skills Educators and students are the center of the Microsoft IT Academy Program. a rich and resonant learning experience, using not only the best available textbooks, but also e-learning and software

9 an incredible platform of resources that we can provide schools to meet an enormous need Offer world-class technology curriculum Provide rich online learning resources Link academic learning to real-world job skills Create a skilled workforce for employers Connect students and instructors to Microsoft

10 Microsoft E-Learning portfolio Instructor e-learning course management tool E-Reference Books Library Microsoft Digital Literacy Professional Courseware (fees apply) Professional Academic textbooks (fees apply 80% Discount for Nigeria) Academic textbooks

11 Microsoft Live@edu provides a simple, practical way to provide advanced online communications and collaboration for everyone in your campus community. At no additional cost to your institution, we provide: hosted email calendars online workspaces mobile alerts document sharing instant messaging blogs videoconferencing mobile access and address books, all accessible on Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile devices.

12 Give your students and alumni complimentary hosted email from Microsoft Live@edu, with a custom domain name selected by your institution. Students and staff can access Live@edu on all popular PC, Mac and Linux Web browsers. Even better, this service is delivered by Microsoft on a proven infrastructure with over 310 million users worldwide. We manage the infrastructure, you manage the accounts

13 5GB mailbox; 10MB attachments Branded with your institutions name and logo and your domain name Add up to six URLs to your students Windows Live Hotmail landing page Advertising is suppressed for currently enrolled students of colleges and universities for Windows Live mail Push email via Windows Live for mobile

14 Spam and virus filtering Calendars Windows Live Messenger Microsoft Office Live Workspace Store thousands of Microsoft Office documents online 500MB storage Invite people to your workspace and control who can view, comment and edit your documents Stop manually merging versions from multiple people Open and save files directly from Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint Synchronise contact, task and event lists with Microsoft Office Outlook

15 Windows Live Alerts Mobile access Windows Live Spaces Add up to 500 photos a month Choose your own layout Network with friends Update your blog from your mobile Link to SkyDrive - 1GB remote storage Collaborate Create ePortfolios and online CVs Share with students, colleagues or potential employers

16 Particulars5,000 Students10,000 students25,000 students Cost of laptops/Microsoft Software* ($385 ea) $1,925,000$3,850,000$9,625,000 Antivirus ($36 per laptop for 1 Year) $180,000.00$360,000.00$900,000.00 Cost of IT Academy $44,000$88,000$220,000 (250students/Academy) Royalties QMS, Coordinators salaries/year $70,000$120,000$250,000 Train the trainer $8,000$14,000$30,000 Training 1 teacher/100 students Stipend for teachers for 10 days training $3,750$7,500$18,750 Cost MOAC (Books)/Academy $1,200$2,400$6,000 Projectors USD 650 ea $13,000$26,000$65,000 Miscellaneous $10,000$15,000$25,000 TOTAL $2,254,950$4,482,900$11,139,750

17 Warranty 1 Year $0 MSDN AA Software (over 150 Products) $0 Custom Email $0 25GB online Storage $0 10GB email boxes $0 Centralized Administration $0 Office Web Applications $0 24x7 support $0 Microsoft eLearning Courses (over 160 Subjects) $0 Microsoft Windows 7 & Microsoft Office 2007 at Substantial discounts $0 Total Cost per student $450$448.29$447.75

18 Students Receive a blend of Microsoft Office Skills Schools regardless of Major Exposure may prompt more students to choose IT as a career Microsoft Certifications are often required by many Employers for IT jobs Schools Providing the 21 st Century IT Curriculum that are necessary

19 The Nation Nigeria can become a Knowledge Based Economy Increase of Software Developers Builds a local software economy Provides not only jobs but Entrepreneurs




23 Is Here Now! Video Ethiopian Government Solution for Education

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