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September 14, 2011. Five Year Plan District Technology Agreement Use Forms StarChart.

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1 September 14, 2011

2 Five Year Plan District Technology Agreement Use Forms StarChart

3 All our telecommunications services are 80% discounted. Applied for internal connection services – Called Priority 2 Services. Year 2010-2011 applied for districts infrastructure. USAC decided not to fund 80% schools Year 2011-2012, applied again for internal connections. Requested technology was the PoleVault system by Extron. Look to be notified in the Spring. Both pending.

4 With the long awaiting decision now released, it has now been made public that USAC will fund 80% schools. What are we waiting for? Must receive a Commitment Letter before starting projects. The project will outfit all classrooms with 7 data drops (1 Ceiling, 2 teachers desk, and 4 student). In addition all wiring closets will be revamped with new network equipment.

5 MISD Will apply for telecom services as long as the eRate program exist.

6 98% of all teachers have laptops. 100% all have projectors, some over 3 years old. Network printers that are between 6 to 10 years old. 98% of instructional classrooms have interactive boards. Few document cameras. No student computers in classrooms (exception, all Special Ed will have one functional PC). District Wide

7 Educational Programs/Software? Educational Tools? Assessment Tools? Distance Learning? Staff Development? Classroom instruction – Meeting state requirements?

8 Yearly review and modify existing user forms to accommodate technology trends. In order for MISD to be in compliance and to assure accountability its imperative that we are prudent in maintaining current with the districts technology user forms. Laptop Agreement Cell Phone Agreement Web Publishing form Donation Form

9 At the beginning of each school year, its required that a technology plan and the StarChart be submitted prior to applying for eRate. Step One: Manage Teacher List Broadcast email Submit Campus Star Chart Principals will need to: Campuses will have two weeks to complete.

10 Elementary- Melissa Heltenberg Middle School – Andrew Miller High School – Jes Satterwhite Address: Once all campus charts are completed, Ill then complete the district Star Chart, Done!



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