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Hello! My name is Pencil. Hello! And my name is Tablet. Today, we are going to share a useful information and this information is specially dedicated.

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3 Hello! My name is Pencil. Hello! And my name is Tablet. Today, we are going to share a useful information and this information is specially dedicated for 1 Malaysia. Right Tablet? Of course Pencil! Now we are going to tell you on pirated software and copyrighted materials nowadays.


5 Okay friend. Ive prepared an e-book for you about the topic that mentioned before. Tablet is going to show you the e-book right now. Enjoy!


7 E-book To view the e-book, you have to touch me by clicking the e-book icon that titled Pirated software and copyrighted material.

8 E-book Im opening the file now Please wait…

9 PIRATED SOFTWARE & COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Written by Cool Pencil Exclusively written for Copyright © 2012 Prestariang Systems Sdn Bhd. All Rights Reserved.

10 Pirated Software

11 Pirated software is duplicated software thats freely distributed by people to other people, WITHOUT official permission.

12 Paid pirated software Free pirated software


14 Free pirated software is an illegal copy of software thats free to use WITHOUT having to buy it.

15 Usually some of the pirated software have been cracked, meaning to say that the software have been broken by someone, so that everyone can use the cracked software freely WITHOUT having to buy the software license key.

16 The software cracker and the original buyer of the software will distribute the cracked software and the original software that doesnt require any license key to public for FREE via internet.


18 Paid pirated software is an illegal copy of software that is not free to use, and people have to purchase it.

19 An Irresponsible person makes copies of the original software and sell them at a low price to public.

20 All Pirated software are against the law and illegal. So as a good human being, we must purchase the original software and the software license key, BECAUSE, if 1 Malaysia purchase the original software, no more bankruptcy and loss of profits for the companies that are creating these awesome software.


22 Copyrighted material is any material that is protected by the copyright law. The legal owner of the copyrighted material has rights over it.

23 Any copying activity of the material without official permission from its owner is prohibited.

24 Films, animations, comics, mobile games and applications, songs, games, books, magazines, software and many more contents that are protected by copyright law, ARE some of the popular examples of the copyrighted material nowadays among netizens and people around the world.

25 Do you think that your action is legal by buying the original contents AND make copies of them and simply just giving them to your friends and family?

26 If you think it is legal, it would be better if you stop it immediately UNLESS you have official permission to do so.

27 Filmmakers who depend on their exciting films for their livelihood. Cartoonists who depend on their interesting comics for their livelihood. Video game companies depend on their joyful games for their livelihood. Writers depend on their valuable books for their livelihood. Singers depend on their wonderful songs and albums for their livelihood. Software makers and companies depend on their beneficial software for their livelihood. AND also the others.

28 If you are copying and distributing the copyrighted contents to others FREELY without the official consent, you will kill them actually. Theyll get NOTHING from your illegal activities. BECAUSE

29 S o, please 1 Malaysia! Support them by obtaining the copyrighted materials LEGALLY AND at the same time, you help to contribute something for their livelihood.

30 From now on, 1 Malaysia will stop distributing illegal copies of copyrighted materials. BECAUSE the action is against the law, not only in Malaysia but in every country around the world. Besides, as a good person, we have to avoid ourselves from involving with the illegal activity.

31 1 Malaysia will stop distributing, selling, buying, sharing, using and downloading all of the pirated software, BECAUSE ALSO, the actions are against the law as well. Come along people of 1 Malaysia! Be the good netizens and human being in Malaysia and in the world!

32 E-book Im closing the file now Please wait…


34 How meaningful the e-book was! Right? We hope that you can understand a little bit about why the software piracy and the illegal copyrighted material is forbidden and prohibited in our nation and the other country as well and also we must not involve in the illegal activities such as distributing, copying, recording, selling, and buying pirated software and illegal copyrighted contents. Yes, Pencil is right! We have to be a good person and a good netizen too. That is right Tablet. Oh! You told me that you had prepared a short video clip on the software piracy and the illegal copyrighted material right? Right Pencil! This video was made for enhancing more on your understanding about the software piracy and the copyrighted material. Hopefully, the video will help you to see a clear picture of those two things vividly. Now enjoy! Enjoy!



37 Like always friend, to view the video, you have to touch me by clicking the video icon that titledNo More Pirated Software & Illegally Obtained Copyrighted Material. Video

38 Im opening the file now Please wait…

39 G


41 Song © Song © Comic © Comic © Magazine © Magazine © Mobile Apps © Mobile Apps © software © software © Comic © Comic © Song © Song © GAmes © GAmes © movie © movie © Images & artwork © Images & artwork © software © software © GAmes © GAmes © Mobile Apps © Mobile Apps © movie © movie © software © software © Mobile Apps © Mobile Apps © Images & artwork © Images & artwork © movie © movie © Song © Song © Comic © Comic © Magazine © Magazine © Song © Song © Images & artwork © Images & artwork © Magazine © Magazine © Comic © Comic © Song © Song © GAmes © GAmes © software © software ©


43 Images & artwork © Images & artwork © movie © movie © software © software © Mobile Apps © Mobile Apps © Song © Song © Comic © Comic © GAmes © GAmes © software © software © Mobile Apps © Mobile Apps © Comic © Comic © software © software © Magazine © Magazine © Images & artwork © Images & artwork © Mobile Apps © Mobile Apps © GAmes © GAmes © movie © movie © Mobile Apps © Mobile Apps © Comic © Comic © Song © Song ©


45 Games Station Clinic

46 Games Station Clinic

47 Games Station Bus Stop Hello Ahmad!Hello Ah Chong! Ahmad, do you want to buy the original games from the shop? Yes, why Ah Chong?Are they too expensive? Of course! Genuine games have always been expensive. Oh I see. But I bought those games at a low price. Really!? Certainly! Oh! There is a bus coming! Just follow me Ahmad.

48 Games Station Bus Stop

49 Games Station Bus Stop

50 We Love Cinta Malaysia


52 Ahmad, are you happy purchasing your favourite games at a low price? Of course Ah Chong! Because I can save a lot of money if I purchase the pirated games besides there is no difference between pirated and original games. Thank you friend. You are welcome friend! Oh! Lella?

53 We Love Cinta Malaysia Hello you two! Hello Lella! Lella, where are you going? Oh! I want to go to the bookstore because I want to buy my favourite magazines and a comic for my brother. What! Ha! Ha! Ha! You know friends, I got them for free!

54 We Love Cinta Malaysia Really!? How? What?! How? Follow me and I will show you.

55 We Love Cinta Malaysia


57 With the Internet, we can get any movies,songs,comics,magazines,games, paid software as well as paid mobile games and software for free, instead of buying them. Thanks Ah Chong for teaching us in obtaining the contents for free. My pleasure friends. Ah Chong, my trial software has expired. So, do you know any other way on how to use it after its expiration date? Here I bring my laptop along with me. Oh! Thats easy as easy as one, two, three. Why dont you just crack or hack it. What! Is it Possible? Yes! Let me just show you this time as well. Lets go!



60 Mind Souler Wow! How amazing! Thank you. From now on, I able to use this software without having to buy the license key in order to use it after the expiration date. By the way, do you know how to get paid games from the digital download games sites for free of charge? Thank you Ah Chong! My pleasure friend. Sure! By hacking it and this time I will show you how to attain that as well.


62 Mind Souler Ouch!!! My Back hurts! As I told you just now, let us just meet with Ah Chong in a restaurant because the chairs in the restaurant have mechanisms that can support our backs. But, I already sent him a message that we are going to meet him here. Now, I am sure that he is on his way to come here. Oh! Never mind. Do you know any tips in avoiding to become an impulsive buyer when we go for online shopping? Oh! I know just a few tips on that. Why? Oh! Thank you Ahmad! Actually my forum friend asks me about that. Oh! Now youre participating in online forum. Okay, the first one is, be careful in spending your money when you go for online shopping. Then, before you decide to buy anything from the online shopping site, you better think twice about it and set your purposes first when you desire to shop online. Oh! My Back! Oh! Thank you Ahmad! Oh! She is saying thank you to me! Actually, thanks to you Ahmad! While waiting for my first online purchase complete, I join the online forum! Ouch!!! Oh! My pleasure friend. Oh! There he is!

63 Mind Souler Hello Lella! And Hello Ahmad! What are you two doing!

64 Oh! We are purchasing songs, movies, magazines and so on online.

65 Mind Souler Did I ever teach both of you on getting the contents by downloading them for free via internet? Lella is going to tell you why we want to buy them even we have the opportunity to download them for free.

66 Mind Souler We are sorry. Let us stop this misuse of the internet because Ahmads IP number was detected and banned by the software administrator maybe, which you taught him to hack and crack it or maybe someone else from using the service of the software. Oh! Is that for real Ahmad? Yes! And also I will not read and play some of my favourite comics,magazines and games anymore because some companies that produced them have gone bankrupt due to the lack of income in selling their products.

67 Mind Souler Look at this news, a 19-year- old British citizen was caught because he tried to hack a digital download copyrighted content site in order to get the content for free without buying it. Maybe someday, we will get caught if we still hacking as happened to this person. Oh! I am sorry. I never thought about that before. How cruel, awful, stupid and selfish I was!

68 Please do not blame yourself! Because not only you but all of us were like that too and we all were bad egg persons and we were wrong of our actions by stealing the precious contents and hacking the software and the sites too. I know how you feel right now but we will not do that again in the future right? Promise? We have to support them by purchasing the original contents and the original software or the software licenses as well.

69 Absolutely Ahmad! I agree with you! As a good internet user and a good human being and also if we do not want to see our beloved companies which creating wonderful songs, exciting movies, interesting comics and joyful games suffering from the loss of profits and bankruptcy. Agree friend! I want to be a good netizen and human! Me too! I want to be a good netizen and a good person!

70 Video Im closing the file now Please wait…


72 How interesting and meaningful the video was! Right? So, it is hoped that with the e- book and the short clip, we wont download, distribute, sell, purchase, record, hack and crack the original software and copy the pirated software and illegal copyrighted contents. All of those things are illegal! We have to support the industries! Yes! If you notice that the video also shown a few things like taking care of your health while using a computer as well as collaborate and interact well with your friends when online and so on. Hope these things will help you a little. As a good netizen and person, health, interaction and collaboration are important as well, while youre in the digital world. Besides, hacking a website is illegal too! So, dont you ever try it. Thanks for reading and watching! Farewell friend! So long!


74 Pirated software is illegal. Obtaining the copyrighted material illegally is against the law. Purchasing the original software and the original copyrighted material and then copy and distribute them are forbidden. Cracking activity over the original software is prohibited. Hacking digital download site is a crime.

75 The news that appeared in the short video clip was retrieved from here : Playstation Hacked : Teen arrested over Sony, CIA Hacking. (21 June, 2011). Retrieved from playstation-security,0,5044590.story Copyright Glossary. (n.d). Retrieved from us/policies-guidelines/copyright-and-uts/copyright-glossary



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