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Baltimore (BWI). Banner Ads - Smartphones Banner Ads - Laptop / iPad / Tablet.

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1 Baltimore (BWI)

2 Banner Ads - Smartphones

3 Banner Ads - Laptop / iPad / Tablet

4 Our Banner Ads Appear On Every Entry Screen WIFI Entertainment PortalWIFI Purchase Screen

5 How The Passengers Find You

6 Your Ad Your Advertisement Will Include; Up To 4 Photos, Special Offer, Interactive Map, Click to Call, Reserve Now, Save For Later / Bookmark

7 Inflight Ads Work ZoyyoZ Mobile In-Flight Advertising FEATURES your business to passengers aboard Southwest Airlines flights. A maximum of 5 businesses will appear in your category. Thats it. Southwest has 9.3 million monthly passengers, and lands over 4000 flights carrying more than 530,000 passengers into BWI each month. Passengers in flight are often bored and looking for things to do. When asked if they have ever read Sky Mall or Spirit Magazine (the free airline magazines in the seat pocket), most say cover to cover and can usually cite specific products they viewed there. Your ad will appear as part of our display network to all passengers, whether they pay for wifi network access or not. They will be able to view your ad, see your offer and save your information for when they land. Passengers who pay for wifi will be able to click a link in your ad and go straight to your web site. So, the question today is…are YOU going to be in front of those 500,000 potential customers each month, or will it be 5 of your competitors? 86% of passengers currently access the Southwest wifi entertainment screen.

8 Baltimore (BWI) 530,000+ passengers 4,000+ flights Every Month 86% of passengers currently access wifi entertainment portal Thats nearly half a million potential new customers every month Only 5 businesses in your category will be featured MONTHLY FEE PER AD: $499 Minimum 3 month commitment ONE TIME AD SETUP FEE: $495 Includes LIFETIME maintenance on your ads Submit up to 3 changes per month Get started today for $994 and your ad will begin displaying within a few days.

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