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1 Meridio Training – Consulting Elite. 2 Course objectives By the end of this training session you will: Understand why the Elite programme is being introduced.

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1 1 Meridio Training – Consulting Elite

2 2 Course objectives By the end of this training session you will: Understand why the Elite programme is being introduced to the Firm Know the key concepts of the Meridio document management system Understand how clients and engagements are set up and accessed in Meridio Know the Meridio Engagement Lifecycle from Pre-engagement through to Engagement closure Be able to create Standard folder structures for your engagement Understand the new Scanning solution Work with documents and emails within Meridio Be able to work offline Know what you need to do on returning to the office.

3 3 Elite Context Elite involves new ways of working which will make our working lives easier. Meridio is a simple and intuitive system which uses Outlook. This session covers Meridio basics and generic Consulting policies and procedures. It does not cover operating unit specific working practices. Risk Representatives from each service line have been working with PPG to define firm wide policies and procedures. Consulting guidance has been agreed and web-enabled. A Consulting Change Agent Network has been set up to support the move to Meridio. The Change Agents will, over the next few months, be able to assist you with any working practice related questions that you may have at a local level.

4 4 Document Management – our current state How many emails does the Firm produce every year? How many documents do we create? Where do we store this information? How easy is it to find the latest version of a document? What problems do we face when a document is only available in hard copy? How well do we follow our responsibilities to archive and retain documents in accordance with best practice and regulations? How many documents did approximately 130 people add over the 5 months of the Consulting pilot?

5 5 Meridio will be used as the new document management system for the UK Firm which require new ways of working with client documentation. Meridio will be accessible through Microsoft Outlook and integrated with commonly used applications such as MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint Documents can be taken offline for editing An new scanning solution will allow hard copy documentation to be scanned and saved electronically Meridio will allow engagement teams to maintain a complete electronic client file, accessible by all members of the team. Meridio is for client documentation only. Overview of Meridio

6 6 What benefits will Elite bring? Elite will address current inefficiencies by providing a consistent way to manage our documents, supported by leading edge technology. This will allow practitioners to spend more time on value add activities All documents and correspondence will be in one place Team members can more easily support each other in response to client requests Increased Collaboration Access to updated, user friendly working practice guidance During the engagement, managers can easily review engagement documents Consistent Document Management

7 7 What benefits will Elite bring? Elite will address current inefficiencies by providing a consistent way to manage our documents, supported by leading edge technology. This will allow practitioners to spend more time on value add activities Electronic Green File Paper documents can be scanned and emails saved into the system to ensure there is a complete client engagement file Engagement Managers and Partners can respond easily to internal or external audits Engagement Managers can initiate document housekeeping throughout the engagement At the close of an engagement the green file is already in place

8 8 What benefits will Elite bring? Elite will address current inefficiencies by providing a consistent way to manage our documents, supported by leading edge technology. This will allow practitioners to spend more time on value add activities Document Retention Document retention can be managed more easily such that documents will be retained and disposed of in accordance with regulatory guidelines A clear, professional environment through clearer desks, in line with Project Unitys new ways of working Professionalism Project Unity: Unique opportunity to improve: The working environment Technology How we work within our space Quality & Talent Agenda Flexible Environment Collaborative Working

9 9 Accessing Meridio Meridio/Document Management headings - within the menu bar New Toolbars Meridio Fileplan

10 10 Document Management Toolbar – Firm wide

11 11 Consulting Specific Toolbar Add for Document Review Add a document to a list for review Submit for Document Review Submit one or more documents for review Add for Knowledge Exchange Add document to be submitted to Knowledge Exchange Submit for Knowledge Exchange Submit document to Knowledge Exchange Create Standard Folders Create Service Line specific folder sets

12 12 Meridio Menu Check Out / Check In Take a copy on to your local hard drive for editing Access control Check who has access to a folder Version History Access previous versions of a document Properties Find out more about a document

13 ©2007. Private and confidential 13 Meridio and the Engagement Lifecycle Emails and client correspondence are now saved in a shared fileplan

14 14 The Meridio Fileplan WBS1 (shared by the engagement) WBS2 (shared by the team) Document Storage Client (shared by the Firm) Automatic set up Manually set up

15 ©2007 Deloitte & Touche LLP. Private and Confidential 15 Pre-engagement Fileplan Area Used for client-related pre-engagement documents until: WBS code set up and key documents moved to the engagement fileplan area. The bid is lost and key information is moved to the KX or relevant client level folder.

16 16 Engagement Start Up Guidance Naming convention for standard folders The name for the standard folders should be [client name] [project name] [task description] An example would be ING CASTph1 Organisation Design, where ING is the client name, CASTph1 is the name and phase of the project, and Organisation Design is the Task description. [Client Name] [Project name & time/ phase if included] [Task Description] Taken from SAP Taken from WBS1 Name Optional Agree and create WBS2 standard folders for the engagement. Set appropriate permissions for the engagement team. Ensure that only appropriate people have permissions to folders. Identify other WBS2s that exist under a WBS1 (using SAPphire) and determine ways of working. Determine whether separate or combined filing areas are appropriate where multiple WBS2s exist. Ensure the relevant pre-engagement documents/folders have been added to the appropriate level in the file-plan. Engagement Managers responsibilities

17 Setting up a fileplan Demonstration

18 ©2007 Deloitte & Touche LLP. Private and Confidential 18 Creating the engagement fileplan Highlight the WBS2 level class Select Create Standard Folders on the service line specific toolbar Set permissions, and name the standard folder set Move the pre engagement folders into this area

19 Key concepts in document management Access Permissions Classes and Folders

20 20 Access Permissions Manage permissions are automatically assigned to: –Six people named in SAPphire –Billing Partner, Engagement Partner, Engagement Manager, up to Three proxies –Anyone setting up a pre-engagement fileplan

21 21 Classes and Folders Classes can only contain classes or folders but not both Folders can only contain documents Documents are always saved at the lowest level of the structure Class Folder Class Folder

22 22 Classes and Folders quiz Which of these are possible combinations and why? F F C C C C F F F F C C F F C C C C C C F F F F F F F F No – A class cant contain a mixture of folders and classes No – A class cant contain documents No – A folder can only contain documents Yes – classes can contain folders and folders can contain documents

23 My Workspace Guided demonstration

24 24 Fileplan shortcuts in My Workspace Use My Workspace as a shortcut to commonly used locations Never move to My Workspace – always right click and copy Remove links by deleting them from My Workspace

25 Working with documents (1) Guided demonstration Saving documents into the fileplan

26 Types of Documents

27 27 Engagement RecordsDEANs (Drafts, Engagement Administration & Notes) Documents that evidence our work or our conclusions. Documents that are the results of our work Documents that demonstrate that our work was properly planned, executed and controlled. Documents that relate to key routine administrative matters that need to be retained as part of our record of work or for future reference. Documents prepared during an engagement but which are not intended to form part of the engagement record. Including: minutes of meetings and telephone conversations, documentation of our conclusions, budgets, referral instructions, project plans, deliverables etc. Including: Routine internal communications of an administrative nature (e.g. room bookings, travel arrangements etc.), review notes, superseded mark ups and working drafts, discursive email conversations exploring alternative actions. Documentation stored in Meridio Engagement Records should be saved in Meridio. DEANs may be saved to Meridio and should be deleted at the end of an engagement.

28 28 What should be stored in Meridio? Save as work in progress and end product: Documents, emails and scans of hard copies relating to client engagement work Save only the end product: Linked documents Integrated Service Line specific applications Databases Issue fix: Powerpoint templates - save twice from within the application

29 Key concepts in document management Documents and Records

30 30 Document version control How to version your documents You will need to understand the difference between Major and Minor versions, and Records to categorise your documents correctly. Minor versions Typically working and review drafts which have not been sent to the client. Records Records can not be deleted, edited or moved and only Major versions can be made a record. Documents should be declared as a Record when it has been reviewed, approved and finalised. Major versions Major versions will represent a defined stage in a documents development that we want to retain in our client file. All externally sent versions of a document are Major and also the final version of an internal document.

31 31 Documents and Records 0/ 1 0/ 2 1/ 0 Create document, save as Minor version 0/1 Edit document, save as Minor version 0/2 Edit document, send to Client as Major version 1/0 Client approves document version 1/0 Document final, declare as Record

32 Working with documents (2) Guided demonstration Opening documents from the fileplan Working with emails Deleting documents Searching Check Out/In process

33 33 Working with documents recap What permissions do you need to set up the engagement fileplan? How can you add an individual folder to the fileplan? How can you check which individuals have manage rights on your project? Why might you choose to keep a document locked? How can you break a lock on a document? How can you access previous versions of a document?

34 Working Offline Guided demonstration - Offline Synchroniser

35 35 Working offline Using the right functionality Check OutOffline Synchroniser Use the Check Out function where: You only need access to a small number of documents You are able to identify the documents you need in advance You need to lock documents to prevent others from editing at the same time. Use the Offline Synchroniser function where: You need a local copy of the file-plan structure to store new documents and emails temporarily whilst offline. You need to see a large number of documents, but will only edit a small number. You are unable to identify the documents you require in advance You do not need to lock documents to prevent others from editing at the same time. You do not have access to the Deloitte Network for a significant length of time i.e. a number of days.

36 Scanning Scan Request Form Central scanning Local scanning

37 37 Local scanning on multi-functional devices

38 38 Recap How can you search for a document? How can you retrieve a document that you have deleted by mistake? How can you search for a folder? How could you attach a Meridio document to an email? When would you use check out/check in to edit a document? How can emails be saved into Meridio?

39 Models of Working Mode Switcher Models of Working

40 40 Meridio Mode Switcher The integration of MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint with Meridio can temporarily be removed, allowing you to work with these applications independently of Meridio. You can edit any of your Meridio documents, but you will need to check them out and check them in to do so. In order to do this, Meridio can be switched between Normal Mode and Standalone mode. Ensure all other applications are closed when switching modes. Meridio Normal Mode Right click to switch modes Meridio Standalone Mode

41 41 Models of Working

42 Connectivity Decision Tree

43 ©2007. Private and confidential 43 Connectivity Decision Tree Are you working from a Deloitte office? Does the Client site have a fast, reliable internet connection? Does the client site have an intermittent internet connection? Team saves locally, then uploads to Meridio when possible (least Preferred) Use Meridio in NORMAL mode (Preferred) Use Meridio in STANDALONE mode Use Meridio WEBCLIENT Yes Connectivity Decision Tree Yes No Meridio is integrated with Outlook Emails can be dragged and dropped Documents can be edited live Normal Mode Meridio is separated from Outlook Emails can be dragged and dropped Documents much be checked out, or offline synched Standalone Mode Meridio is accessed through the internet There are some important differences in functionality - users should review the detailed guidance Webclient Mode Finding the right model of working will be a key decision and will depend on your connectivity and the type of applications being used. A number of complex applications are currently not compatible with Meridio and Standalone Mode should be used.

44 Web Client

45 45 Web Client The Meridio Web Client can be used when practitioners are working remotely with an intermittent or slower connection to the Deloitte network. To access the Meridio Web Client you type Meridio into the address bar of an Internet Explorer Window. Web page format No Outlook toolbars Fileplan structure The Web Client does not have the full functionality of the Outlook client. The following functions are not available: Manage Security Create Standard Folders Add/Move/Delete Folders Workflows

46 Engagement Closure

47 ©2007 Deloitte & Touche LLP. Private and Confidential 47 Engagement Closure Retention Periods The pre-engagement area has a retention period of 12 months from initial creation. After 12 months, all documents or Records left in the pre-engagement area are disposed of. The relevant retention period for Consulting is generally 8 years, whoever initiates the engagement closure will be asked to confirm this. Meridio provides the Tidy Engagement function.

48 ©2007 Deloitte & Touche LLP. Private and Confidential 48 Importantly Elite provides engagements with the ability to directly contribute all re-usable knowledge to the KX Why - Elite will only maintain information for a limited time so it is important that any re-usable assets are contributed to the KX When - At Engagement Closure or when phases of an engagement have been completed all re-usable knowledge should be contributed to the KX What – Coordinate with knowledge leader/champion and engagement manager which deliverables should be contributed How – Once contributed all knowledge should be reviewed in contributors Draft Documents within the KX, tagged appropriately and linked to relevant Qual Add For KX Submit For KX Step 1 Step 2

49 Next Steps

50 50 Summary You will have access to a complete client engagement file stored in one location You will be able to easily identify the latest version of a document You will be able to locate documents quickly and easily through a logical file structure Increased collaboration and sharing of information Improved risk management and compliance You will use Meridio for all client documents (with the exceptions noted earlier) Individuals with Manage access will need to set permissions and standard folders You will save emails (both sent and received) relating to client engagements into Meridio You will need to be conscious of the impact of locking documents for editing New Ways of Working Benefits

51 51 2 Support: Reference Guide, Consulting Change Agents Network (all on the Elite intranet) 3 Meridio Core Functionality: The SAP feed, Outlook interface, Creating and saving documents, version control, e-mails, and searching within Meridio More Information: Elite intranet (and training page) found under About Us on the Deloitte homepage 1 Meridio Option on UK ITS Service desk: (Option 2 on x77777), Troubleshoot & provide support via phones 07:30- 19:00 Support Channels and Feedback 4 Feedback: Please email

52 52 How to access the Consulting Change Agents Network Deloitte Home Page About us Elite Programme Change Agent Network (LHS) How to access the Consulting Meridio Reference Guide Deloitte Home Page About us Elite Programme Consulting (LHS) Meridio Training Consulting Meridio Reference Guide

53 53 How to access the Consulting Working Practice Guidance Deloitte Home Page About us Elite Programme Consulting (LHS) Working Practice Guidance Consulting Meridio User Guide The following will also be available though the intranet site: Step by Step MFP Scanning Guide Engagement Manager Pack Laptop maintenance guide

54 54 Next Steps Engagement Managers All Set up WBS code in SAP, complying with naming convention Set up permissions in Meridio Set up folder structure Define ways of working and communicate to project team Migrate green file documents Familiarise yourself with Meridio functionality Understand the ways of working and folder structure Start adding emails and documents to the fileplan Ensure you have a SecureID token as you will need to be connected on Neoteris through enhanced mode: please request from UKITS

55 55

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