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ARMORINO Portable Privacy Platform. µcrypt µcrypt Armorino Information always has a value that constantly growing under pressure of new.

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1 ARMORINO Portable Privacy Platform

2 µcrypt µcrypt Armorino Information always has a value that constantly growing under pressure of new data processing and storing technologies. We do feel this every day, dont you? We going to answer all of your questions concerning your private security!

3 µcrypt µcrypt What is Armorino? In terms of hardware, Armorino is an USB flash-drive with transparent AES-256 based encryption algorithm implementation that supports authentication via password with hardware limitation of the number of failed authentication attempts. Functionally, Armorino is protected portable office that allows you to safely perform day-by-day job at any workplace. Armorino ensures confidentiality and reliability of storing and transferring of your critical data, security of the financial and other significant transactions, makes possible to improve the convenience and security of the corporate resources and social networks day-by-day access. Data Armoring Innovations for portable protecting of your privacy

4 µcrypt µcrypt Armorino vs. Usual Flash drive FunctionalityUsual flash drive ARMORINO Transparent hardware based AES-256 implementation ̶+ Hardware based access control ̶+ Reliable Windows authentication ̶ 2-factor Reliable Digital Signature keys storage Password in fileInternal memory Local storage (folder, drives) encryption Password onlyRandom key Cryptographic subsystems integration (Windows CNG and Mozilla PKCS#11) ̶+ Additional virtual media emulation ̶+ Secure and convenient Internet browsing ̶+ Hardware based antivirus protection ̶+ Automatic secure protection for portable software ̶+ Backup to secured storage in Internet Password onlyRandom key

5 µcrypt µcrypt ARMORINO ARMORINO INFORMATION PROTECTION Have you felt the need to protect personal data against any attacks? Armorino provides reliable protection and maximum availability of your personal data. Have you worried about protection reliability and do not wish to accept any compromises? Armorino has implemented hardware, transparent encryption, according to international standard AES-256 that approves in the U.S. to protect CLASSIFIED data and documents. The encryption key is created directly on the device and never leaves internal protected storage! There is the password authentication is provided to access the key, but the number of unsuccessful attempts is limited, so passwords can not be a bust!

6 µcrypt µcrypt ARMORINO MULTIFACTOR AUTHENTICATION Do you have a few permanent jobs or computers in use and, therefore, Windows accounts? Tired to remember and apply unique password for each of Windows account? Concerned about security? Armorino allows you to achieve the maximum level of protection for all accounts with applying a single password only - access password of Armorino. The device actually becomes your authentication key for Windows. ARMORINO

7 µcrypt µcrypt ARMORINO PORTABLE WORKPLACE Your laptop is small, but inconvenient for work or big and heavy? Is there any need to carry laptop with you? But you wish to carry all your usual software environment and your actual data? Armorino gives you the opportunity to have a user-friendly portable software environment just in the shirt pocket and use it in any office and home PC or any computer in public areas. ARMORINO

8 µcrypt µcrypt ARMORINO SECURE INTERNET COMMUNICATIONS Don`t you tired to remember many passwords to access all your accounts on Facebook, Twitter and other web-services and mailboxes? Have you worried that your passwords and private data with the history of correspondence can be stored on your PC? Use the portable version of web-browser, mail client and Voice / IM- clients onboard private partition of Armorino. All your private data will be encrypted and stored exclusively in private partition with no way to access without your permission! ARMORINO

9 µcrypt µcrypt ARMORINO SECURED VIRTUAL DISKS Do you work with the private or sensitive data? Want you make sure that this data is safe enough? Armorino allows you to build and manage the local encrypted disks or/and folders to protect the data. It will be possible to access these encrypted storages with Armorino only. ARMORINO

10 µcrypt µcrypt ARMORINO DIGITAL ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE Do you use a digital electronic signature but your private key is stored on usual USB-flash memory stick, CD-ROM or floppy disk? Your digital signature key will not be busted in case of theft or loss of Armorino device! You have more than one key and you don`t want to remember multiple passwords and carry several key media? You can keep many keys just in one Armorino safely! ARMORINO

11 µcrypt µcrypt ARMORINO HIDDEN STORAGE Are you worry that your secret keys can be copied by malicious software or intruder? Armorino stores keys in hidden partition and does not store key information as the files! ARMORINO

12 µcrypt µcrypt ARMORINO VIRTUAL MEDIA Do you use outdated software that requires the use of certain media (floppy, CD-ROM or Flash / HDD) to store critical information? Databases? Catalogues? You can make images of these medias and store them to the private partition of single Armorino and mount these images on your demand to be used as virtual drive. ARMORINO

13 µcrypt µcrypt ARMORINO SAFE UPDATES Do you want to always use the latest version of the software, but you worry about identity while downloading online? Armorino Software Updates always performs test of its authenticity. ARMORINO

14 µcrypt µcrypt ARMORINO VIRUS PREVENTION Do you think how to protect your data and software from viruses and malicious software during the session on not trusted PC? Simply switch to the read only mode. It helps to prevent any virus intrusion to your data. Armorino management software partition is always switched to read-only mode. ARMORINO

15 µcrypt µcrypt CLOUD SECURE DATA STORAGES Thinking about 100% guarantee backup for your Armorino partitions or any folders on your PC? Concerning about encryption? Do you share the same set of documents with you colleagues due to cooperation? Thinking about mobile, secured and guaranteed access to your data? ARMORINO Owing to automatic backup creation function, Armorino allows you to safe your own mobility within advantage of privacy and highest level of theft and lost protection. You can store backups both on your own corporate servers (FTP, SFTP, WebDAV protocols) or by using clouds known as: Amazon S3, CloudFiles, Google Docs, SkyDrive as well as Tahoe-LAFS system! All of the above mentioned ways imply that your data will be encrypted directly on the local workstation by means of Armorino. You will be able to access stored data with Armorino device only!

16 µcrypt µcrypt Armorino Editions FunctionalityPersonal Edition Enterprise Edition Base functionality with AES-256 implementation and access control ++ Centralized and flexible setup of corporate security policy ̶+ Remote reset of the blocked password by the means of dynamic one-time password ̶+ Encrypted data storage in dedicated server located in the Internet ++ Storing the encrypted data on geographically distributed servers in the Internet ̶+

17 Thank you for your attention Q? Contacts: Sales and distributors inquiries Product information Technical support Question to developer? © Microcrypt Technologies Ltd., 2012

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