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Pag. 0 3 AXIS ROBOT MODEL 3 axis Sytrama robot. Pag. 1 Standard robots components The Sytrama robots are assembled using only the highest quality automation.

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1 Pag. 0 3 AXIS ROBOT MODEL 3 axis Sytrama robot

2 Pag. 1 Standard robots components The Sytrama robots are assembled using only the highest quality automation components. These units feature quality components from global suppliers such as B&R Automation SMC, etc and offer unparalleled availability for replacement parts should they ever be required Motors and drives : B&R Automation Gearbox : Alpha / Wittenstein Pneumatics : SMC Guidings : HWIN/STAR/BoschRexroth 12Input/12Output standard and free programmable Standard Euromap 67 ( Euromap 12 / SPI available ) Software free programmable Parallel programming standard ( F.e for IML applications, control of down-stream equipment, this excludes necessity of external PLC ) Standard on each robot : one vacuum and one pneumatic circuit.

3 Pag. 2 3 axis robot range





8 Pag GL ton IMM Payload= 10kg Traverse = mm Vertical = mm Kick stroke = 800 mm 101 GL equipped with a telescopic vertical arm and single guide When and why does a 101 G need to be offered ? The 101 GL is typically offered in case of low overhead and thus in case the S9 can not be used. By means of the telescopic vertical arm the length of the vertical axis will be lower and more likely to fit in a lower overhead. In case of very restricted overhead there is also the Triple scopic version availble, on request.


10 Pag GL ton IMM Payload= 15kg Traverse = mm Vertical = mm Kick stroke = mm This robot is also available, on request, in a 25 Kg payload version which substitutes the 201 GLP

11 Pag G ton IMM Payload= 40 kg Traverse = mm Vertical = mm Kick stroke = mm

12 Pag G ton IMM Payload= 50 kg Traverse = 4000 mm Vertical = mm Kick stroke = mm

13 Pag G ton IMM Payload= 70 kg Traverse = 4500 mm Vertical = mm Kick stroke = mm

14 Pag. 13 Reduce your footprint Insufficient space on the side of your moulding machine ? …..Sytrama offers on ALL models the possibility to unload at the rear end of your moulding machine., up to mm ( others on special request ) Rear end unloading solution on a 80 TON ( picture ) moulding machine. Sytrama offers this solution in both 2 ( for the Negri Bossi EOS ) and 3 axis configuration ( all axis servo driven )

15 Pag G – Side entry Transversal beam with linear motors. In the picture the magnets are shown…. 811G ton IMM Payload 8 KG Y = mm ( movement through belt ) X = 400 mm ( movement through linear motor ) Most common applications : In Mould Labelling, Automation for dispsables, automation for the packaging industry

16 Pag G – Side entry – Stacking arm In case the customer requires only a simple pick and place application but has to face fast cycle times the 811 G might be an option. In that case, together with the 811 G, also a stacking arm needs to be offered. On the far right a picture of this servo driven stacking arm is shown. This is the stand-alone version used in pick and place applications. The left immage shows a label feeding system for In-Mold-Labelling applications in which the stacking arm is integrated.

17 Pag. 16 Wrist rotations scheme

18 Pag. 17 Wrist rotation scheme

19 Pag. 18 Wrist rotations scheme

20 Pag. 19 Wrist rotations scheme

21 Pag. 20 X = Strip Stroke Y = Traverse Stroke Z = Vertical Stroke A = Rotation B = Axial Rotation C = Wrist Flip/Tilting Traverse Robot Axes Names

22 Pag. 21 End of Arm – Quinck changers The picture below represents a series of quick changers we are able to offer with the robot, both robot and gripper side.

23 Pag. 22 End of Arm Tooling : Examples standard grippers

24 Pag. 23 Examples standard conveyor

25 Pag. 24 S ytrama C ontrol P anel Covatta Fausto 12/07/2013

26 Pag. 25 HARDWARE CONFIGURATION Ethernet CAN E-Stop circuit Control and visualization with Mobile Panel Desktop (VNC / Total commander / PVI) Laptop (also RS232) Cabinet

27 Pag. 26 Compact Flash Contains software and data of the entire system HARDWARE CONFIGURATION Pen for Touch Screen USB Port for Backup and Restore user program

28 Pag. 27 Wall bracket 3 step Enable switch Adjustable for left and right handers HARDWARE CONFIGURATION

29 Pag. 28 HARDWARE CONFIGURATION Digital drivers for rotary and linear brushless motors Automatic setting of driver in case of substitution Resolver or Absolute encoder

30 Pag. 29 HARDWARE CONFIGURATION I/O Module expandable and remotable

31 Pag. 30 TEACHING POSITION From the main page select the position to teach: Part pickUp….Deposit…… Sprue cutter…… Pallettizing…….. In few minutes the robot is ready In automatic mode is possible change the position in safety (1mm for typing), timer, counter


33 Pag. 32 AIR ENERGY SAVING SYSTEM Optional How much saving each year for one vacuum that work 4 hour each day? 784 Calculated with SMC software

34 Pag. 33 Color display 8,3 TFT with clear and simple commands

35 Pag. 34 Control up to 6 axis servo. Sinchronisation linear axis. Acceleration and deceleration S ramps a S in order to protect the mechanic.

36 Pag storable programs 300 program lines Parallel program Contemporary execution of various program lines (Max 20)

37 Pag system variables 100 new system variables customizable for each program (Max 20 characters)

38 Pag. 37 Possibility to rename I/O description Customized visualisation screen of the variables in order to show to the end user only the ones necessary

39 Pag. 38 Palletising Extraction Axis with reduction of the torque/couple.

40 Pag. 39 Automatic selection of working cycle through codifcation I.M.M a/o gripper. Automatic start of the robot cycle through and automatic signal from the I.M.M

41 Pag. 40 Limit working area tridimensional software.(total 8)

42 Pag linguages with immediate activation.Various languages storable. Password on various levels

43 Pag. 42 Monitoring of the working conditions : Motor and driver, cycle time total working hours, cycle counts

44 Pag. 43 Allarm history, exportable on USB key

45 Pag. 44 Backup programs through USB key Remote connection through Ethernet (connection on the cabinet + serial port RS232)

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