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Welcome to the NSCC Library. Reading levels:

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1 Welcome to the NSCC Library



4 Reading levels:

5 A pink label means the book includes audio.

6 Audiovisual materials have a purple label

7 Audio: DVDs, CDs, or cassettes.

8 Leveled Readers

9 NSCC Library also has movies.

10 It is NOT OK to put books you dont want back on the shelves.

11 No. Please do not put books back on shelves.

12 Please put them on the cart.

13 We will thank you.

14 Use your ID card to check out library materials.

15 Pass the item over when you leave.

16 Pick it up on other side of the gate.

17 She hurried and forgot to pass the book over the counter.

18 The alarm went off and the gate locked.

19 Return books inside

20 or outside.

21 One more rule:

22 Please do not talk on your cell phone in the library.

23 Even if you talk on the phone and hide --

24 we will have to ask you to stop talking on your phone.

25 Please also BE CAREFUL! Do not leave your laptop, wallet, or phone alone in the library. It might disappear! Thank you!

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