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1 CRS and ICT for Development ICT4D Portfolio Ognen Plavevski Architect, ICT4D Solutions March 30, 2011 ICT4 Development Conference Lusaka, Zambia.

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1 1 CRS and ICT for Development ICT4D Portfolio Ognen Plavevski Architect, ICT4D Solutions March 30, 2011 ICT4 Development Conference Lusaka, Zambia

2 2 Introduction Ognen Plavevski GKIM Department Architect, ICT4D Solutions

3 3 Agenda Business Case Portfolio Introduction Objectives Audience Range of Solutions Outputs Portfolio Details Portfolio Range Report Topics Project Plan Lessons Learned Moving Forward ICT4D Considerations ICT4D Innovation Fund Ongoing Update Process

4 4 Why ICT4D? Better Communication Collect data rapidly Provide timely feedback to stakeholders Greater Impact Access to information that improves decision making and empowers local communities Ability to Scale Scale programs up faster Reach more people at reduced cost per person Efficiency Technology that pays for itself by eliminating expenses associated with conventional approaches Competitiveness Rapid growth of donor demands for and sister NGO investments in technology

5 5 Portfolio Objectives What is the ICT4D portfolio? Detailed overview of successfully implemented ICT project solutions Who is it for? Targeted for staff designing and proposing new field projects or trying to strengthen current projects What are its objectives? Leverage the strengths of previous CRS projects. Understand which technology, meets your needs. Knowledge Sharing Minimize duplication of effort. Stop reinventing the wheel. Reusability Complete projects faster and more efficiently. Utilize existing technical skills. Speed to Implement

6 6 Portfolio Audience Summarized version of the report targeted at management 1. Executive Functional overview, lessons learned, project plans, and cost analysis useful in project design 2. Technical Advisors Technical details needed for solution implementation 3. IT Specialists Past performance write-up to include in proposals 4. Business Developers What are the portfolio audiences? The portfolio contains data targeted at several audiences, making it ideal for everyone

7 7 Portfolio Outputs Descriptions of Field Tested ICT4D Solutions Executive level overview; including estimated cost ranges Functional and technical overviews Consolidated lessons learned & challenges faced Future implementation guidance, costing, and planning templates Past performance record

8 8 Estimators What is the purpose of an estimator? Provides a tool, that allows for fast time and cost estimates to be produced, based on previous project experiences. These estimates can be used to determine solution suitability, develop a project plan or feed into a donor application. Example Estimator Output – ABC Niger A range of input factors, account for the different outcomes. Estimated timeframe from start to finish, based on parallel work streams. Technical and Change FTE costs estimated separately Budgets based on previous implementation costs, that can easily be changed to allow for the most up to date estimates Note: Estimates do not contain participant FTE time (only project based effort). Scenario 1Scenario 2Scenario 3 Scenario Description - 1 Country - 1 Language - 10 mobile phones - 2 Trainers - 2 Support Staff - 1 Year Project Duration - 1 Country - 1 Language - 30 mobile phones - 6 Trainers - 3 Support Staff - 1 Year Project Duration - 1 Country - 4 Language - 100 mobile phones - 20 Trainers - 5 Support Staff - 1 Year Project Duration Time Frame for development 1.5 months 2 months Tech Setup Labor FTE (Days) 71 83 Change Setup Labor FTE (Days) 76 85 Technology / Logistics Budget $2,200$2,800$4,900 Run Budget $400$550$980 Run Labor FTE (Days) 20 21

9 9 Portfolio Outputs Example Project Plans Basic project delivery methodology Change & Technology project plan templates Detailed task explanations

10 10 Portfolio Outputs Cost Estimators Provides cost estimates for project proposals, donor responses, or to populate project plans User driven input interface Estimates by project life cycle stages Technology and change management focused outputs FTE time and material costs

11 11 Portfolio Outputs Selection Matrix A simple questionnaire that takes into account your needs and recommends the best suited ICT4D portfolio that matches your requirements

12 12 Portfolio Outputs Selection Matrix Contains entire ICT4D database of Projects

13 13 ICT4D Portfolio Range Link -> CRS Sector Tech. Purposes AgricultureFood SecurityHealthEmergencyMicrofinanceEducation Water and Sanitation Peace Building Remote Data Collection, Analysis & Reporting GLCI (x6) Project ABC GLCI (x5) Project ABC OVC Rapid ER Assessment Sure Start Futures Disaster Risk Reduction Rapid ER Assessment Emer. Capacity Building Project Database GLCI (x2) Protect Urban/Rural Vulnerable Communities Project ABC Building Partnership for Human Rights in Serbia GLCI Education & Awareness (provide information) GLCI (x6) Project ABC GLCI (x5) OVC Rapid ER Assessment GLCI Rapid ER Assessment GLCI (x2) Project ABC GLCI Communication & Training (two-way dialogue) GLCI (x3) GLCI (x4) OVC Rapid ER Assessment Sure Start Futures Rapid ER Assessment West Sumatra EQ Response GLCI Tracking (geographic information) GLCI (x6) Project ABC LIAP GLCI (x5) LIAP Road Rehabilitation Global Water Initiative Rapid ER Assessment LIAP GLCI Rapid ER Assessment Road Rehabilitation GLCI (x2) Project ABC LIAP Global Water Initiative GLCI Remote Services

14 14 Project Reports Topics 1. Great Lakes Cassava Project o Field agent distance learning and mobile laptop based data collection/ analysis/ reporting 2. Futures – Aids Relief o Health information system data collection / analysis / reporting 3. Village Health Workers o Health worker SMS based data collection 4. ABC Niger o Villager SMS based literacy learning and market data access 5. Orphans & Vulnerable Children (OVC) o Community health worker mobile GPRS data collection 6. Disaster Risk Reduction o Community representative SMS based data collection Portfolio Projects Executive Summary Project Overview and Outcomes o Background o Challenge o Functional Overview o Results Achieved o Lessons Learned o Problems and Solutions Technical Overview Future Implementation Guidance Technical Vendors Donor / Sponsors CRS Experts Document Library Report Contents

15 15 Project Plans Why are project plans included? Methodology MS Project Plan Task Descriptions Guidance to provide assistance to projects on the tasks that need to be completed for a successful ICT4D implementation Structure help work towards a common implementation framework, ensuring activities are approached in the correct order Reference provide detailed descriptions of task, ensuring all key activities are considered. How do I use the Project Plans? Remember: Guidance Only! / Adapt for Your Needs / In-house Support Consult the following document for more information: folio%20Methodology%20and%20Project%20Plans.docx folio%20Methodology%20and%20Project%20Plans.docx

16 16 Lessons Learned Lessons learnt Outlines the mistakes made and lessons learned that occur across multiple project implementations Digitization on existing robust M&E / training system Implement Support Structure Early Leverage CRS Agreements Dont underestimate training Simpler is better

17 17 Lessons Learned Lessons learnt Outlines the mistakes made and lessons learned that occur across multiple project implementations Utilizing M&E Data Data Collection Quality Checking Data Collection Pilots Provide Particular Attention to Dealing with Viruses Plan for the Peripheral Equipment You Might Need

18 18 ICT4D Considerations Considerations that should be made when starting any ICT4D project Compliance CRS IT Standards Support and Maintenance Change Management Requirements focused Implementations ICT4D Working Group

19 19 ICT4D Innovation Fund The ICT4D innovation fund is a pool of $125k from the Global Knowledge and Information Technology Department (GKIT) It is available in lots of $25k Aims to reward country programs for their innovation and willingness to undertake ICT4D solutions Year one awards winners anounced

20 20 ICT4D Innovation Fund Attempting to build 80/20 products that are scalable, reusable The fund is not there to proliferate different products, but rather to consolidate the use of specific types of products Submissions reviewed on a monthly basis Review the application form for details %20Draft%20Documents/ICT4D%20Innovation%20Fund%20Guidelines.docx %20Draft%20Documents/ICT4D%20Innovation%20Fund%20Guidelines.docx

21 21 Ongoing Update Process All portfolios, estimators, project plans and associated documentation can be found here: tfolio.aspx Helpdesk solution for requesting ICT4D support. Just email Ongoing responsibility for all portfolio maintenance and updates is done by Ognen Plavevski. Any questions you have on the portfolio and its usage should be sent to - Any Questions?

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