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NEWS FROM THE TECH EVENT OF THE YEAR What does the future technology hold for us?

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1 NEWS FROM THE TECH EVENT OF THE YEAR What does the future technology hold for us?


3 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Las Vegas Convention Center 3.2 Million Sq Ft South Hall – ¼ mile, 2 levels ½ mile from South Hall to Hilton suite spaces HUGE, and for CES, filled with the New Years Technology

4 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Largest Annual Industry Convention in the United States Held in early January each year Previews the next year in tech Industry and media only 140,000 attendees in 2011 80 countries outside of the U.S.

5 The big areas of note for 2011 Tablets – 80 of them Processors getting faster Superphones 3-D TV without glasses Smart Appliances

6 Tablets 80 of them announced at CES Favorites are the Xoom (Motorola) and the Playbook (BlackBerry) Biggest attractions to the tablets… Multi-Tasking is better… cool… powerful… Adobe Flash 10.1… what the web is made of… Cameras, 4G, HDMI, and more…

7 REALITY CHECK Apple iPad rocks the market right now… needs some serious competition to lose ground. Motorola Xoom and BlackBerry Playbook are likely only contenders for right now. Both Xoom and Playbook wont be out until after iPad 2 is expected…

8 Processors getting faster New developments merging common processing components. CPU (Central Processing Unit) GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) Improvements come from faster speeds, and combining the thinking into closer areas of the computers brain Higher CPU speeds, combined with boost mode when processor is cold, as well as improvements in architecture make for higher speeds when computing.

9 Processors getting faster Two big processor players are going the same route… Intel – Sandy Bridge AMD – AMD Fusion Competition is fierce and benefits us…

10 REALITY CHECK Moores law continues in effect… CPU processing speed continues to double every two years… and has for 40 years. Processing speed will continue to rise for our lifetimes, even if not at Moores law. This is a look at the next generation, due in months, but the immediate benefits go to those on the bleeding edge. Most of us are not on the bleeding edge.

11 Superphones More than just a phone or a smart phone, the superphone is defined by so much more than a smart phone. Higher amounts of available apps More apps per user Touch screen, and a larger display More memory, dual core CPU, and all around usability in life Full web experience 4G, WiFi Like the iPhone 6… but now.

12 Superphones LG Optimus 2X Early Wednesday announcement, and distinctly an eye catcher. 1080p video, console quality gaming, full flash support, desktop style experience. Dual-Core CPU… Motorola Atrix / Bionic Closer to market, and when the nerd media saw real-time demos, they were ecstatic with glee. Atrix on AT&T, Bionic on Verizon…

13 Superphones Motorola Atrix / Bionic (continued) Both Dual Core CPU, with impressive graphics, memory, multitasking, etc. Atrix is distinctly more powerful, with more RAM, but Bionic isnt far behind. Verizons LTE network speed should make up for the loss in RAM.

14 REALITY CHECK New Every Two is no longer sufficient enough for keeping pace with technology. How much do our phones need to do? iPhone leads this market by miles, and the iPhone 5 may keep the pace competitive.

15 3-D Television (some without glasses) A few announcements and demos which got great attention Toshiba and others demoed laptops with 3D w/o glasses Price points are expected to drop, while resolution and quality improves Even the ones with glasses have been noting a price drop. Samsung announced over 1 million 3D televisions sold (fastest adoption in family level home entertainment yet)

16 REALITY CHECK Nielsen Ratings announced survey results showing 65% of people not interested in 3D TV at home… ever. 10% of people cannot see 3D, and another estimated 20% dont care for it ever. Samsungs note of sales? Could be due to higher levels of early adopters and friends to tech. 3D on laptops? Viewership of movies/TV on laptops is still not high enough to justify huge additional pricetag. Quality is distinctly sub-par on no-glasses versions.

17 Smart Appliances Kenmore, Samsung, LG, and more companies announced their vision of the future for our home appliances. Appliances keep track of energy usage, and optimize our interaction with the power grid. Appliances that can be remote controlled through our smartphones and superphones. Tracking of our fridge inventory for shopping and cooking.

18 REALITY CHECK Large purchases that most folks wont purchase for 5, 10, or even 15 years. With the concerns everyone has on privacy, the smart fridge becomes the scary fridge. Inventory management is not ready for prime time, and may not be for years.

19 Highlights of the stuff that caught note from the Computer Talk Radio staff, nerds, geeks, techies, and the rest of the media. The best attention getters from CES 2011

20 Motorola Atrix Superphone, with dual core cpu, multitasking, and massive memory. Docking station allows to hook up to a large 1080p monitor and keyboard… great for bridging the gap between phone and PC. Laptop style docking station allows for true road-warrier power out of a phone.

21 Motorola Atrix

22 Samsung 9 Series Laptop Darling of design enthusiasts Thinner, lighter, and takes on the Apple style head-on. Competes head-on with Apple in specs as well: 1.4 Ghz 2 nd Gen Core i5 CPU 4GB Ram, 128GB SSD, USB3.0, WiMax4G, 6.5 hr battery Made of Duralumin, twice as strong as aluminum at same weight.

23 Xi3 computers This tiny little device packs a punch. Linkable, capable of most gaming, plenty of speed, expansion, and low power consumption. Small footprint allows for application in small cabinets, industrial spots, and also great for cloud computing.

24 House of Marley sound products Bob Marleys family. Recycled products means no two are exactly the same. Many designs to choose from. Sound that is phenomenal. Portion of proceeds go to OneLove.Org

25 Sphero Bluetooth remote control ball that links to your iPhone / Android phone. Drive in any direction… Obstacle course. Massive amounts of attention for a little toy.

26 Designs and ideas that are exciting, but time will tell… Concept products that show promise…

27 Casio Bluetooth Watch A watch that links to your phone alerts Silence a ring, read caller-ID, get a notice of a text message or e-mail. Daily wear, with the battery life being two years due to new Bluetooth Low Energy usage.

28 Wireless electricity Using induction to transfer electricity from a platform like a shelf or a countertop. Demonstrated items were these cereal boxes which lit up. Also demonstrated, a soup can that you select the eating heat, and it handled the cooking in the can.

29 PixelOptics electronic focusing glasses Electronically controlled field adjusts when you need the reading zone, and disappears when you dont. Tackles the problem with progressives Available in a variety of frames which include the electronics. Price point is still high.

30 Highlights of the stuff that should have stayed on the design room floor. The WORST of CES 2011

31 Boxee This product was cool two years ago… barely hit distribution a month ago. Already made obsolete by countless other products with better design, reliability, and attention to what users want.

32 WOWee speaker Gel substance links the speaker to any resonating surface to play sound. Bad sound, expensive price. Better options like Jambox from Jawbone

33 I am T-Pain Microphone Marley – Class act from the Marley family… T-Pain – Gimmick microphone tricks now available to the public for $39.95. Endorsed by T-Pain. Why?


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