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THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS SYSTEM POLICE Annual Report Michael J. Heidingsfield, Director of Police April 2013.

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1 THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS SYSTEM POLICE Annual Report Michael J. Heidingsfield, Director of Police April 2013

2 2 Office of the Director of Police – Mission Statement The University of Texas System Office of the Director of Police (ODOP) is charged with the responsibility of protecting the life and property of individuals who comprise the student body, faculty, and staff of the University of Texas System community.

3 Office of the Director of Police – Staff Organization 3

4 4 Office of the Director of Police – Mission Statement to oversee and guide the delivery of police services to train, develop and mentor to set the national standard for law enforcement at Americas educational institutions to always respect the first principle purpose for a university: to educate our young people in a safe and secure environment to identify emerging trends in public safety

5 Office of the Director of Police – Mission Statement to operate in every location as a full service law enforcement agency to rely on the standards of national and state law enforcement accreditation, model policies and evidence- based best practices 5

6 Office of the Director of Police – Mission Statement to set the expectation that our statutory obligations as peace officers shall be fulfilled and executed 6

7 Office of the Director of Police – Mission Statement to support the component agencies with rapidly deployable special assets, advisors and resources to continually advance the science and delivery of police training and education to provide advice, counsel and guidance to component police chiefs and their staffs 7

8 Office of the Director of Police – Mission Statement to foster the fullest cooperation, communication and coordination between the Director of Police and the institution chiefs to continually improve the quality of candidates chosen for selection as police officers 8

9 Created by the State of Texas Legislature in the wake of the active shooter event of August 1, 1966, the University of Texas System Police charter was to …employ and commission peace officers for the purpose of protecting life and property… at the campuses of the University of Texas System or wherever else UT interests or assets were represented or present. This decision was followed by the creation of the Office of the Director of Police and the University of Texas System Police Academy in 1968 and thus began the nearly 50 year legacy of which we are a part today. Office of the Director of Police - History 9

10 94 basic peace officer training classes have been successfully conducted with almost 2,000 graduates. 474 sworn police officers and 815 civilian staff members currently. 10

11 UT System Police Departments 11

12 UT System Police Personnel Police Personnel as of January 2013: ACTUALAUTHORIZED Commissioned Officers Guards TCO (Dispatcher)/Other Civilian TOTAL

13 UTSP – Personnel Strength InstitutionAuthorized StrengthActual Strength Sworn Necessary (Estimated) Arlington Austin Brownsville Dallas SWMC Dallas El Paso Galveston Houston Pan American Permian Basin San Antonio HSC San Antonio Tyler HSC Tyler88 9 ODOP12 TOTAL

14 UT System Police – Accredited Departments Arlington – CALEA & IACLEA Austin – CALEA & IACLEA San Antonio – CALEA & IACLEA Medical Branch Galveston – CALEA Health Science Center at Houston/M.D. Anderson Cancer Center – CALEA & IACLEA Health Science Center San Antonio - IACLEA 14

15 UT System Police Academy Three staff members (two full-time) 20 weeks Basic Academy Lateral Academy In-Service Training 8 Consecutive Basic Academy classes passing state peace officer licensing exam at rate of 100% 15

16 UT System Policy 170 – Oversight of Law Enforcement and Security ODOP Responsibility – Director of Police and Chief Law Enforcement Officer TCLEOSE – UTSP: One Agency Law enforcement and security standards and practices, staffing levels, training requirements, professional qualifications, police academy, commissioning/revocation authority, inspections, SRRT, administrative and criminal investigations, dignitary and special protection, major crimes team, counter terrorism, intelligence, crime analysis, command & control, promotional process, all policy. 16

17 Range of Offenses and Major Incidents (Past 12 Months) Aggravated assault Assault on Peace Officer Auto burglary Auto theft Bomb threat Civil disorder/protests Computer theft Counterfeit currency Credit card abuse Criminal trespass Death investigation Driving while intoxicated Drug/Alcohol Overdose Drugs/Drug Trafficking Emergency mental health commitments Explosion Investigation Failure to stop and render aide Family violence Fatality accident Felony parole violations Felony theft/ Embezzlement/Fraud Harassment Homicide Kidnapping 17

18 Range of Offenses and Major Incidents (Past 12 Months) Life saving Missing Person Near fatal fraternity accident Poisoning investigation Prescription fraud Public intoxication Public lewdness/Indecent Exposure Pursuits Robbery Sexual Assault Sexual harassment Shots fired Stalking Suicide Terroristic threat Undocumented entry Unlawful carrying of weapon Voyeurism 18

19 UCR Data – Part I Crimes Homicide Reported0Assaults Reported340Auto Theft reported66 Unfounded0 12Unfounded10 Actual0 328Actual56 Cleared0 249Cleared9 Rape Reported16Burglary Reported173Arson Reported3 Unfounded0 8 0 Actual16Actual165Actual3 Cleared10Cleared18Cleared0 Robbery Reported18Theft Reported2,174Suicides5 Unfounded2 177Attempted9 Actual16Actual1,997 Cleared

20 UCR Data – Part II Crimes (Criminal Trespass, Fraud/Embezzlement, Criminal Mischief, Weapons Violations, Controlled Substance, DWI, Disorderly Conduct, Public Intoxication, Harassment, Bomb Threats) Reported3,806 Unfounded198 Actual3,608 Cleared2,505 Arrests Custodial (students)397 Non-Custodial (students)619 Custodial (non-students)1,220 Non-Custodial (non-students)349 Calls for Service (number per year)867,130 Life Saving Episodes by Officers7 20

21 Use of Force {Results Pending} Use of Force – Taser Pepper Spray Baton Other Firearm 21

22 Major Initiatives Police Chief searches Certified firearms examiner initiative Wellness Program Cold Case Initiative Combat Medicine training Advanced Development and Career Excellence Program (ADVANCE) Active Intruder Mitigation (AIM) Solved Killeen, Texas murder case (UTSW Dallas PD) Kidnap, ransom, extortion plan Virginia Tech University shooting review Special event risk management pre-plan Expanded Police K-9 program Re-start of Inspection program All time high: 52 rape aggression defense trainers in UTPD Continued focus on border security Sustaining special skill sets at ODOP including hostage negotiation, major crime investigations, special protection programs, special weapons and tactics 22

23 Major Initiatives System-wide crime analysis Laptop theft prevention program ALERRT Training across UTSP 45 th Anniversary Commemorative Badge Police bagpiper Enhanced ODOP web site Pennsylvania State University evaluative report Tactical Training from FLETC and DPS at no cost ($250,000 saved) One graduate of the FBI National Academy Arlington PD IACLEA accredited Tasers implemented UTSP-wide Mini Emergency Operations center established at ODOP Office Emergency notification and alerting policy published Officer involved death policy published Revision of Inspection policy published Civil disorder policy published Increased educational requirements for promotion 23

24 2013 Initiatives Line-item funding for SRRT UTSP Promotional video Academy Safety graphics 100% Staffing Continue to reduce turnover rate of 10% (reduced from 14% in 2011) Random drug testing for officers Locate and arrest UTSP felony fugitives Seat three new Chiefs E-training System-wide 24

25 2013 Crime Concerns 25 Active Shooter Threats Hostage taking Radicalization Terrorist event

26 UT System Police Officers of the Month March 2013 Cpl. Homar Bahena UT Brownsville November 2012 Ofc. Liju George UT Southwestern July 2012 Ofc. Molly Ralph UT Pan American February 2013 Ofc. Ashley Griffin UT Austin October 2012 Sgt. Scott H. Barnwell UT MD Anderson June 2012 Ofc. Stefan Happ UT MD Anderson January 2013 Ofc. Clifford A. Douglas UTMB Galveston September 2012 Ofc. Dava Barnhart UT Austin May 2012 Sgt. Adam Jones UT Southwestern December 2012 Ofc. Brandy Elliot UT Tyler August 2012 Ofc. Joseph Michael Pasqua UT Austin April 2012 Sgt. Angelia Lemmonds UT MD Anderson 26

27 State of the UT System Police Competitive pay still an issue but improving Staffing at 90% of authorized, 80% of needed Strong and getting stronger Well trained, to be better trained Adequately resourced, additional resources targeted More motivated every day Better prepared than ever 27

28 Eight questions we should be asking at UTSP: 1.Are we sufficiently aware of the potential for the radicalization of students that could produce terrorist cells? 2.Are we adequately protecting critical infrastructure on campuses particularly as it relates to the potential for weapons of mass destruction? 3.Are we watchful of the criminogenic influence of the areas surrounding our campuses? 4.Are we sufficiently independent as University law enforcement agencies so that there is no chance for a Penn State-like event? 28

29 Eight questions we should be asking at UTSP (cont.): 5.Do we have all the protocols in place to ensure timely and accurate emergency alerting? 6.Are we doing all that we can as it relates to alcohol abuse and its relationship to bad behavior, fraternity-related crimes and sexual assaults? 7.Are we sufficiently aware of the espionage/intelligence gathering/computer hacking efforts of certain foreign nations against major universities? 8.Do we have all of the right protocols in place to do everything possible to anticipate and identify mental health issues on our campuses given the nexus to student suicides and mass shootings? 29

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