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+ FSHA 1:1 Laptop Program Boot Camp. + Introductions Teachers FSHA Tech Staff Your name Day students – what school you come from Boarding students – city.

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1 + FSHA 1:1 Laptop Program Boot Camp

2 + Introductions Teachers FSHA Tech Staff Your name Day students – what school you come from Boarding students – city and country What is the technology you could not live without?

3 + Agenda 8:00am– Welcome & Laptop Policies 8:50am – SHORT BREAK 9:00am – Laptop Distribution/ Mac 101 10:15am - BREAK 10:30am – Storage, Backup, Troubleshooting, Apps 11:40am - LUNCH 12:25pm – Workshop Rotations (Different Groups) 3:00pm – End of Day

4 + Laptop Policies

5 + Laptop Policies - Equipment Owned by FSHA, but you get to keep it Returned for approx. 1 week every year for maintenance You keep it for breaks and summer New device will be provided at the start of your Senior year If you leave the school, you must return it Must be brought to school and classes every day Needs to be charged at home every evening You are responsible for keeping it safe Computer Problems Go to Helpdesk for fix or replacement All problems must be reported to the Helpdesk

6 + Laptop Policies - Equipment Backup your data You may keep (legal) personal data on the computer You are responsible for all backups – should be done daily You may add legal software, but are responsible for keeping and backing up the installation software They school may need to wipe your computer if needed It will be wiped during annual maintenance week Have your backups ready to restore your information Care of Equipment Use a protective case Screens are sensitive – dont close the computer with items in your computer Use only soft cloth & screen cleaner for LCD screens

7 + Laptop Policies Damage, Theft, and Loss AppleCare Protection Plan Covers reasonable repair for equipment problems from Apple Insurance Policy Covers accidents, drops, spills & theft Theft REQUIRES a police report $100 deductible is required for every accident Loss and disappearance is NOT covered Intentional damage is NOT covered Items not covered may be subject to full cost of repair or replacement (up to $1,200)

8 + Laptop Policies Customizations Permitted Changing wallpaper, fonts, other system settings Install legal software Purchase case of your choice Not Permitted Remove software installed by FSHA Remove or disable accounts Change the computer name or IP address Remove or damage the serial number, asset tag, etc. Permanent alterations to the physical device (voids AppleCare) Join unauthorized wifi while on campus

9 + Laptop Policies Legal & Ethical Use Monitoring FSHA has the right to monitor your computer while at school Many classes use the monitoring system for participation and as a classroom tool Responsible use is an important component of this program FSHA CANNOT monitor your use at home School devices and devices hooked to our network are not private File-sharing tools are prohibited Illegal sharing of copyrighted materials is against the law If found, the computer will be immediately wiped and subject to frequent monitoring

10 + Laptop Policies Legal & Ethical Use Camera Policy Do not record, stream, or send video of other students or employees without their knowledge or consent. Take precautions when using to protect the privacy of your roommate(s) and classmates Cameras on phones and laptops cannot be set to record or transmit in the background of a device. Cameras cannot be used to take or capture inappropriate images at school, at home, or in dorm rooms. Students who do not follow this policy may be suspended or expelled.

11 + Laptop Policies Legal & Ethical Use Serious ethical & legal violations Illegal file-sharing Hacking Bullying Stealing Altering school accounts or software Consequences Assigned by the Principal or Assistant Principal May include suspension, expulsion or prosecution

12 + Laptop Policies - Responsible Use Streaming Unnecessary streaming of music or videos slows the FSHA network for ALL USERS Streaming music or videos is not allowed during class periods or enrichment unless it is for academic purposes Sites that are abused by students are blocked – please be responsible

13 + Laptop Policies - Responsible Use Safety of Equipment Do not leave it unattended or in an unlocked car Do not let others borrow your laptop (except your parents) Laptops should be locked up or kept within sight when not in use Unattended laptops may be confiscated by staff to protect against theft

14 + Laptop Policies - Responsible Use Classroom Behavior Bring your charged laptop to class Use for notes and class activities – not playing/distraction Consequences are at the discretion of the teacher but may include Reduced participation grades or impact to overall grade Inability to participate in class activities Individual use of laptop may be temporarily revoked until student can demonstrate responsible behavior

15 + Laptop Policies - Responsible Use Responsibility Issues Failure to bring laptop to school Leaving laptop unattended Failure to bring charger/have charged laptop Failure to return loaned equipment by due date Consequences 1 st Offence – Warning 2 nd Offence – Email to parents 3 rd Offence – Detention and email to parents 4 th Offence – Detention and call to parents 5 th Offence – Conference with AP - Contract Responsible Use Contract prohibits eligibility for honors and may impact social activities

16 + Hardware 128 GB Flash storage 4 GB Memory Camera Stereo Speakers Omni Directional Mic OS X Mountain Lion Up to 12 hour battery Inputs

17 + Screen Care Lint-free cloths Unplug and turn off the computer when cleaning Spray on cloth – never the computer Only use water or screen cleaner for LCD screens

18 + Charging Amber light – charging Green light – full charge 45 watt charger OK to use higher watt mac charger This charger will not charge a MacBook pro Charge your MacBook Air every evening Charging Stations on Campus Library outlets (by tables) Senior Patio Junior Patio SAC Foyer Back of classrooms (with teacher permission Dont rely on stations, please charge at home!

19 + Setting your Password Use a strong password LA Times Video Google Video Reset your Password System Preferences Security & Privacy Change your Password Most-Hackable Passwords: password, password 1, etc. 123456, 1234567, 0987654, etc. iloveyou princess, dragon, monkey, etc. baseball, football, soccer, etc. querty

20 + Helpdesk LibGuide Laptop Policy Quiz

21 + Support Helpdesk Office by Rooms 18 & 19 Library (Ms. Finley or Ms. Murphy) More Apple training is free at the Apple Store Contact Mrs. McHugh for assistance with account usernames & passwords

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