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Dan Borden Alli DiNatale Arielle Green David Martino 10/7/11.

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1 Dan Borden Alli DiNatale Arielle Green David Martino 10/7/11

2 Outline 1. Introduction 2. Customer Needs 3.Revised Problem Statement 4. External Search 5. Concept Generation 6. Concept Selection 7. Conclusion

3 Project Management Our management strategy was to divvy out jobs along the way For the planning phases, Dan became our patent searcher, Arielle and Alli were pivotal in our internet research and putting together the morph and Pugh charts, while I put together the original outline. After we picked a design from our Pugh charts it was time to design. Dan was our solid works man, Arielle and Alli further perfected the outline while I worked on the presentation.

4 Hierarchy of needs and Problem statement Statement: Our task is to design a travel friendly electric toothbrush. That means it will be compact, light and durable. 1. Travel Friendly (0.32, 0.32) 1.1 Size (0.16, 0.5) 1.2 Collapsible (0.02, 0.063) 1.3 Light Weight (0.14, 0.437) 2. User friendly (0.64, 0.64) 2.1 Low Noise (0.04, 0.063) 2.2 Ease of Operation (0.14, 0.219) F.1 Long enough neck to reach back teeth F.2 Grip is comfortable for all grip types 2.3 Easy Maintenance (0.12, 0.188) F.3 Head changes easily F.4 Water doesnt get inside and grow stuff F.5 Solid piece so easy to clean 2.4 Durable (0.14, 0.219) 2.5 Cleans teeth well (0.11, 0.172) 2.6 Long Battery Life (0.09, 0.141) 3. Retails under $40 (0.04, 0.04)

5 External Search We did patent searches on our product, bench marking, and literature review of customers critiques on competitive products. Using the internet, we looked up design features of competitive toothbrushes. Also looked at customer reviews of similar products, thereby pulling our design ideas from an effectively larger customer base. For example, one of the biggest complaints customers had about competitive brand toothbrushes was the fast battery usage. Using this information, we made power supply a large focus of design, the priority being to remove the need of replacing batteries and carrying around chargers.

6 Concept Generation We had quite a few concepts in each of the 4 categories of the toothbrush redesign: 1)Power Generation 2)Body Design 3)Brush Head 4)Energy Mechanism Listed on the next slides are our top 2 contenders in each category of the redsign.

7 Power Generation 1) A rechargable battery pack within the brush that was charged via USBUSB can be charged using a computer which means it can be taken around the world and plugged into a laptop no problem, an excellent solution for business people. 2) A kinetic charge mechanism. A hand pump recharges the battery pack. On the other hand the kinetic charge has an even broader market, it can be used by anyone from a suit and tie business traveler to a shorts and Tee Peace Corp volunteer. Also this is the environmentally friendly option that is a big market pull nowadays

8 Body Design 1) A solid body piece that is made of hard plastic. Easy to clean and very durable 2) Two pieces that separate for smaller storage. Felt this might get grimy and slimy in between the two pieces and they could get loss from one another. Also this design made it difficult to accommodate our kinetic mechanism.

9 Energy Mechanism 1) A motor with a shorter spin stick (transfers motion from the motor to brush head) 2)Cam and gear motion used for a sonic tooth brush. Sonic tooth brush requires a lot of power so if we wanted to use the kinetic charge it would require a second 3 volt battery and a larger kinetic charge mechanism to charge the battery in the same amount of time. This would make the design too big and awkward to hold when brushing.

10 Brush Head 1) A pivoting with a moving bottom would require more power to make both brush head move so again we wanted to be conscious of the required power to operate the toothbrush with our kinetic charger. 2) Pivoting head, was a simple interior mechanism to create the motion and we felt the scraping back and forth was very good at removing the grime. It also makes the brush smaller and lighter.

11 Morph Chart

12 Criteria for Selection A= Size B=Weight C= Durability D= Low Noise E=Retails under $40 F= Ease of Operation G=Easy Maintenance H= Collapsible I= Cleans Teeth Well J= Long battery Life

13 Pugh Charts: Alli Brush HeadSize (0.16) Weight (0.14) Retail under $40 (.04) Cleans Teeth Well (0.11) SumRank Concept 1*000005 Concept 211000.32 Concept 31110.351 Concept 400100.044 concept 500010.113 Body/GripSize (0.16) Weight (0.14) Durability (0.14) Retail under$40 (.04) Easy Maintenance (0.12) Collapsible (0.02) SumRank Concept 1* 00000003 Concept 20000 -0.185 Concept 301 1-0.144 Concept 411 10.022 Concept 5110100.381 Power Generation Weigh t (0.14) Durability (0.14) Low Noise (0.04) Retail Under $40 (0.04) Ease of Operation (0.14) Easy Maintenance (0.12) Long Battery Life (0.09) SumRank Concept 1*000000003 Concept 20100110.211 Concept 3010 11.172 Concept 411 -0.074 Energy Mechanism Size (0.16)Weight (0.14)SumRank Concept 1*0003 Concept 20-0.164 Concept 3110.31 Concept 410.162

14 Pugh Charts: David Tooth Brush Head Size (0.16) Weight (0.14) Retails Under $40 (0.04) Cleans Teeth Well (0.11) SumRank Concept 1*000004 Concept 211110.451 Concept 31110.412 Concept 40 1-0.075 concept 500010.113 Body/GripSize (0.16) Weight (0.14) Durability (0.14) Retail Under $40 (0.04) Easy Maintenance (0.12) Collapsible (0.02) SumRank Concept 1*00000003 Concept 2 1 00-0.25 Concept 3110 10.062 Concept 4100 1-0.084 Concept 51100100.421 Power Generation Weight (0.14) Durability (0.14) Low Noise (0.04) Retail Under $40 (0.04) Ease of Operation (0.14) Easy Maintenance (0.12) Long Battery Life (0.09) SumRank Concept 11010 -0.073 Concept 2*000000002 Concept 301000100.261 Concept 4 0-0.624 Energy Mechanism Size (0.16) Weight (0.14) Retails Under $40 (.04) Collapsibl e (0.02) SumRank Concept 10110.082 Concept 2*000003 Concept 311110.361 Concept 4 0-0.344

15 Pugh Chart: Dan Tooth Brush Head Size (0.16)Weight (0.14) Retails Under $40 (.04) Cleans Teeth Well (0.11) SumRank Concept 1*000004 Concept 21110.591 Concept 3 1-0.235 Concept 40010.072 concept 50010.073 Body/GripSize(0.16 ) Weigh t (0.14) Durabilit y (0.14) Retail Under $40 (0.04) Easy Maintenanc e (.12) Collapsibl e (0.02) SumRank Concept 1* 1 00-0.23 Concept 2 1000-0.162 Concept 31 1-0.265 Concept 41 1-0.264 Concept 500000001 Power Generation Weight (0.14) Durability (0.14) Low Noise (0.04) Retail Under $40 (0.04) Ease of Operation (0.14) Easy Maintenance (0.12) Long Battery Life (0.09) SumRank Concept 10101 -0.174 Concept 2*000000003 Concept 30001100.31 Concept 41 1110.272 Energy MechanismSize(0.16)Weight(0.14 ) SumRank Concept 110.023 Concept 2*0004 Concept 3110.31 Concept 410.022

16 Pugh Chart: Arielle Brush head Size (0.16) Weight (0.14) Retails Under $40(0.04) cleans teeth well (0.11) Durabilit y (0.14) Low Noise (0.04) SumRank Concept 1111 10.032 Concept2110110.311 Concept 3*00000003 Concept 4 11 -0.335 Concept 51 1 1-0.054 Body/gripSize (0.1 6) Weight (0.14) Durability (0.14) Retails under $40 (0.04) Easy maintenance (0.12) Collapsible (0.02) SumRank Concept 11011100.461 Concept 201 100.083 Concept 3* 00000004 Concept 410 1-0.125 Concept 5011100.162 Power Generation Weight (0.14) Durability (0.14) Low Noise (0.04) Retails Under $40 (0.04) Ease of Operation (0.14) Easy Maintenance (0.12) Long Battery Life (0.09) SumRank Concept 110011 0.111 Concept 200010000.042 Concept 3*000000003 Concept 4111 1 -0.034 Energy Mechanism Size (0.16) Weigh t(0.14) Retails under $40 (0.04) SumRank Concept 1 1-0.262 Concept 2 0-0.33 Concept 3*00001 Concept 4 -0.324

17 Final Group Pugh Chart Size (0.16) Weight (0.14) Durability (0.14) Low Noise(0.04) Retails Under $40 (0.04) Ease of Operation (0.14) Easy Maintenance (0.12) Collapsible (0.02) Cleans Teeth Well (0.11) Long Battery Life (0.09) SumRank David0100 001-0.074 Dan0110010010.451 Arielle000000000003 Alli0100 0110.042 Davids design: pivoting circular head, smaller bottom with longer head, rechargeable battery using USB, motor – short stick Dans Design: pivoting circular head, smaller bottom with longer head, kinetic, motor – short stick Arielles Design: pivoting circular head, one full body piece w/ grip contoured to hand and flap at bottom to get to power source, Disposable battery/ rechargeable disposable battery, motor-short stick Allis Design: sonic head, smaller bottom with longer head, rechargeable battery plug in the wall, motor- short stick

18 Sketch

19 CAD






25 How it works Hand pump that charges up a battery to power the electric toothbrush. Also a connection from generator to the toothbrush head to allow excess electrical energy to be streamed off when the battery is charged (prevents overcharging). Once the battery is charged is a normal electronic toothbrush. Batteries operate a motor that spins a rod. Spinning motion of the rod is translated into a pivot motion of the head of the toothbrush. There is a mechanism within the head of the tooth brush that creates the pivoting motion from the rotating stick. There is a push on/off switch set to power up and off the toothbrush.

26 In Conclusion We feel we have come up with a very unique product that actually creates its own niche within the toothbrush world let alone travel toothbrush community. Our design meets the needs of our customers pretty well. Size We do have a wider toothbrush handle, but we have shortened the length of the toothbrush itself. Weight We also have kept the weight pretty low as the kinetic charge technology is no heavier than a regular battery. The generator itself is small and light weight, and we use small rechargeable 3 volt lithium-ion batteries. Durability and Easy Maintenance The product is also very easy to maintain, you simply need to change the toothbrush head every 3 months, we have kept a streamlined single plastic cover design to keep the body clean and devoid of crevices for mold and mildew buildup.

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