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Digital Apex Locator Integrated with Bluetooth ® Wireless Technology.

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1 Digital Apex Locator Integrated with Bluetooth ® Wireless Technology

2 The Electronic Apex Locator (EAL) is a device that measures the distance between the apical constriction to the tip of the file within the root canal. The measurement is performed via micro- electrical signals that are transmitted through the file to the end of the root canal. The signals are processed by proprietary algorithms and the response is translated into the exact distance of the file tip to the apical constriction with a tolerance of 0.1 millimeters in the apical region. Currently, the information showing the length from the apical constriction is usually displayed only on the EAL device, either via LEDs or an pc screen. General Background

3 Studies show that a successful root canal treatment is directly dependent on the quality of the cleansing of the root canal. The apical third is also the area which usually has a high concentration of bacteria, in addition to being the most difficult to reach using disinfectants. It is important to clean and shape the apical portion and to use a reliable, high resolution measuring device. Therefore, the accuracy and reliability in pointing the working length in the range of 0.5 - 0.0 mm is of utmost importance. Importance of Accuracy and Resolution

4 Advanced digital technology based on proprietary firmware decodes the signals returning from the root canal as a result of the electric stimulus sent towards the apical constriction. Measuring Principle

5 The proprietary algorithm continuously translates the data received via micro- electrical signals, refreshing the display constantly so that each minute movement of the file is read in real time The innovative Digital Signal Processing allows the data to be processed in hundredths of a second, giving the user high sensitivity and complete control of the measuring process, with a maximal tolerance of 0.1mm in the apical region. Advantages of Digital Measurement

6 Using the ApexNRG-Blue with digital technology, a maximal indication of the file location is displayed, with a measuring tolerance of 0.1 mm in the apical region. The root canal is optimally cleaned right up to the apical constriction, without fear of perforation of the periapical tissue. Reliability of Display Apical Constriction

7 Bleeding Dry Wet Automatic adjustment of the measuring current to changing conditions The ApexNRG-Blue can accurately locate the apical constriction in changing canal conditions, including dry, wet and bleeding canals, through unique automatic adjustment of the measuring current. Other devices usually use a precalibrated current, which addresses only the average canal condition. This means that if an extraordinary condition arises, the devices accuracy may be significantly reduced.

8 Automatic Calibration MedicNRG's apex locators automatically calibrate, as opposed to comparable devices which need to be manually recalibrated from time to time. Upon turning on the ApexNRG-Blue, the device will perform a self check; you are ready to go! Minimal Size This compact instrument (67 grams) is easy to store and easy to manipulate during treatments. Placement near patients mouth, within your line of vision, allowing you to easily and comfortably follow the progress of the file on-line. User Friendly Features

9 Short Cables Short cables prevent external EMI distortions that are typical in long cables, due to weak and sensitive signals that travel a long distance. Short cables are convenient to use in the dental clinic; no more stepping or tripping on long cables.Autoclavable Fully autoclavable accessories including a double set of cables, lip hooks, apron clasps, as well as a mini sensor probe and exclusive mini file holders. User Friendly Features

10 High resolution graphic display allows maximum control of the file location in the canal. The ability to use accumulated data during the root canal treatment. The ability to cross-reference existing and accumulated information in the patients file within the software. Bluetooth® Wireless Technology The added value of using an Apex Locator integrated with Bluetooth is:

11 On the device via LEDs On a PC screen. The Apex Locator integrated with Bluetooth Technology simultaneously displays the information on two different channels : Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

12 The measurement data is simultaneously transmitted to the Apex Locator display and a computer via Bluetooth technology. The information is presented in a graphic simulation that simultaneously reflects the advancement of the file within the root canal. Data Display

13 Both the dentist and the patient can view the simulation, (psychological significance for the patient, marketing significance for the dentist). Data Display

14 The PC screen can be one of the following: A screen installed on the treatment chair On the instrument table, connected through a computer to a digital X-ray system or clinic management software system. A laptop computers screen Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

15 The ApexNRG-Blue software is based on two information screens: Software

16 Software – Database Screen Upon entering the software, a patient must be selected or entered, using the name and ID number. Upon choosing a patient for treatment, we move on to the measuring screen. The access and database screen

17 Using this screen, the measurement can be clearly shown. In addition, there are clearly defined parameters which are easily entered in the open fields upon completion of the treatment, in order to form the database. The dentist may choose to use only the measurement screen to follow the file progress without saving the data. Software The measurement screen

18 The following data must be entered upon completion of the treatment, to be recorded in the database. The values are fields that are chosen from an existing list. Canal type Canal length Size of last file used to finish the treatment Reference point from which the measurement of the file length was taken Notes – Can be used to enter any special comments Software – Treatment Data

19 Integration with existing clinic software systems Integration with both digital x-ray and clinic management software programs. The ultimate situation, in which both programs are paired and integrated. The information gathered from the EAL is transferred to the patients file in the existing data-base, and can be indexed and cross- referenced with the patients other clinical history. The ApexNRG- Blue software has been designed for easy integration and communication with external software programs. link-up to clinic management software already exists successfully in Israel.

20 Data gathering Optimization Independent data gathering system. The device is supplied with an independent program which collects and saves all of the clinical and patient data as detailed previously. The program is user friendly. This option does not require any additional programs to begin working. Added value and upgraded reliability of the information. Integrating the ApexNRG-Blue software with x-ray programs that are already utilized during a root canal treatment, allowing a cross-reference of the data from the EAL and the x-ray images, significantly upgrading the value and reliability of the information.

21 User Friendly package Including in box: Apex Locator Unit Lead Wire (2 sets) File Clip Wire (1 unit) Lip Hook (2 units) Apron Clasp (2 units) Mini File Holder (3 units) Mini Sensor Probe (1 unit) Disposable Sleeves Pack Recharge Battery (2 units) Buttery charger unit Installation disk User guides

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