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The Future of Wireless Mobile Computing How Wireless Hardware Solutions are Outpacing Software Applications Presented by: Steve Conlon Director Of Business.

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1 The Future of Wireless Mobile Computing How Wireless Hardware Solutions are Outpacing Software Applications Presented by: Steve Conlon Director Of Business Development (800) 966-8826 Ext. 227

2 Who is 1 - Source Electronics Moores Law RFID: The costs, expense and practicality of deploying How Do You Deploy Mobile Computing Solutions for SMBs? Hardware Solutions that make Bottom-Line Sense The Question: Future of Wireless Mobile Computing Total Cost of Ownership models

3 We are a certified Value Added Solutions Provider of the worlds leading manufacturers including Janam Technologies and Motorola. Our Mission: Continue in our quest to develop innovative services and applications that provide bottom-line value for our customers that match our world class suite of devices. From device deployment, servicing and application development, with thousands of units on the streets we know what our customers needs. 1-Source Electronics Who we are and what we do?

4 Moores Law Q: Why is it that hardware solutions are outpacing software applications? A: Software engineers have not been able to keep up with the steady growth of microprocessor technology. Motorola end of lifes Palm operating system and Windows 5.0 becomes the worlds dominant mobile computing software. This was done in an attempt to bridge the software and hardware gap.

5 Reliable Hardware and Stable OS The Palm operating system gets a second chance. In 2007, Janam Technologies signed a five-year contract with Palm. The Palm operating system allows customers to reduce true total cost of ownership on devices that will stand the test of time. By keeping the Palm operating system alive and well, large companies that invested heavily in the operating system were able to protect their investment, and at the same time, they were able to upgrade their hardware base without rewriting new software.

6 RFID is the best example of hardware outpacing software applications! RFID: Why its still not practical for SMBs!

7 RFID: Why it is still not practical for SMBs!

8 Build Your Infrastructure Inlays Label Converters Printers Middleware Mobile Readers. Fixed Readers Application Software Symbol Components MidSouth Plitek Zebra Avery Dennison Metalcraft Others Zebra Printronix Paxar Microsoft GlobeRanger iAnywhere Oat ERP WMS Custom I/O, Material Handling Siemens, HK, FKI

9 The Future of Wireless Mobile Computing Technology will change rapidly –Can your hardware partner keep up? –Can your software partner keep up –Do they have a global & capable support team Both Technical Support and Break/Fix –Are they proven and widely installed? –Can they scale their operations? –Can they offer you more than just an PDA product?

10 Janam XP30 Janam XP20 MC70 MC35 MC9090 Hardware options Wired/wireless networking Motorolas –WS2000 –WS5100 –RFS7000 –AP-5131 –AP-5181 Covered Hardware

11 How Do You Deploy Mobile Computing Solutions for SMBs? Identify your or your partners long and short term goals for wireless and enterprise development. Establish a budget for the project and ensure your service provider will keep to that budget. Have the appropriate buy-in across the organization, Upper Management, Operation and IT. Key business decision makers must buy in to the program efficacy and be willing to invest in the $$$ for infrastructure. Overruns and over budget will kill a program, your project and team of developers are critical.

12 Motorola WLAN Products WS2000 –delivers simplified and cost-effective wired and wireless networking, significantly reducing upfront and ongoing networking costs. WS5100 –delivers an unprecedented level of technology simplicity, operational efficiency and employee productivity, while providing a foundation for the next generation of mobile applications and brings a new level of cost-efficiency to the mixed RF environment. RFS7000 –provides robust, highly scalable support for seamless enterprise mobility. AP-5131 & AP-5181 –offers the flexibility to connect securely to remote corporate private networks, the Internet and local network resources with the speed and reliability to support the most demanding applications, including real-time video and voice.

13 Motorola LAN Planner Key Functionality Five Key LAN Planner Functions: 1.Adapt the building model to make it RF Intelligent and classify user regions by application 2.Place Equipment 3.Simulate Wi-Fi Network Performance 4.Measure and Validate Deployed Network 5.Optimize and Fine Tune Network Plan Auditorium with 50 users who require basic Internet access Glass windows at entrance cause signal to reach outside the facility into the Visitor parking area Additional access point needed to cover southeast wing of building Legend: Green = average throughput Yellow = good throughput Red = high throughput

14 The Future of Wireless Mobile Computing Eventually the Palm operating system, as well as the Windows operating system will be replaced by open source Unix based systems that allow software writers much more flexibility. Wireless connectivity will be a hybrid between campus Wi-Fi solutions, and Wi-Max, which will start to be implemented on a large scale. Systems like Motorolas MSP software will become more efficient. There is no one solution, we are in a mixed marketplace and device companies like Janam that understand TCO combined with service and application developers are the solution to cost effective deployments to SMBs.

15 What is MSP 2.X? The Mobility Services Platform (MSP) is a highly scalable hardware and software solution that provides a single point of control for managing mobile devices, mobile applications, and wireless infrastructure elements. With full management of fault, configuration, accounting, performance and security support, MSPs single point of control puts the power at your fingertips to quickly and easily: Deploy mobile devices, right out of the box, complete with the right software Manage the software on all your mobile devices automatically and remotely update applications, software and firmware.

16 MSP: 3 rd Leg Of CM 2 Vision Information in real-time, at the point of business activity Capture Information instantaneously to and from the point of greatest impact Move The seamless flow of information with exceptional efficiency & security Manage

17 WLAN Deployment Topology Choices

18 MSP: Template-based Configuration Features -Configure one WLAN device, save template, and apply to a group of WLAN devices Benefits -Reduce wireless infrastructure rollout costs

19 Asset Control: Remote Control Features -Share end-user experience with mobile desktop sharing -Remotely take control of the device -Remotely troubleshoot and correct device problems Benefits -Reduce troubleshooting time and device downtime

20 MSP Configurations MSP Component Managed Devices IBM xSeries 336 IBM xSeries 306 Managed Entity Licenses MSP Enterprise Appliance MSP Lite Appliance Description L2 or L3 Device, Network Element, or ANY Managed Entity Licenses Includes 200 ANY Licenses Manages up to 5,000* Devices Includes 50 ANY Licenses Manages up to 2,000* Devices * Scalability can vary based on customer requirements

21 1 - Source Electronics: Core Competency Customized software solutions at the customers finger tips with a market entry price that is highly competitive and will immediately add to their bottom-line. Industry applications: Inventory Management Enterprise Marketing Solutions Supply Chain Management Sales Force Automation Health Care Medical Logistics Construction Management Secure Data Hosting Product Integration Fully integrated Point of sale systems Customized Solutions for any Mobile Work Force

22 The Total Cost of Ownership Models This valuable software will allow you to utilize the Janam XP30 series of devices as a Bluetooth keyboard wedge to your computer Utilizes the Janam scan engine to send barcode data to a laptop/desktop computer. Automatic Bluetooth connection to computer. Automatic re-connect to computer after powered off Ability to add a custom prefix/suffix (preamble/post amble) to barcode data. Scan indicator letting you know how many scans have been processed by the PC. Scan Info indicator on the PalmOS® application that displays exactly what was scanned from the Janam XP device. TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP: $1199.00

23 1 - Source Electronics: Software Solutions Why RoveNet and Portable Forms? RoveNet allows your company create their own mobile data collection application in no time, at a fraction of what custom solutions traditionally cost. You can easily collect, store, and transmit data that is critical to your enterprise right from any mobile computer! This custom approach to application development keeps the customer cost low and provides a platform that can grow with the company while Providing a true Total Cost of Ownership model.

24 1 - Source Electronics: Software Solutions Why e-Pad? e-Pad allows 1-Source to integrate to nearly any back end system. e-Pad provides a complete out of the box software solution for large wholesale food distributors.

25 The Future of Wireless Mobile Computing How Wireless Hardware Solutions are Outpacing Software Applications Presented by: Steve Conlon Director Of Business Development (800) 966-8826 Ext. 227


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