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Service Level Agreement The systems, infrastructure and staff of DC Partner have been exposed to collection and distribution of payments for the past.

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2 Service Level Agreement

3 The systems, infrastructure and staff of DC Partner have been exposed to collection and distribution of payments for the past nine years. DC Partner strives to render services of the highest standard to customers. We currently have a client base of almost 1000 Debt Counsellors. DC Partner makes use of excellent software, provided by Debt – Wise. The PDA module is locally based and inherently linked to the Debt – Wise Debt Counselling software, which is internet based. Consumer information seamlessly passes from the Debt Counselling System to the Payment Distribution Agency. Background


5 We have a reliable support desk, which enables us to give quick and efficient support to customers in the user and technical spheres. We undertake to deliver a backup of each Debt Counsellors PDA program to every specific Debt Counsellor, immediately after every distribution. This will give the Debt Counsellor full access to view all transactions effected by the PDA, which will greatly ease the Debt Counsellors task of attending to queries from Credit Providers and Consumers. We do frequent and timeous distributions to creditors. Creditor payment advices and distribution statements are created after distributions and are loaded onto the front-end system in PDF format for the convenience and easy reference of the Debt Counsellor. Efficient and timeous payments are effected to creditors on a two weekly basis. Each Debt Counsellor receives a dedicated trust account. Your clients pay their money into your dedicated account at the PDA. NO GLOBAL ACCOUNTS! What Makes DC Partner Different

6 In your Backup: Consumer Search Screen Users are able to search for consumers by Surname, Reference, ID Number,NCR Number or Name.

7 In your Backup: Applicant Details Screen Details the Consumers personal information, which is crucial in order to effect successful distributions

8 In your Backup: Debt Obligations Screen List of all debt obligations and payment instructions submitted by the Debt Counsellor. One can also click on each individual creditor to view Transactions

9 In your Backup: Account Screen Full transaction list of consumers affairs, reflecting Payments Received, Restructuring Fees and DC After Care Fees.

10 Unique Banking Statements of Each Debt Counsellor Each Debt Counsellor is provided with copies of all bank transactions, so that he/she will be able to view all payments effected to the PDA by consumers, and also payments effected to Credit Providers by the PDA

11 Consumer Default Report In addition, each Debt Counsellor receives a Consumer Default Report, which reflects consumers in default. This will enable the Debt Counsellor to stay informed and to take the necessary steps to ensure continuous payments by his / her consumers.

12 Unallocated list of payments A list of unallocated payments is provided to the Debt Counsellor on a regular basis. This is done to in order to give the Debt Counsellor an opportunity to assist the PDA with unallocated payments of clients. Should the Debt Counsellor not be able to assist, the queries will be referred to the bank, to be resolved

13 Bank Reconciliation BANK RECONCILIATION FOR DC (XXXX) 31 JANUARY 2009 Debt wise Closing balance 31.01.09 23100.00 Bank statement Closing balance 31.01.09 72391.25 Bank charges 242.97 Interest Received -907.59 Unallocated receipts (In process) -33710.00 Unpaid Creditors (Bank detail) -6216.63 Receipts posted in Feb 09 -8700.00 Total 23100.00

14 Debt-Wise In order for Debt Counsellors to operate successfully they are required to perform a range of complex financial tasks to assist over indebted consumers. These include re-arranging and re-negotiating creditor payments, advising credit bureaus of the consumers status, updating the NCR constantly of the progress of processes and many more. Furthermore, in order to secure a viable income from the services they provide, Debt Counsellors have to restructure the debt of a number of these consumers every month. Debt-Wise is an easy and inexpensive solution that encompasses all the functionality to successfully process and manage all the administrative procedures. The Debt-Wise system is already in use throughout South Africa and has been reviewed by the National Credit Regulator (NCR).

15 Because it is a web-based application, it is extremely user-friendly. Access is therefore not limited to a specific computer or pre-determined location like a specific office for instance. The user can log on and start working immediately from any location. All you need is an Internet connection, a Windows based PC or laptop with Mozilla Firefox loaded and off you go. There are no installation costs, no training fees (unless training is specifically requested) and no up-front expenses. In fact, there are no costs involved until your consumers (applicants for debt counselling) are handed to a Payment and Distribution Agency (PDA) for distribution. At that stage you would have received income out of the application already, which will enable you to cover your minimal monthly license fees. Debt-Wise

16 Contact Details DC Partner: Telephone: (044) 873 4440 Herman Joubert: 084 262 1034 59 Victoria street George 6530 Email: Telephone: (044) 884 1822 Email:

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