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M – POWER Mindful Parenting Power Presented by Sri Sri Shuddhananda Bhramachari Dr. Meera Kothari Centre for Spiritualism and Human Enrichment & Stress.

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1 M – POWER Mindful Parenting Power Presented by Sri Sri Shuddhananda Bhramachari Dr. Meera Kothari Centre for Spiritualism and Human Enrichment & Stress Management Academy Presents Powered by School Of Management Sciences Varanasi

2 About The Trainers Sri Sri Shuddhhananda Brahmachari, lovingly called Baba is the founder of CIM and is an academician, author, international motivational speaker, social advocate, universal spiritual teacher, innovative facilitator and a spiritually awakened leader from West Bengal, India. Ms Meera Kothari is the Director – Counseling and NIOS at GAET Schools. She has a Masters degree in clinical psychology from Mumbai University. She has served a lecturer in SNDT University and has 23 years of counseling experience with GAET schools. She is a very popular renowned mental health professional

3 M-POWER Concept 25 years back Average 4 children Lesser Resources Lesser Technology More Single Income Parents Lesser dependence on Coaching classes Mothers were more of Housewives Joint Families Now 1 or at most 2 children Abundance of resources Advanced technology Double Incomes Coaching class almost must Working Women Nuclear Families

4 M-POWER Concept YET CHILDREN TODAY ARE Less Happier Weak emotional family bond Not emotionally strong Heavily Pampered Prefer space with friends rather than parents Will either succeed or fall into depression

5 Todays Scenario Double income jobs leads to financial security Parents do not have time for child Feel Guilty Pamper by overspending on junk food and splurge on Malls etc Child is neglected and depends on TV, Laptop, Tablets and wrong exposure due to net access Parent is more like a ATM machine for a child Physical exercises have reduced and children are becoming couch potatoes Parents over expect their children to excel in studies Coaching classes have become a need Peer pressure, teachers pressure and domestic pressure burden a child

6 Todays Scenario Children enter a do or die situation Parents are preparing children for only success Neglect the other side of the coin Who will prepare them in case they do not succeed Activities that a child used to do at age of 18 are now expected to be done at age 13 ( eg IIT preparations from standard 7) Have we really moved 20 years ahead or 20 years back We can hide from others but not from ourselves

7 M-POWER M-Power is a power packed program which makes a parent reflect into their minds Are we right in the current way of parenting Do we understand the childs mind or do we parent the child due to external surroundings Mindfulness is a powerful technique in which we teach parents how to live life inside out Mindful Work Life Balance Simple ways to restore calm Finding balance and opening hearts

8 Mindful Parenting Program will be an experiential Workshop for the participants as most the practices are hand on and the benefits are experienced now and here. The program is completely NON RELIGIOUS and only works with the tools of Body Mind and Breath for inner transformation following the principle ~ ~Life flows inside out~ It is an opportunity for the participants to learn simple things of daily life and become more MINDFUL that can open up a new horizon in life. Those who have taken this Course have always felt an instant rejuvenation and commitment for change.

9 M-Power will address the following Issues What is Mindfulness and Why do we need it? How does Mindfulness help the Parents to overcome stress and excel both at home as parents and at work as careerists? Mindful Parenting – a boon for parents and children How parents can excel at work, perform at optimal level, maintain good health and still find time for supporting the family

10 Empowerment Techniques of Meditation and Mindful Yoga, and Chi or Pranayama Practices, that will clear the inner clutter obstructing the flow of energy Empowering parents to gain the Strength and Courage to be who they truly are. Training on boosting Emotional Strength and Self Esteem Meditation practice to Awaken Inner Light of Infinite Creativity, vibrant Joy and Wisdom

11 Techniques Used Special Training on Japanese Art of Self Healing for overcoming stress, fear, anxiety attacks and tensions Special Training on Self Help Chinese Art of Healing to strengthen the immunity, and attain to a natural flow of health and wellness. Training on How to overcome negative attitudes that is a strong psychological issue

12 Session on Art of Forgiveness and Love Training on How the Release the Old Memories of pain and hurt and create space for celebration in life. Discussion on any negative emotional issues that blocks the ways to progression of the souls innate power to attract peace, prosperity and joy. Discussion on the important Law of Attraction relating to Relation at work and at home, wealth, health, and wellness

13 Steps to Mindful Living for Peace and Abundance 1.Mindful Attention 2.Living in the Moment 3.Simplifying Life 4.Mindful breathing 5.Little Things of Daily life 6.Opening to Universal Light in the Moment

14 Contact us Mr. Manish Asthana General Manager-MDP School Of Management Sciences Varanasi Mobile: 9167884811 / 7506059809 Email:


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