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Lee Tilley Director of Technology Chaminade College Preparatory School

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1 Lee Tilley Director of Technology Chaminade College Preparatory School
Electronic Books Lee Tilley Director of Technology Chaminade College Preparatory School

2 Chaminade and E-Books Three years ago was our First E-Book “Principals of Physics” Last year all Middle School Math Curriculum, World History, U.S. History, All Spanish Languages, and Physics This year we are adding Japanese This will make us having a total number of 11 Courses using Electronic Text books

3 Chaminade’s Approach No full Internet based books Teacher Decision
Fully loaded on Laptop images No distribution of CDs or DVDs Locked in for three years as our normal textbook

4 Views from Teachers Most Students like having the books on the laptop or available online With the interactive areas it is another way to reinforce the lesson in a different learning style The online audio is much easier for me to have student use than the cassette tape or CD The extra tutorials available are how I point students that are struggling

5 Concerns With the book on image everyone has access
Why would students buy the book Cost is just as much how do we lower cost to parents Different than old text versions Interactive links will change over the three year period Books are written in Flash Distractions

6 Addressing Concerns Limited access through Active Directory Groups and Policies We took the overall cost of the book plus a handling fee and divided it by three No different than if they would have purchased the actual text Each E-book also has a web site that has updated information the students can gain access to We have re-written several of the E-book programs to a different format instead of *.swf native format

7 Community Perception Statistic to show Teenagers on Computers today
They can print out the page to PDF then Print to a printer. Notes can be done on PDF or in Word Students/Parents tend to like the e-books

8 Why E-books will take off
Today’s Children our gadget junkies Student’s Spend lots of time on an electronic device and read on it as well, so why they will adopt it. Benefits of E-Books - One of the things standing in the way of e-book adoption may simply be the ingrained habits of people raised on paper-based materials. As this generation passes, e-book adoption will likely grow. The ease of access to the interactive supplements both for teachers and for students

9 Group Policy Example

10 Security Settings Local System
NTFS permissions

11 Flash Convert Example Convert SWF files to Macromedia Projector (exe)
Use application server to allow certain classes to have flash in class, but restricted outside of that class. We can still give access to flash without giving access to flash plug-in

12 Student Laptop Images Compare Two different uses and their Home Accounts What can they open and what can they not. Does it meet all those concerns See How a teacher uses the Interactive site

13 Contact Information Lee Tilley ext. 190

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