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2 Fabian Kienle Business Development Manager, Eastern EMEA @ Citrix Systems Inc. Move to Windows 7 at minimum cost by using the most strategic model: Desktop Virtualization by Citrix XenDesktop4

3 Never change a running system IT Best Practice till today

4 Theory of economic development, 1912 Business Cycles, 1939

5 New things will be created and old things destroyed Joseph Schumpeter: Theory of economic development, Berlin 1912, page 157

6 Self Service


8 Windows 7: Rapid Adoption Ed Bott/Dimensional Research | April 2009/Jan 2010 Months after release % Adoption 58% expect to deploy Windows 7 by the end of 2010

9 Everyone on Win 7 in 18 months! Can we do it? What alternatives are there to desktop refresh? Will migration affect productivity? How will this help my data security?

10 * Projected $3.9M for 2,500 moderately managed desktops # locations Computers to be upgraded Computers to be replaced Projected cost:$3.9M* 1,3754 1,1152

11 OS Migrations and HVD – Better Together? OS extended support ends You are here OS Migration Begins? 3-Year Attrition Forklift Accel/Attrition 4-Year Attrition

12 Time to Renovate Your Desktop Infrastructure?

13 Install apps per PC Ongoing PC refresh User tied to endpoint Data local to endpoints Simplicity Flexibility Security TCO Windows 7 the Old Way

14 Desktop = device Corporate PC Image & deploy Fixed access Allocated costs 2009 2010 2011 Desktop = service Any device Self-service experience Dynamic access Usage-based costs Vision: Desktop as a Service

15 Install apps per PC Ongoing PC refresh User tied to endpoint Data local to endpoints Virtual apps/desktops on demand Leverage existing PCs (Migrate to diskless client.) Any device, anywhere Data locked down in data center Windows 7 Upgrade Enabled by Desktop Virtualization Simplicity Flexibility Security TCO

16 Easy/Risk-free Windows 7 Upgrade Adopting virtualization lets us deploy Win7 easily and quickly on demand I get risk free deployment through virtual apps and desktops Repurposed my refresh budget as a strategic investment Not worried about desktop data security. Its locked down in my DC

17 Upgrade to Windows 7 with Desktop Virtualization Computers to be upgraded/replaced Existing PCs with Virtual Apps Virtual Desktops with Virtual Apps Projected cost: 30-40% less # locations 0 Data Center 1000 Data Center 1500 Data Center

18 Tightly Coupled & Locally InstalledAppsApps Desktop OS ProfileProfile HardwareHardware UserUser Traditional Management Tools & Processes 1. Procedure 2. Image 3. Secure 4. Deploy 8. Retire 7. Back-up 6. Maintain 5. Monitor Deploy

19 On-demand assembly & delivery User Profile ClientClient UserUser AppsApps Desktop OS ProfileProfile Virtualized & Isolated End-point Components

20 Simplicity is power. The power of one

21 One image of apps & desktops One data backend One user interface - anywhere One central security solution One password One solution for any workplace One supplier for centralized desktop management Citrix XenDesktop – The power of one

22 OS Image 1.PVS Images builder Creation of the OS it is....with applications 2.Stored onto Network Storage 3.Managed by Provisioning Services Network Storage Citrix Provisioning Server HW OS End User System Word Excel OutlookVisio SAP Windows XP Windows XP Single Image Management by Citrix Provisioning Services

23 Single Image Management by Citrix Provisioning Services Network Storage HW End User System Windows XP Network Boot App OS Citrix Provisioning Server

24 Network Storage Citrix Provisioning Server Hardware Citrix XenServer W7 App W7 App WinXP W7 App Citrix XenServer / Hyper V Windows Vista Single Image Management by Citrix Provisioning Services for direct streaming into the VM, regardless if based on XenServer,Hyper-V or ESX/Vsphere

25 The Big Picture

26 The only reason why IT exists, is because users need Apps to do their jobs Mark Bowker in the case study Desktop-Virtualization – Drivers, Challenges and Best Practices, September 2009

27 User Citrix XenApp Users ony need one thing ….APPLICATIONS ! Presentation Server App End User System HW App OS App Citrix ICA Citrix XenServer/Hyper-V PC Blade Hardware Desktops - XenApp - WindowsXP - Windows 7 Citrix ICA Hardware Windows Server OS XenApp App File Server User Citrix XenApp Citrix Streaming Citrix ICA Citrix Streaming Citrix ICA

28 The big picture ….only from Citrix Delivery of Desktops and Applications Installed into the single provisioning service image Streamed by Citrix XenApp virtualized by Citrix XenApp Delivered by Citrix XenDesktop

29 New XenDesktop 4 HDX-Extensions Webcams and VoIP Optimization for branch offices via WAN 3D Graphics – CAD/CAM,GIS Flash-Multimedia and Apps

30 Commonly supported USB devices Multi-card R eader Blackberry PDA iPod style MP3 devices MIDI Keyboards CAD/CAM Graphics Tablets Printers and Scanners Presentations P ointer Smart Cards Security Dongles Webcam, USB Headsets Multi-monitor support Local Printing USB support Windows Media Acceleration Flash Acceleration 3D and Aero Glass VoIP Softphone

31 HDX3D 1.1 Specs Two modes of high speed compression WAN performance - 2 - 5 Mbps bandwidth and 100-150ms latency Support for XP 32/64 bit; Windows7 32/64 bit Up to 1920 x 1200 resolution Support applications written in all graphics protocols including OpenGL and DirectX


33 Open a branch office Start an offshore project On-board a new employee Implement Desktops on Demand Move a dept from building A to Z Add, delete and update apps Apply security patches Implement BYOC

34 Any device, anytime, anywhere HDX user experience FlexCast delivery technology On-demand apps by XenApp Open architecture

35 Winner: InfoWorld Technology of the Year Best of Interop (Virtualization)

36 Getting Started with Desktop Virtualization

37 Start simple with VDI Contractors, Offshore Developers, early adopters Implement assigned VDI desktops with existing app management and local profiles Access from any device, anywhere Increase data security Early success for desktop virtualization Value Features Centralized VM-based desktop Secure remote access Deliver to any device on any network

38 Expand VDI with Single Image Management + Productivity workers in HQ, Branch Offices, Support Centers WAN optimization USER PROFILE OS Minimize storage costs Enable large scale deployment Instant OS migration Value Features Single Image Management for pooled users Accelerated Profile Management WAN Optimization to support larger deployments at branch offices


40 Hosted VM-based desktops (VDI) Local Streamed desktops Hosted Blade PC desktops Hosted shared desktops Local VM-based desktops (offline) USER TYPES Mobile users Task workers Virtual apps Installed desktops FlexCast Delivery Technology

41 Office Workers Mobile Workers Task Workers Hosted Apps Streamed / Hosted Streamed / Local Thin Client Devices Desktop Appliance Laptop OS Shared XenDesktop VDI Installed / Local VM User Segmentation

42 Hardware

43 Applications

44 Enable On-Demand Apps Fully managed apps with user self-service Lower app management costs by simplifying desktop image Enable any mobile device Implement Citrix Receiver on all endpoints USER PROFILE APPS OS ValueNew Features Mobile Receiver Most-used apps centralized Dazzle for on-demand apps

45 Personalization

46 XenDesktop4 in space....

47 Citrix is the of corporate apps and desktops Citrix is the of corporate apps and desktops

48 Thanks for your attention !

49 Presentation title (IMPORT THROUGH MENU View or Insert -> Header & Footer) Thank you for your attention!

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