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2 Court System of Turkey Higher Courts Constitutional Court Supreme Court Council of State First Instance courts Administrative Courts (Regional) of Appeal Criminal Courts Civil Courts General Ciriminal CourtsGeneral Ciriminal Courts Felony CourtsFelony Courts MagistrateMagistrate Specialized CourtsSpecialized Courts Peace courtsPeace courts General civil courtsGeneral civil courts Specialized courtsSpecialized courts Tax Courts Administrative Courts

3 The duration of the cases has been shortened significantly thanks to UYAP İn the past: General Courts : Penal: 266 days Civil: 241 days C.o. Cassation Penal: 283 days Civil: 86 days Council of State: 460 days Average duration of assize in Turkey before UYAP Average duration of assize in Turkey before UYAP.

4 The number of disputes in Turkey All these disputes have been processed by UYAP PROSECUTION WRITS 1.416.739 PROSECUTION PREPARATION 4.314.766 CRIMINAL CASES 2.673.374 CIVIL LAWCASES 2.180.305 ADMINSTRATIVE CASES 390.312 ENFORCEMENT CASES 9.640.669 GRAND TOTAL 20.616.164

5 High Criminal Courts Centres133 Courthouses708 Penitentiary and Detention Houses420 Forensic Medicine Units23 Public Prosecutor Services7751 Judges5951 Administrative judges818 Public prosecutors3739 Lawyers66.000 The number of staff

6 All judiciary units were connected to with each other via sole central network. This connection was provided through territorial lines and satellite. These connection types are the substitutes for each other. Cable was laid in 807 units to deliver 45.778 connection points across Turkey. ANKARA CABLE LAYING

7 Computer28.684 Laser printer 17.093 Uninterruptible power supply 6.140 Laptop11.113 Laptop printer 2.800 Color Printer 418 Scanner5417 DELİVERED HARDWARE


9 UYAP with Numbers # of Case Files On the System24.714.923 # of User34.250 # of Concurrent Process1.500 # of New File per Day56.200 Average System Login per Day53.778 #SQL per second3.200 # of Documents per Day (Insert)250.000 # of Documents per Day (Insert+Update) 400.000 4.500.000 lines of Code More than 3000 user interfaces More than 4000 reports and document templates

10 All over the Turkey, 123 out of 133 Heavy Penal Court Centres, 21 out of 25 Administrative Regional Courts, 435 out of 575 small county courts and all of the Penitentiary and Detention Houses have been rolled out until now and the rest of them will have been rolled out at the end of 2007. There are currently 34.250 users (judges, prosecutors and other staff) doing their all judicious job by using system and this number has been rising day by day. All units have carried out their all processes via UYAP from the beginning of dissemiation (26.04.2004) and 24.714.923 files have been entered via UYAP until now. In all of the units taken into operation, nearly more than 50.000 new files are being entered to the system every day. The number of documents has been exceeded more than 65 million and nearly 200.000 new files are being added everyday The number of e mail account is 90.000 and there 55.000 active e mail users in the system and 250.000 e mails are being processed everyday. 18.992 lawyers have been registered to lawyers portal and 4517 of them use this system actively. UYAP with Numbers

11 n-tier architecture, web-based, centralized system, Object-oriented software development technology, Java and J2EE V1.3 architecture, User interface by applets, Word processor, digital sign, coded documents Single sign-on, Using smart cards during login and access to improve security Integration with other systems in e-goverment scope, Menu and work flow driven processes within the system General Characteristics

12 Can support multiple platforms All Framework of the Project deployed to Oracle Application Server at Automation of Election Information System Adaptable to changing laws General Characteristics UYAPFrameworkOracleApplicationServer Deployed with no need to modification

13 PUBLIC PROSECUTORS PROCESS BEFORE UYAP AFTER UYAP Instruction to other unıtsHalf a day0-1 mn. Monthly statıstıcsHalf a day0-3 mn. Annual statistic1 week0-5 mn. Preparing take overs3 day0-1 mn. General forms1 week0-5 mn. Getting birth certificate1 week0-1 mn. Getting Criminal record1 week0-1 mn. Searching file10-15 mn.30 sn.-1mn. Preparing standart forms5 mn.0-30 sn. Examining stage of files10 day0-30 sn. DURATION OF PROCESS BEFORE UYAP AND AFTER UYAP

14 CRİMİNAL COURTS PROCESS BEFORE UYAPAFTER UYAP Writing edits3-5 mn.3 mn. Preparing Post lists10-20 mn.1 mn. Preparing Statistics15-20 day15-20 mn. Getting Criminal record1-15 day1 mn. Getting Birth Certificate1-15 mn.1 mn. Taking over files7-15 day1 dk Transfering files15-20 day2-3 mn. Doing Promotions1 day0–1 mn. Annual statistics1 week0–5 mn.

15 CİVİL COURTS PROCESS BEFORE UYAP AFTER UYAP Preparing Take over list3 day0-1 mn. Preparing Work list3 day0-1 mn. Preparing Adis form1 week0-5 dk Preparing Financial reports10 mn.0-4 mn. Work list for the financal units10 mn.0-4 mn. Getting information1-3 hour0-4 mn. Communication writs10 mn.0-1 mn. Preparing İssue table2 hour0-1 mn. Preparing Hearing list for 50 files2 hour0-1 mn. Search for files in archieve of unit1 day0-4 mn. Search for files in archieve of court3 hour0-2 mn. Search for status of files5-30 mn.0-1 mn. Writing instructions15 mn.0-5 mn.

16 ADMINISTRATIVE COURTS İŞLEM UYAPnden ÖNCE UYAPnden SONRA Sending files to other unitsHalf a day0–1 mn. Monthly based statıstıcsHalf a day0–3 mn. Annual statıstıcs1 week0–5 mn. Promotion table1 week0–5 mn. Appeal statıstıcs1 week0–5 mn. Take over list3 day0–1 mn. Preparing promotions1 day0–1 mn. Adis forms1 week0–5 mn. Preparing receipts listHalf a day0–1 mn. Preparing total receipts1 day1 hour Send files to other provinces 1 day + 4 persnl Half a day + 2 personel Corresponding list1 dayHalf a day Preparing High court list½ day2 hour

17 Records of previous convictions14.120.715, State register of persons25.534.818 Personel traning costs6.573.816 THE SAVİNGS OF UYAP İN 2006 (example) UYAP has enhanced the authority of the state, ensured victims to reach the justice immediately, and made easy to punish offenders as they deserved. As a result public confident has been achieved in justice services thanks to transparent and rapid justice, causing stability and peace in the society and growth in the economy.Those mentioned developments, in terms of their consequences are progresses augmenting the confidence of the citizens for the judiciary and show that the impact is sustainable. The value of the services provided through UYAP can not be assessed only on costly bases.. However, through UYAP some consequences assessable on costly bases are achieved in the above:

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