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SPS Technology Department 1 Care and Feeding Created 09/01/2006 Revised 8/15/12.

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1 SPS Technology Department 1 Care and Feeding Created 09/01/2006 Revised 8/15/12

2 SPS Technology Department 2 2 Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship Student Learning and Academic Performance 1. Digital Access: full electronic participation in society 2. Digital Literacy: the process of teaching and learning about technology and the use of technology 3. Digital Communication: electronic exchange of information School Environment and Student Behavior 4. Digital Security & Safety: electronic precautions to guarantee safety/physical well-being in a digital technology world 5. Digital Etiquette: electronic standards of conduct or procedure 6. Digital Rights and Responsibilities: those freedoms extended to everyone in a digital world Student Life Outside the School Environment 7. Digital Commerce: electronic buying and selling of goods 8. Digital Health and Wellness: physical and psychological well-being 9. Digital Law: rights and restrictions Created 09/01/2006 Revised 8/15/12

3 SPS Technology Department 3 3 Digital Citizenship Links spx spx Created 09/01/2006 Revised 8/15/12

4 SPS Technology Department 4 Standard Addressed Standard 2: Demonstrate the responsible use of technology and an understanding of ethics and safety issues in using electronic media at home, in school, and in society. Created 09/01/2006 Revised 8/15/12

5 SPS Technology Department 5 Created 09/01/2006 Revised 8/15/12 Introduction Care and Feeding By the end of this session you will know and be able to: Demonstrate compliance with the schools Acceptable Use Policy Explain issues related to the responsible use of technology, including privacy and security Explain and use practices to protect one's personal safety online (e.g., not sharing personal information with strangers, being alert for online predators, reporting suspicious activities) Explain ways individuals can protect their technology systems and information from unethical users

6 SPS Technology Department 6 Childrens Internet Protection Act (CIPA) The Childrens Internet Protection Act (CIPA) is a federal law enacted by Congress in December 2000 to address concerns about access to offensive content over the Internet on school and library computers. For the entire document see link below: Created 09/01/2006 Revised 8/15/12

7 SPS Technology Department 7 Created 09/01/2006 Revised 8/15/12 Following the AUP faithfully… Do not send personal info, info about staff, derogatory material, etc… - basically anything that you wouldnt want to show up in the newspaper

8 SPS Technology Department 8 General Information Only one system per person Created 09/01/2006 Revised 8/15/12

9 SPS Technology Department 9 Email Do not consider email to be private – it can be viewed or intercepted as it moves around the web Use SPS email for all official SPS business Internal SPS e-mail is encrypted Created 09/01/2006 Revised 8/15/12

10 SPS Technology Department 10 SPS provides employees with internet access while in district Use caution when connecting to the internet from anywhere other than in the district Wireless – any hotspot – open, generic Internet access Use a router between your computer and the internet Internet Created 09/01/2006 Revised 8/15/12

11 SPS Technology Department 11 Do not install any system such as AOL or MSN – when they install their software, they overwrite the our systems settings. Internet Created 09/01/2006 Revised 8/15/12

12 SPS Technology Department 12 Dos and Donts Cleaning Tips Most experts suggest you can use a cleaning solution of 50% distilled water and 50% isopropyl alcohol. You should use a soft cloth such as an old cotton T-shirt or handkerchief. Don't use paper towels, tissues, or ordinary dish cloths, as harsh cloths may damage the soft surface of an LCD screen. Be sure to destroy any CDs, DVDs, etc… before throwing them away + += Created 09/01/2006 Revised 8/15/12

13 SPS Technology Department 13 Responsibility for Laptop Use prudence when leaving in a car, place in trunk, do not leave on a car seat… Extremely cold or hot weather will damage your computer, refrain from long term exposure Created 09/01/2006 Revised 8/15/12

14 SPS Technology Department 14 These are not a computer bags! Bags Tote bags from conferences are not padded. They do not provide the needed protection for the laptop. Created 09/01/2006 Revised 8/15/12

15 SPS Technology Department 15 Bags What is a bag? Padded Designed to carry extra components Rolling Bags? Not provided by system If purchasing, make sure it is padded, and is considered to be an air flight bag Created 09/01/2006 Revised 8/15/12

16 SPS Technology Department 16 Possible Components (when you receive your laptop please inventory the contents carefully) Lock 2 nd Battery Network cable Phone Cord External mouse Mouse Pad Manual Power Supply Docking station w/power supply Keyboard USB Keys Created 09/01/2006 Revised 8/15/12

17 SPS Technology Department 17 Parts of the laptop Created 09/01/2006 Revised 8/15/12

18 SPS Technology Department 18 Created 09/01/2006 Revised 8/15/12

19 SPS Technology Department 19 Connectivity At work Network cable Wireless At home Secure home networks Wireless Dialup ( very slow) Created 09/01/2006 Revised 8/15/12

20 SPS Technology Department 20 Printing At work - Installed by technicians only Network printers- connected through network Local printers-connected to your laptop At home Local Printers You may install your home printer software for printing at home. Created 09/01/2006 Revised 8/15/12

21 SPS Technology Department 21 My Documents The My Documents folder is the only folder which SPS will be attempt to recover if system crashes Do not save to the desktop Back up regularly to H-Drive Created 09/01/2006 Revised 8/15/12

22 SPS Technology Department 22 Backup Employees are responsible for doing their own backups USB keys are not backup devices Created 09/01/2006 Revised 8/15/12

23 SPS Technology Department 23 Locking Always lock your computer with the department issued lock, secure to a stationary object Locks serve as a deterrent only. Do not leave unattended for long periods of time Created 09/01/2006 Revised 8/15/12

24 SPS Technology Department 24 Be sure to spin the dials after unlocking and locking to safeguard your combination Locking- cont. Created 09/01/2006 Revised 8/15/12

25 SPS Technology Department 25 What software is available? Springfield Public Schools purchases machines equipped with: Microsoft Office Word Excel PowerPoint Access Outlook Internet Explorer Antivirus -automatically updated Please remember that the laptop is not your home system and should be used for school related work. Created 09/01/2006 Revised 8/15/12

26 SPS Technology Department 26 Software Only appropriate/approved work related software can be installed on SPS machines Only legally obtained software may be loaded on SPS machines Keep copies of all licenses Created 09/01/2006 Revised 8/15/12

27 SPS Technology Department 27 Reminders Do not leave unattended Use lock provided… secure to stationary object Transport in proper bag Refrain from eating or drinking near the computer Created 09/01/2006 Revised 8/15/12

28 SPS Technology Department 28 Questions/Problems? Enter an OITA Support ticket Go to the SPS main page find Click on Then click on Select appropriate category Enter the details Helpdesk 750-2175 Created 09/01/2006 Revised 8/15/12

29 SPS Technology Department 29 SPS Technology Department 29 Resources ISTE Publications, Digital Citizenship in Schools by Mike Ribble and Gerald Bailey, copyright 2007, ISBN No: 978-1-56484-232-9. AUP sp sp CIPA Created 09/01/2006 Revised 8/15/12

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