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Integrated Mobility for Economic Growth The City of Pasadena.

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1 Integrated Mobility for Economic Growth The City of Pasadena

2 Goal To increase economic growth and vitality while increasing utility of alternative transportation options in order to create a sustainable community that meets the triple bottom line

3 Three Part System Intense Multimodal Transportation Corridors Information Rich Environment Coordination between both to stem Economic Development

4 Multimodal Transportation Corridors We know that the following improvements increase ridership and utility of alternative transportation methods Increased intermodal connectivity Speed Increased frequency Financial incentives Marketing Essentially, if alternative transportation methods are well- marketed, logical, convenient, safe, efficient, and can be tried risk-free or with a reward, people tend to use alternative methods

5 Information Rich Environments* Increase efficiency More data is available More options are available More autonomy Enhance communication Overcome barriers and traditional mediums Enhance the market More details about the inputs and outputs of consumers Remove middlemen *Information and Communication Technologies, Markets, and Economic Development Karen Eggleston, Robert Jensen, and Richard Zeckhauser, 2001

6 Economic Development Will upgrade transportation systems to increase transportations choices Collect all transportation data to put into a cloud Cloud will create an information rich environment Information will be shared with consumers and businesses Creating more efficient markets for business Creating more efficient transportation connections for consumers This cloud will create larger consumer densities in these areas and attract more businesses and customers into the City of Pasadena

7 Comprehensive Framework The Data Cloud would be the foundation of a comprehensive framework that will benefit businesses and customers Businesses will be able to Find travel patterns Strategically market at certain audiences Consumers will be able to Quickly access travel information (parking, travel times, congestion, etc.) Get immediate information and special announcements and sales from select businesses of their choice Have businesses be more responsive to their needs

8 Consumers Consumers will have access to this data via Smart phone (mobile device) Desktop/laptop computer Hybrid information commerce Kiosk at strategically placed locations

9 Mobile App

10 Businesses Businesses will have a specific interface just for their use that will allow them to Advertise Blast (send a large quick announcement) Logistics (people in area, their preferences, etc.) Receive orders

11 Why Pasadena? Existing infrastructure Present and past land use Population densities Physical proximity Progressive Culture Desirability as a Destination City

12 Infrastructure Existing Infrastructure Light Rail ARTS Bus Carpool Parking EV Charging/Parking Taxi Services Bike Lockers/Racks Improvements Retrofit of EV Stations ITS and re-striping parking Bike Stations ITS upgrades Telecommunication upgrades Possible Trolley, Streetcar Upgrading ARTS bus Hybrid Information Commerce Kiosks

13 Land Use Complimentary land use with proposed transportation hubs

14 Population Density Mobility Hubs will be near and will serve dense populations

15 Proximity The land use and transportation hubs are located with such proximity that itd be easier to handle the information

16 Progressive Culture Increase connectivity of Washington and Fair Oaks and willingness to try new transportation like the Street Car

17 Desirability as a Destination City The City of Pasadena has hosted numerous events and has numerous venues with national recognition The Rose Bowl National Concerts (U2) The World Cup The Playhouse District Philharmonic Orchestra Old Pasadena Pasadena Convention Center

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