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Compilation of Recommendations Prepared for Annual Faculty Retreat 4/06.

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1 Compilation of Recommendations Prepared for Annual Faculty Retreat 4/06

2 Recommendations 7 different areas to be considered: Academic Programs and Curriculum Facilities, Equipment and Supplies Professional Development Administrative Capacity Student Services Student Achievement Admissions

3 Academic Program and Curriculum: Goals 1. Develop vocabulary curriculum (CEA) 2. Systematize curricular review (CEA) 3. Improve availability of alternative instruction for students with special needs (CEA) 4. Mid-term students progress report (CEA) 5. Complete development, piloting, and validity/reliability testing of 6 versions of new exit reading test (TEST COM) 6. Pilot seven week summer program (CEA)

4 Academic Program and Curriculum: Goals (cont) 7. Complete revision of L/S EAP classes (CUR COM) 8. Update student evaluation forms to reflect EAP changes (CUR COM) 9. Adopt new grammar book for EAP VI (CUR COM) 10. Integrate Vocabulary into curriculum (CUR COM) 11. Change textbook committee from reactive to initiating force (TEXT COM) 12. Identify and publish textbook selection process and procedures (TEXT COM) 13. Select vocabulary books to accompany vocabulary integration into curriculum (TEXT COM)

5 Facilities, Equipment and Supplies: Goals 1. Upgrade existing facilities (PE, ADVIS COM) 2. Seek approval for construction of new annex behind main building (CEA, ADVIS COM) 3. Consider adopting and purchasing electronic check out system for library (LIB COM) 4. Develop better system for determining and making library acquisitions (LIB COM)

6 Facilities, Equipment and Supplies: Goals (cont) 5. Securing/determining classroom TV interface with laptop computers (TECH COM) 6. Check functionality of OHP's, replace/repair as necessary (TECH COM) 7. Purchase new computer projector, one or two laptops for faculty use (TECH COM) 8. Purchase Karaoke machine, additional comscans for rooms (TECH COM)

7 Professional Development: Goals 1. Gain final approval of new promotion document (PPR COM) 2. Develop new peer review document to compliment promotion document (PPR COM) 3. Develop review procedures for the periodic review of faculty on 5 year rolling contracts (PPR COM) 4. Provide funding for committee chairs (or appointed members) to request professional development (SS)

8 Administrative Capacity: Goals 1. Systematize review of Institute policies and procedures (CEA) 2. Maximize in-house cross-training for coverage of essential administrative responsibilities (CEA) 3. Systematize review/update of all handbooks, student, faculty special program coordinator, and administrative/staff (CEA)

9 Administrative Capacity: Goals (cont) 4. Systematize review of administrative and staff position responsibilities (CEA) 5. Creation of ELI Planning Process (CEA) 6. Review mission periodically to determine its relevance and degree to which it's being fulfilled (CEA)

10 Student Services: Goals 1. Expand and improve Language Partner Program (PE) 2. Make advising a planned, integrated activity (PE) 3. Involve students in orientation planning? (PE) 4. Discern from students what would improve dorm experience (PE) 5. Evaluate new student orientation end of week one (PE) 6. Improve linguistic accessibility of orientation presentations (CEA)

11 Student Services: Goals (cont) 7. Develop and disseminate trip procedures for escorts (ORIENT COM) 8. Offer weekend activities for studuent (ORIENT COM) 9. Update trip handouts/itineraries (ORIENT COM) 10. Continue to develop/promote successful activities (ORIENT COM)

12 Student Achievements: Goals 1. Pilot, provide rater training on new writing assessment rubric (CEA) 2. Plan annual rater training for oral assessment (CEA) 3. Refine system for regularly obtaining and reviewing data on promotion/retention and graduation rates, comparing placement with final testing scores, and perceived progress on stated objectives to inform the academic program (CEA) 4. Complete Development of Exit Reading Test (Test Com)

13 Admissions: Goals 1. Evaluate admissions process end of week one (PE) 2. Revision of ELI Brochure (CEA) 3. Facilitate monitoring of and improve operations of agents (CEA)

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