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Speech-to-Speech Translation Hannah Grap Language Weaver, Inc.

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1 Speech-to-Speech Translation Hannah Grap Language Weaver, Inc.

2 Integrating Speech with Translation Communicating across languages can add significant value to business and government initiatives and processes Combining Speech Technology with automated translation is enabling many new cross language applications and breaking down language barriers

3 Language Weavers Role Automated translation engine with a high degree of customizability LWs unique approach to translation provides: –Constantly improving translation quality as algorithms improve and computing power and data resources increase –Straightforward customization and tuning capabilities using legacy translation resources as a reference and training model –Easy integration with other applications

4 SMT 101

5 Speech + Translation Solutions Speech to Text: –Foreign Broadcast Monitoring Applications –Telephony Applications –Global Webinars –Instant Messaging Speech to Speech: –Automated Language Interpreter for Military Applications –Business Traveler & Tourist Aid –Doctor/patient interaction –Instant Messaging

6 Speech Text Translation

7 Solution by Virage

8 Speech Text Translation Solution by BBN

9 Mobile Speech to Speech Translation

10 Mobile Speech-to-Speech Translation Application in use between an English and an Arabic speaker Application interface by SRI running on laptop

11 Implications for Other Industries Customer Support Doctor-Patient Interaction Global Webinars and Video Conferences Globally Focused Distance Learning High School Education in highly diverse US school districts

12 Factors to Consider Deployment (e.g., mobile) Environment (noise) Domain/Subject Area for translation Speech Quality of Users Dialect Translation software Integration components –Speech to text & text to speech software Hardware requirements Speed

13 Why Use a Statistical Approach? Statistically based automated translation software –Quickly customized to specific subject domains to improve translation accuracy –Tolerant of errors because software doesnt rely on linguistic rules For more information, please visit our website:

14 Thank you!

15 The SMT Run-time Process

16 SMT Improves in Many Ways Domain specific data Improved algorithms Additional data Faster computer processors Quality Time Domain specific data can include subject domain, structure and style

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