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Roger Larsen From Gutenberg to Tablet Four Screens for Learning.

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1 Roger Larsen

2 From Gutenberg to Tablet Four Screens for Learning

3 Development within Education 500 Years Gutenberg Enlightment period Industrial revolution

4 1980s Computer Revolution © Pixelshow1© Anthony Hall© Alexstar© Rampersad Ramautar© Gleb Semenov

5 1990s Communication Revolution © Icefront

6 2000s Information Revolution © Haywiremedia

7 © Joyfuldesigns© Keung1616 100 years agoToday

8 Rooms Building Tools Participants Key Managed Learning Environment

9 100 years agoToday

10 80s: Personal Computer2ks: Web & Digital Content90s: Network & Comm. Cloud ApplicationsSocial WebSmartphones & Tablets Connected Learning Environment (CLE) Managed Learning Environment (MLE)

11 © Rolffimages We need to prepare children to take jobs which doesnt exist, to solve problems we dont have, in a constantly changing world.

12 Scripted vs Problem Solving Fact based vs Critical Thinking Innovation vs Perscribed 21st Century Skills Creativity!

13 The Educational Technology Stack Outcomes Digital Whiteboards Laptops & PCs Broadband Tablets Student Management (MIS) Learning Data Management (SIF) Portal & User Management Content Management (CMS) Learning Platform (MLE) Digtital Content Online Asssessment Infrastrucutre Platforms Edu- cation

14 Fours Screen for Learning Smartphones Tablets Digital Whiteboards Laptops © Haywiremedia

15 © Udra11

16 © Monkey Business Images Ltd© Hongqi Zhang No teacher left behind 500 Years

17 (All pictures licensed from Thank you!

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