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MY WELLNESS MISSION A proactive Venture endeavoring TO Create Value and Make a Difference… in Cure, Prevention & Rejuvenation BY Providing a Universal,

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1 MY WELLNESS MISSION A proactive Venture endeavoring TO Create Value and Make a Difference… in Cure, Prevention & Rejuvenation BY Providing a Universal, simple, non-invasive & effective complementary support tools FOR : Health & Wellness Practitioners - Empowering them to deliver Quality Healthcare by focusing on appropriate personalized Therapy, Remedies etc. as every Individuals Physical & Emotional Health Profile is UNIQUE Corporates - To design specific HR Programs for constant improvement of manpower resources. Individuals- Creating Awareness & motivating them to implement Lifestyle modifications thereby cutting down Healthcare costs and usher in Health & Happiness. A Kanchanjunga Healthcare Initiative


3 Introducing ATM-BPR System (A Health & Wellness Service - Innovative & Personalized ) Visual tracking system for an individuals current health account ( Physical & Emotional Health) Universal use, synergy & adds value to existing Health & Wellness Programs Support Tool for delivering personalized & quality Healthcare. ( Business with good future Valuations )

4 The Times that we live in… Highly Competitive Stressful Growth oriented Rapidly changing environment Need rapid adaptation

5 Self The Demands of Todays Lifestyle Spiritual Intellectual & Emotional Friends & Relatives Finance Leisure Work Environment Health & Fitness CareerPhysicalFamilySociety Humanitarian Due to our pre-occupations, stress and strain our health suffers …….

6 Lifes Axiomatic TRUTH Most of us are born Healthy but later on each individuals have various ailments, allergies & disturbed Physical & Mental Health due to changes in the body system. Changes keep happening in our Body every moment. Most of these Changes are mainly due to Food, Lifestyle, Environmental factors, Hereditary & our Emotions. Our Emotions are just like our shadow, hence with us every minute of our daily routine of actions & reactions. Therefore have a deep impact on our physical & emotional health. BPR System tracks these changes in the Body Organs even before they manifest outwardly in the form of Symptoms. Hence …

7 NOW… It is possible to know which organ of your body is dys-functioning and making you more prone to ill health even before you physically see any noticeable symptoms. It empowers you to take preventive measures & also plan your Personalized Wellness Program It also helps in striking a better balance in the other facets of your life Through ….


9 About BPR System BPR is a distinctive and inimitable CE certified German device (Class 2A) Biopulsar technology incorporates several proven sciences such as biofeedback, neuroscience, reflexology, kinesiology, palmistry and body and colour languages to name a few, making it the most advanced bioenergetics technology in the world ! Features, Advantages & Benefits chart in the next slide. More details on BPR is based on over 17 years of experience with thousands of biofeedback measurements, together with aura photography and consultations. The development team lead by Martina Gruber, worked with an international research team consisting of bio-field researchers, medical practitioners, therapists and sensitive life-energy investigators to develop this unique Wellness Device. Validated by 18 months of research & consultation at our Model My Wellness Centre at Mulund, Mumbai

10 FeaturesAdvantagesBenefits State of the Art Technology No other alternate system technology in the market is as advanced in its capabilities. Several years ahead of any other energy diagnostic system. Over 140 Measuring Stations Accuracy in ability to analyze full body analysis.Repeatability of Vitality Measurements. Indirect Meridian Testing The only system on the market that measures 49 organs via the reflex zones. Exclusive only to the Biopulsar. Pure Pulse Diagnosis Can be used by licensed professionals and therapists wanting a tool to analyze organ vitality levels. Instant view of 50 organs (body parts) and their energy levels. Reflex Zone Biofeedback of Complete Body via 50 Organs Other systems give generalized reports on data read including possible symptoms, remedies and treatments; whereas, the Biopulsar can be used to gain deeper insight into the body and mind connection. Ideal for: Remedy & Product Testing, Pulse Diagnosis (TMC, Ayurvedic, etc.), Aura and Mental as well as Holistic and Psychological Counselling, and Control Therapy to name a few applications. Simultaneous Measuring of 50 Hand Reflex Zones in Real Time All the sensors are measured at the same time and in real time (500ms) thereby reducing errors. Ideal for accurate meridian & pulse diagnostics and in-depth biofeedback analysis. Record and Replay Function Documents all parameters read Ability to record client's progress over a period of time. Support HotlineStaffed by an expert Doctor and Educator Ask the energy specialist and a seasoned system user. PortableOperates from a laptop and fits into a carrying case.Compact and easy to take anywhere! Easy to OperateSuitable for all levels of users.Can be operated by staff. Preventative Medicine Help clients improve their energy weaknesses before they manifest into a physical symptoms. Energy imbalances can be easily seen on the Biopulsar. Helps in preventing illness. SimplisticOperates in Windows format.Immediate effective use. Affordable Less expensive than most other diagnostic and biofeedback systems. Payback fast and easy. Features, Advantages & Benefits of BPR System

11 Primary diagnosis (biodynamical energy screening of the individual organs). Holistic vitality diagnosis of organs in feedback with other organs (dynamical organ biofeedback, organ pulse diagnosis, dynamical aura pictures, chakra values with ayurvedic interpretation) Analysis of the individual reaction to medicines and weakening internal and external influences (foods, remedies, thoughts). Pulse and constitutional analysis (as per Traditional Chinese Medicine - TCM, Ayurveda, Tibetan Medicine etc.) Tracking of the Therapy process Product and Remedy testing Preventive Healthcare Management Mental- and Consciousness training Physical and Mental increase of efficiency Psychotherapy Holistic Health - Wellness Segments ATM-BPR System - Applications

12 Case Presentation A Study on implementation of ATM- BPR System for Personalized Therapy Planning & its Validations

13 Our Indian team lead by Dr. Poornima Bhat & assisted by Dr Vidya, Dr. Jancy, Dr. Pushpa & Dr Nandesh have put in about 19 months of continuous dedicated efforts to develop this system for Indian conditions as well as test its reliability, efficiency & utility. The experiences from handling various cases & its possible benefits to the Practitioners has been compiled into a Case Presentation- A Study on implementation of ATM-BPR System for Personalized Therapy Planning & its Validations. These are small first steps to unveil the huge potentiality of ATM-BPR System as a complementary support tool to Practitioners as well as reach/spread out to larger populations. In this endeavour, we request the valued suggestions, feedback and active participation of all the Health & Wellness Practitioners.

14 INDEX Sr. No TopicSection 1Brief Introduction of ATM-BPR System 2ATM-BPR System as a Complementary Support ToolA 3 ATM-BPR System - Guidelines on Personalized Therapy Planning & its ValidationsB 4ATM-BPR System - Case Presentation for General PractitionersC 5ATM-BPR System - Case Presentation for PsychologistsD 6ATM-BPR Model ReportE 7 Selected Consults Feedback (Including Doctors in their own writing)F Example follows ….

15 Therapy Options for personalized Therapy package planning Annexure 4A RELATED ORGANRECOMMENDED THERAPY MODALITESGENERAL GUIDELINES FOR PERSONALIZATION OF THERAPY PACKAGE ON BASIS OF BPR READINGS Spine, Neck, Shoulder, Arm Pit, Upper Arm. Pelvis-Buttock Hip. Feet, Knee-Elbow-Leg. Average Head Area, Back of the head. (It can show which part has a problem or weak. This works well for therapies) Massage & Ayurvedic Karashubhakari, Janu Basti, Padashubhakari, Kati Basti, Padaabhyanga Padaghata, Padaghata, Kashaya Seka Udvartana, Sarvangadhara (Pizhichil)Kayaseka Sweda(herbal steam) Sweda(herbal steam) Abhyanga (A whole body massage with specific herbal oils.) Reflexology Acupuncture & pressure Hydrotherapy Exercise Yoga Colour Healing Herbal Supplements MASSAGE GRAPH: Between 80-100 (Energy Congestion) AURA: Darker colour (energy congestion)- E.g. Royal blue, pink, white CHAKRA: > 75 The course of the movements should be given centrifugally that means away from the congested part. E.g. If Heart Shows higher energy the movements & pressure should be away from the heart. More of relaxing kind of massage with smooth movements. Hard massage can be avoided E.g. Swedish Massage Smoothening aroma oil is used. Also check for any allergic condition with the oils. GRAPH: <50 (Low Vitality) AURA: Lighter colour e.g. orange, red CHAKRA: < 50 Any kind of massage can be given with oils which has rejuvenating effect. In cases of very low (< 40) energy, its better to consult the physician. Opt for local treatments. Avoid: Stimulating and invigorative modalities and therapies should be avoided because it can exaggerate the condition.

16 Therapy Options for personalized Therapy package planning Annexure 4B BPR GRAPH READING BPR INTERPRETATIONRECOMMENDED SUPPLEMENTS <50 20 Cerebellum Cerebrum Forebrain Temporal Brain Back of the head Forehead Average head area Crown Chakra >80 OR <50 Memory affected/ Forgetfulness Lack of concentration. Lack of interest Tiredness. Sinusitis Migraine Possibility of chronic ailments Tendency towards depression, mood swings Mental enhancer Energizers Anti-oxidants Ayurvedic Herbs Health Supplements Vitamin, Minerals etc 80 Nose Lung Throat & Heart chakra >80 OR <50 Persistent sore throat Cold/Cough Throat irritation(smoking) Rhinnitis Bronchitis/ Tonsillitis Asthma, other inflammatory condition. Sinusitis Allergic Respiratory ailments Anti-allergic Anti-inflammatory Immune enhancers Herbal Tonics Antioxidants >80 or <50 Rectum Stomach Descending Colon Large Intestine Sigmoid Colon Root, Solar Plexus& Reproductive Chakra >80 OR <50 Constipation Piles Laxatives Food Supplements Anti-inflammatory >80 or<40 20 Thymus Adrenal Spleen Kidney Lack of Immunity Impaired RBC Production Immune Enhancers Improve quality of blood Anti-inflammatory Food supplements Antioxidants

17 Sample Therapy Validation Guidelines Annexure 5 OrgansTherapiesGraph finding before treatmentGraph finding post treatment Eyes - Ayurvedic- Netra Tarpana & Netra Dhara - Packs(ice or cold, cucumber etc) - Head Massages - Reflexology - Yoga-trataka, eye exercises - Diet Graph above 80 or below 55 or erratic - Eye strain(dark circles) - Weaker eye muscles - Over sensitivity to light - Heat in eye/burning sensation/redness We can find the graph is steady and moves towards Normal/ Harmony line Cerebellum, Cerebrum, Hypophysis. Fore head Brain, Forehead. Temporal Brain. Back of the Head. Average Head area. - Ayurveda- Shirodhara, Talapodichil Shiropichu,Shiroabhyanga, Talam, Shiro Basti Shiropichu Talam, Shiro Basti - Massage-Balinese, Swedish - Aromatherapy Lavender, Peppermint, Chamomile. - Acupuncture & pressure/Reflexology - Hydrotherapy- Foot immersion bath, Fish therapy - Yoga/ Energy Healing - Colour Healing & Gem therapy - Herbal supplements & Diet - Counseling. Graph above 80 or below 50 or erratic - Congestion headaches - Mental Fatigue - Sleeplessness/Disturbed sleep - Migraine We can find the graph is steady and moves towards Normal/ Harmony line Spine, Neck. Shoulder, Arm Pit, Upper Arm. Legs - Massage & Ayurvedic - Reflexology - Acupuncture & pressure - Hydrotherapy - Exercise/Physiotherapy - Yoga Graph above 80 or below 50 or erratic - Over strain on spine - Back pain/Stiffness - Bad posture/spinal alignment - Neck stiffness - Frozen shoulder We can find the graph is steady and moves towards Normal/ Harmony line Heart Kidney Adrenals Acupuncture & pressure Ayurvedic Supplements Reflexology Yoga Lifestyle management Graph above 80 or below 50 or erratic - Elevated Blood pressure - Other cardiac ailments We can find the graph is steady and moves towards Normal/ Harmony line

18 Business Related Information

19 Business Drivers - USPs : FunctionsApplications Non-invasive Test in One Minute. (No Medicines, No Syringes, No Electromagnetic Radiations.) Suitable for all - Children, Healthy, Health & Fitness Enthusiasts as well as sick Persons. Valuable insights into an Individuals : Specific Organs Energy Level status + Physical (43 Organs) & Mental Health Profile = Entire perspective of Individuals Physical & Mental Health. Providing guidance on therapy / treatment for ones progress, health & happiness. Critical Tool to: Design specific individualized Health & Fitness Programs. Hence adds value as well as get Clients involvement to existing Health & Fitness programs. Design specific individualized Corporate HR Programs. Patient Compliance & Therapy Progress Management for all segments. HENCE Complementary support tool for all Health & Wellness Practitioners. Technology advanced Refer The FAB (Features, Advantages & Benefit) slide. No threat of any Serious competition for next few years

20 Business Potential Wellness is a big Business opportunity as it is expected to be the next Sunrise Industry. Changing consumer behavior and holistic approach towards lifestyle has given great momentum to the wellness industry in India which is estimated at $ 3 billion. Personalized Health & Wellness Service is now an important criteria for customers Hence in the above scenario, Chain of Wellness Centres with a unique & value added Wellness Service such as ATM-BPR System would be a Business Driver & Differentiator to create a great Business opportunity with good future valuations. To know more please read on ……

21 I)Viable, innovative & valuable Business Model THAT : Will survive adverse Market factors. Has big Market Size & assured Business growth due to unique value addition to existing Health & Fitness Products, Services & Programs thereby niche differentiator for them from being a Me-Too tag in their relevant category. Has Inherent long term potential + Is an Opportunity to make Positive contribution to Society. II) Market Sustainability & Growth due to good positive quotient with respect to : Customer Retention Customer Satisfaction Changing Client needs Repeat business. Critical component of Combination of various Health & Wellness Packages. Barrier to competitive entry Hence ATM-BPR System would be the driver for significant Market share. III) Financial Feasibility : Assured Returns – as Growth Driver & niche Differentiator for existing Health & Wellness Products & Services. Immediate Revenue Flow as synergic with existing Health & Wellness Programs. Low Investment for ATM-BPR System per Centre. Low Overheads for ATM-BPR System per Centre. Business Viability


23 In order to generate Revenue from multiple Channels, our experience is that Business Plan should have provision for space for other Wellness Products & Services (suggestions given in the next slide ) in addition to BPR-ATM System. To deliver only ATM-BPR Wellness Service, Space required is 200-300 Sqft & Investment of Rs. 15 Lakhs – 19 Lakhs depending on the System Configuration. It excludes Costs for Space, Furniture & Fixtures. Financials/ ROI for such a centre can be provided on request. Financials for Holistic Centre will depend on the products & services proposed to be offered An Holistic Wellness Centre Model with ATM-BPR would give the Centre an intrinsic Value as it would be a good BUY in future for any prospective Corporate. Suggested Setup Process



26 We shall provide you the product & solutions including training, administration software as well as active onsite support for the ATM-BPR System. This would include : Guiding in the integration of other Health & Wellness Products & Services with the ATM-BPR System. Training : At our Office for 3 /5 Days Intensive Training at your option. At your Centre for 3 Days (Practical Cases). Online through Internet Tools (Webinar, Skype, Team Viewer) Marketing Inputs : Practically implemented Schedule including Workshops etc to enable you to create immediate awareness as well as service consults. Design of Marketing Promotional material, wherein you have to just insert Firms Name & contact details. Our marketing campaign will endeavour to generate enquiries from your Area too. Any enquiries + our existing contacts from your Region will be passed to you for further action. Interpretation Texts : A Software (developed by us on basis of various cases handled ) to expedite the analysis process of Readings. The BPR Readings has to be imported into this Software, which will generate the Final Report. Our Support

27 Few News Reviews for your Reference

28 The Times of India.. 13 th November 2010

29 Express Healthcare.. December 2010 issue

30 NDTV & Sahara.. 15 th & 16 th October 2010

31 Wellness is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Focus on it, Build it, Strengthen it…

32 For More Information Contact: Shettigar V Director Kanchanjunga Healthcare Pvt Ltd Tel : 022-64518341 Email: We welcome you for a hands-on-experience to our First Model Centre in India : My Wellness Centre … The Next Level in Wellness and Well Being

33 It is now possible to.. Cheers for good health !!! Thank You !

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