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Power point presentation NAAC March-2009.

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1 Power point presentation NAAC March-2009.
WELCOME To History Department

2 Establishment Established in 1963

3 About the department The Department of History is a large vibrant intellectual community. The faculty members, students, staff, alumni and friends of the Department of History are actively engaged in an enormous range of activities involving research, publishing, teaching, learning, and public outreach

4 Mission Mission of the Department of History is to train students in a critical understanding of the past and to cultivate an appreciation of the enduring power and relevance of that past in the present. We see ourselves as researchers and teachers; as scholars and public servants; as models of responsible interpretation and as producers of new knowledge. We pride ourselves in our constant endeavor to achieve academic excellence and in the fact that teaching is not only valued but viewed as a crucial part of the historian's craft. Placed in the zone of conflict, the department also tries to creat a historical narrative of the region which may contribute to conflict resolution and nation building on secular and scientific line . we are constantly seeking ways to sustain our mission in ways that are responsive to 21st century conditions but reflect our conviction that knowing the past helps to humanize us in the contemporary moment.

5 Teaching faculty We are altogether nine in number, consisting of six permanent and three serving on contract. Out of the six permanent faculties three are Professor, three are Associate Professor. Name of the Faculty Member Designation Area of Specialization Prof. Nirmal K. Singh Professor & HOD Modern Indian History Prof. Jigar Mohd Professor Medieval Indian History Prof. Suman Jamwal Ancient Indian History Dr. Shailender Singh Jamwal Associate Professor Dr. Sharda Sharma Dr. Shyam Narayan Lal Dr. Madhulika Singh Assistant Professor Dr. Varsha Gupta Ms. Jagmeet Kour

6 Course Curriculum Master in History: intake capacity-60.
The thrust area is Indian history which is divided into three streams viz; Ancient India Medieval India Modern India Apart from these, the department also offers courses on World History, Historiography and Regional History etc. Master of philosophy: intake capacity-10. extended to 14 (2008). It has two components Course work: It mainly focuses on imparting students with the investigative, analytic and interpretational methods and techniques appropriate to their area of study. Dissertation: Students are encouraged to analyse texts and other evidential material and weave causal explanation for the problems they work on.

7 Course Curriculum (contd.)
Doctor of Philosophy Programme: Admission on the basis of entrance test. Registered Research Scholars- 36. Revision of Syllabus (M.A): 25 % syllabus is revised on regular basis. Revision according to the UGC syllabus as well as the recent developments in the discipline. The competitive exams are also taken into consideration. Courses under Preparation: Oral History Archives Functional Museum.

8 Infrastructure facilities
Seminar Hall Computer Lab Internet Facility. Library Reading Hall Separate Space for Students Faculty Corner. Textbooks 13,466. Primary Texts Research Thesis Journals (International & National - 4) International Journals of Royal Asiatic Society Comparative studies in Society and History American Historical review History Today Journal of Economic and Social History of the Orient Studies in History Modern Asian Studies Journal of Asian Studies

9 Infrastructure facilities (contd.)
National Indian Economic & Social History Review The Medieval History Journal Puratattatav The Sikh Review Equipments Computer and printers with internet facilities for faculty members and students. Laptop. Photostat Machine. L.C.D Projector.

10 Research Focus Thrust Area Regional Study Gender studies
Marginal Communities. Environmental History Socio-economic and Cultural History.

11 Resource Mobilization
Research Funding Agencies. U.G.C I.C.H.R I.C.S.S.R Self Generation Payment Seats Local Agencies (NGOs etc) Selling of departmental publications.

12 Departmental Achievements
JRF- 2. NET SET- 4.

13 Placements All India services (I.A.S/I.P.S/I.F.S) 06.
Placement in state services (K.A.S) 14. University faculty College Lecturers 10+2 Lecturers

14 Academic Activities (2007-2008)
National Seminar Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh-Historical, Cultural and Linguistic Perspectives, 25th April 2007. Lecture Series on Archaeology : Prof. K.N Dikshit, ‘India between 4th and 2nd Millennium B.C’, 2007. Dr. S.Kalyanraman, ‘Revisiting Saraswati Civilization’, 15 May, 2008. Memorial Lecture: Prof. K.L Tuteja delivered Prof. M.L Kapoor Memorial Lecture on Lalalajpat Rai’s Vision of Indian Nation,22nd May 2008 Departmental Publications: Proceeding of seminar on “Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh: Historical Cultural and Linguistic Perspectives in 2007”.

15 Proposed Academic Activities (upto June 2009)
Lecture under Archeological Lecture Series. Prof. B.P Sahu of Delhi University will deliver a lecture on “The State in Indian history” on 20th March, 2009. National Seminar on “Historiography of Jammu and Kashmir” to be held in April 2009. Memorial lecture to be delivered by Prof. K.M Shrimalli to be held in May, 2009.

16 Select Statement of the Outstanding Achievements of faculty (2002 onwards)
Prof. Nirmal K. Singh visited the following countries as a member of Indian delegation in track-II diplomacy: Toronto (Canada), Dec., 2004. Islamabad (Pakistan), March, 2006. Stockholm (Sweden), Sept., 2006. Cairo (Egypt), Dec., 2006. Colombo (Sri Lanka), July, 2007. Bari (Italy), Oct., 2007. Islamabad (Pakistan), March, 2008. Colombo (Sri Lanka) March, 2008. Prof. Jigar Mohammad visited Malaysia. Dr. Shailender Singh Jamwal awarded Common Wealth Scholarship and visited England Visit of British High Commissioner to department to get feed back about the latest in Jammu and Kashmir.

17 Thank you. Have a nice day.

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