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The Future of e-Commerce Georgios Georgiou Business Innovation Services IBM Global Services IBM Cyprus.

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1 The Future of e-Commerce Georgios Georgiou Business Innovation Services IBM Global Services IBM Cyprus

2 Understanding the promises of e-commerce Ready for the New Frontier How Do You Dominate Our Objectives

3 Electronic Commerce Is... n Buying and selling across the supply chain n Another way of doing business electronically n Integrating with systems, applications and processes Manufacture/Distributors Seller WCS Web Browser XML/Program Web Browser Business-to-business Supplier Buyer WCS Buy-side/ Sell-side Tools e-Marketplace Consumers Seller WCS Web Browser Business-to-consumer

4 nNew global opportunities nNew rules of engagement nNew competition nNew customers e-commerce... A Whole New World!

5 Business to Consumer Growth $7.7B $35B 1999200020012002 e-commerce Growth WW

6 199 9 200020012002 $48B $1.3T e-commerce Growth WW Business to Business Growth

7 e-commerce Growth

8 e-commerce Drivers Business n Improved efficiencies and cycle times n Customer loyalty n New opportunities for revenue growth Customers n Convenience n Effectiveness n Value

9 Integrated Product Development Integrated Supply Chain Procurement Production Fulfillment Customer Relationship Management Human Resources Finance e-procurement e-care e-commerce Suppliers Customers Employees Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3 Since 1993 IBM has: Improved efficiencies and cycle times n Saved $3.6 billion in materials acquisition cost n Cut overall logistics costs by 24% n Reduced annual IT costs by 45% n Improved on-time shipment to 90%-98% n Shortened delivery cycle time by 55% n Improved inventory turn by 44% n Put 80% of parts on consumptive pull Shortened demand/supply planning cycle from 60 to 20 days Customer loyalty Reduced supplier list New opportunities for revenue growth n Customer Relationships One Proof Point

10 B2B Trends: e-marketplaces n More than 8 million participants expected by 2002 and more than 3 million sellers participating in e-Marketplaces by 2002

11 E-Marketplaces are: nNeutral nInternet based intermediaries nFocused on specific industry verticals or specific businesses processes nHost electronic marketplaces nMediate any-to-any transaction among businesses. Horizontal- focused on reducing the inefficiencies of spot purchasing Vertical- facilitate the exchange of manufactured inputs to specific vertical industries Vertical Exchanges Horizontal Exchanges Aerospace Utilities ElectronicsAutomotive Insurance Healthcare Petrochemicals Finance CPG Travel & Transport. e-Marketplaces Are Here

12 Content Management CommerceCommunity Advertising /Promotion Buyer Services Technical Functions Seller Services Support Services E-MARKET What functionality do e-markets provide? Content Management Personalisation Search Multi-language Commerce Catalog Management Price Discovery - RFQ, Fixed Pricing, Auction, Exchange Transaction Processing Payment Processing Advertising Targeted Advertising Campaign Mgt. Ad performance monitoring Community Discussion Forums Bulletin Boards Chat Messaging Support Member registration Member Support Logistics Site Analysis Buyer Services Registration Catalog population Integration Seller Services Registration Catalog population Integration Technical Functions Any to any connectivity Security

13 eMarketPlaces

14 Expand to New Markets or Geographies Olympics n Largest quadrennial event in the world n Provide intranet for 260,000 members of the Olympic family (athletes, coaches, officials and media) n Deployed e-commerce for merchandise and Ticket Sales!

15 Expand to New Markets or Geographies Olympics: Business Value n Handled 11.3 billion hits during the Games n Entire Olympic Web hosting complex was 100 percent available from start to finish n IBM results system carried times and scores of every event from every venue to more than 20,000 broadcasters and world news press agencies

16 Transaction that is partially or completely facilated by the use of mobile wireless means and takes place between 2 or more parties and involves the 2-way exchange of goods/services for monetary consideration Mobile: Business to Everywhere! Aberdeen Group, August 2000

17 The Market Is Real! Forrester, 2000 Thousand s Billion s

18 wireless PDA Personal Digital Assistant w/modem smaller screen, often no keyboard HTML browser PALM VII, Psion, PocketPC,.... cellphone w/SMS Short Message Service == 160 character text messages like pager or instant messages receive-only or receive & send laptop w/wireless modem standard browser no special application considerations laptop w/wireless modem cellphone w/WAP cellphone with tiny or small screen Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) with Wireless Markup Language (WML) browser Japan: i-mode & cHTML limited keyboard Mobile Devices

19 B2B/B2C nPurchase and receive notification via cell phone/PDA nOrder from downloaded interest list nObtain price quotes nLead Management / Distribution Auctions nRegistration via browser nEvent notification via SMS/WAP Marketplaces nDynamic marketplace functions (e.g., RFQs) nExchanges nVertical Markets nHealthcare: Patient Tracking and reporting nPharmaceuticals: Samples and signature management Mobile Scenarios!

20 e-commerce e-commerce is Just the Beginning

21 93% of CEOs view customer retention as most critical success factor! It costs 5-10X more to acquire a new client than retain your current customers Companies lose 50% of their Customers every 5 years Know Thy Customer

22 Explicit - Registration/Q & A - Legacy data - Third party source Implicit - Past history - Current activity on site - Usage analysis - User analysis - Commerce analysis - Data mining - Ads - Promotions - Up-sell - Cross-sell - Configurations - Customization - Editorial (content) - Updates - Reminders - Loyalty programs - Service and support Business Intelligence Customer data Content Personalization Framework Business Manager What's delivered POS Call center Web Print e-mail Relationship Marketing Process l Product l Creatives l Editorial l Images l Customization l Targeting l Prediction

23 e-commerce e-commerce Integrates Everything

24 Getting Started n Develop a corporate-wide, customer-driven strategy m-commerce integral part of any e-biz strategy n Define Measureable Goals è Improved Efficiencies è Customer Loyalty New Revenue n Determine your requirements

25 nDegree of e-Commerce functionality nData warehousing and data mining nIntegration of e-Commerce and legacy apps nWeb site hosting nWeb site design ne-commerce skills assessment or consultant costs Requirements

26 Gartner Group, The Real Cost of E-Commerce Sites, May 1999 $20M $1 million to $5 million $300,000 to $1 million Get on the MapRun with the PackMarket Differentiator 0 5 10 15 20 Future Cost of an E-Commerce Site (Circa 2000) "Increasing efficiency through Internet transactions will result in an estimated $57 billion in cost savings."

27 nExecutive commitment nCross-functional Internet team nExperience (Start simple, grow fast!) nCustomer-centric seamless experience nCustomer intimacy nFanatical customer service What works

28 n Experienced web developers n Integrated with existing systems, processes n Robust, secure, and available environment n Accessible to your audience n Be prepared for the unexpected!

29 e-businesses promise to create the richest, most diverse marketplace the world has ever seen. Now is the time to exploit this opportunity, or be exploited by those who do! Plan for Success!

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