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Insights and Lessons Learned: Student Academic Center and Student Union Cindy King, Ph.D. Executive Director, Academic Technology Sorenson Language and.

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1 Insights and Lessons Learned: Student Academic Center and Student Union Cindy King, Ph.D. Executive Director, Academic Technology Sorenson Language and Communication Center Planning Workshop, March 24, 2005

2 2 Topics The Master Plan SAC-SUB Concepts and Processes Deaf-Friendly, Visually-Rich Features Interactive Learning Features Common Spaces Recommendations

3 3 The Gallaudet Campus: Master Plan Future: New Building or Change

4 4 Gallaudet Learning and Living Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Hearing Students 10 years classroom design 3 years building planning, 1 year construction 3 years building planning, 1 year construction Student Academic Center Student Union Building OPENED: August

5 5 Building Planning Vision and Implementation 1998: Planning Starts 2001: Construction Begins 2002: Building Opening Hi-Tech, Hi-Touch Smart Building, Academic and Social Heart of the Campus, Integration of Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities

6 6 Tying Together Education, Advocacy, Services Union Academic Center Ely Center Campus Life Community Services Commuter Lounge Judicial Affairs Multicultural Program Orientation Program Student Publications Greek Organizations Business Department Research Center Academic Advising Academic Technology First Year Experience Honor Students Lounge Honor Students Program Career Center Ofc Students w/ Disabilities Tutorial & Instructional Prog Eight Classrooms, Study Area Faculty Collaboration Room Bookstore Campus Activities Food Services Post Office Exhibit Gallery Theatre, Classroom Meeting Rooms Chapel Rathskeller Pub Student Kitchen

7 7 Nurturing Gallaudet Community: Preserving Gallaudet History Student Pub Naming 1980s Rathskeller 1990s Abbey 2000s Rathskeller CHAPEL: Stained Glass from 1950s Andrew Foster Legacy

8 8 Concept to… Concrete to… Opportunity

9 9 Classroom Design Process: Design, Try, Re-Design, Build, Modify Rectangular Room U Square Room Horse Shoe Deaf-Blind, Mobile Cart Access

10 10 Deaf-Friendly Visual Features Increased Space Per Person (50 sq ft/person) Direct Lines of Sight Communication Zones Swivel Chairs

11 11 Deaf-Friendly Visual Features 2 Video Conferencing System Video Display (SAC 1100) Visual Signage Smart Boards (no pen required)

12 12 Deaf-Friendly Visual Features 3 Door Portals, Visual Door Bells Glass Windows in Offices and Collab Spaces (CAPSS) Office Arrangement, Utilities for Occupant to Face Forward Open Spaces, Natural Light Wider Halls

13 13 Deaf-Friendly Teaching Station: Design, Try, Faculty Input, Try2, Build Adjustable Monitor Laptop Connectors Removable Tabletop Lectern for Taller Presenters Wheel Chair Accessible Elmo Visual Presenter DVD/VCR Desktop Computer Printer

14 14 Deaf-Friendly Visual Needs LIGHTING! Visual Door Bells in ALL Non-Storage Rooms Theatre-Tiered Seating (steeper angle) Color and Lighting Needs for Deaf-Blind, Ushers/RP Visual Emergency Alert and Intercoms

15 15 Deaf-Friendly Visual Needs 2 LIGHTING!!!! Light Control Near Instructor Systems for Event Video Recording Fiber Connections to the TV Studio Kiosks, Video Walls, Video Programming

16 16 Lighting Issues Need Spot Lights Angled Toward Presenters Lights Behind Presenters and Cylinder Lights Cause Problems Theatre Lighting Project 2005

17 17 Lighting Controls Near Instructor! Dimmers No Whiteboard Lights Emergency Light in Back of Room Emergency Light Control Natural Light, Up-Down Blinds X

18 18 Access Controls Classrooms, Shared Spaces, Restricted Spaces

19 19 Deaf-Friendly Audio Features Acoustic Noise Abatement Reverberation Powerful Speaker Systems Assistive Listening Systems Assisted Listening IR Emitters & Receivers - Noisy floors!

20 20 Assistive Technologies Assistive Listening Systems Closed Captioning Low-Vision Aids, Braille Mobility Designs Useful Resources: ALS: Zoom Text: Large Print Keyboard

21 21 Closed Captioning Many real-time and web captioning systems and services are available Need telephones for remote CC LCD projectors need an external CC device for displaying captions Useful Resources: (IEC 788)

22 22 Media Control and CC Where there is a possibility of open caption video or use of DVDs with subtitles, an option is needed to turn off the closed captioning.

23 23 Telephone Access Technologies Video Relay Services Text Relay Services TTYs Useful Resources:

24 24 Interactive Learning Features Classroom Layout Classroom Technology Controls Faculty Collaboration Room (Speaker Prep Room) Student Collaboration Room Harkin Digital Learning Center

25 25 Classroom Layout Design for Interpreting Interpreter Locations Flexible Classroom

26 26 Classroom Equipment Storage

27 27 SAC Flexible Wireless e-Classroom

28 28 Large Classroom Two-Tiered Layout No Opportunity to Experiment!

29 29 Classroom Technology Control and Video Recording Options

30 30 Alternative e-Classrooms Arrangements

31 31 Alternative e-Classrooms Arrangements 2

32 32 Faculty Collaboration Room (Speaker Prep Room)

33 33 Harkin Digital Learning Center Private Carrels Open Area Campus Help Desk 2002

34 34 SAC 1100 Changes Most Private Carrels Removed Open Areas Guest Stations Help Desk Moved 2005

35 35 Student Collaboration Room

36 36 Harkin Digital Learning Center: Student Video Suites Planning Tape-and-Go (VCR) Digital Video Creation Digital Video Editing Room Schedule Wizard 2000 Students Used Experimental Setup to Create Deaf Way II Video Productions

37 37 Harkin Digital Learning Center: SAC Video Suites

38 38 Harkin Digital Learning Center: SAC Video Suites 2005

39 39 Common Spaces Exhibit Spaces Study Areas Multi-Purpose Rooms Conference Rooms Flexible Meeting Rooms Hallway Areas

40 40 Planning Recommendations Address Deaf-Friendly Needs (slides 14 and 15) Address LIGHTING!! Address Interaction, Learning, and Collaboration Needs Ensure All Needs and Details are in the Program Book EXPERIMENT, EXPERIMENT Design Flexibility

41 41 Planning Recommendations Plan for Storage and Kitchens Look at Lab Staffing Needs and Share Plan for Access Control Plan for Technology Refresh Do RFP for AV Designers Buy Industrial-Quality Furniture Review DETAILS at each stage Dont forget RF (TV) networking and connections to the TV Studio Dont forget Wireless Issues and Cell/Pager

42 42 Discussion and Questions Planning Group Comments on SAC – SUB Issues Student Union Questions Deaf Access and Technology Questions

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