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Our Shrinking World Computers & the Global Economy Dr. Ranette Halverson.

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1 Our Shrinking World Computers & the Global Economy Dr. Ranette Halverson

2 The First Computer - ENIAC 1949 First U.S. Computer Less powerful than a $3 calculator The demand?

3 How has the computer changed the world as you know it??? Cell Phones Music Downloads Online Courses YouTube Face Book – My Space Online Shopping

4 Still changing…… Wikipedia Ebay Email Instant messenger Text Messaging

5 What are YOUR Plans??? Where will you work? What will you do? Who will you work with? ALL of this is changing as we speak! Much of the change is due to the computer and the related technology!

6 What does this mean? 10 Flatteners Level Playing Field All have to do with the computer

7 How is the world economy and job market changing? Today we will discuss WHAT is happening. Actually what has already happened! Not why it happened! Not is it good or bad! That is for you to decide!!

8 Outsourcing 1800s – Conestoga Wagon Covers Today –Manufacturing Cars, Clothes, –Help desks & Call Centers –Programming Outsourcing will not be the end of civilization as we know it!!

9 Accounting – Tax Preparation 2005 – 400,000 returns outsourced to India Security Creativity

10 Radiology - MD Work from home –WF doctor works for San Antonio hospital Australia, India –Day there when night here

11 Journalism Reuters –Leader in world news Bangalore, India –Flash Headlines from news releases US reporters –Analysis 1/5 Cost

12 Call Centers 250,000 in India –Dell, IBM, Airlines Training & Education Jobs lost or Jobs not wanted? Use U.S. Products –Bottled water, soft drinks, etc. –More disposable income in India

13 Remote Personal Assistant Brickwork (div. of B2K Co.) –$1500 to $2000 month –Typically work during our night What do they do? –Research –Presentations –Reports

14 Are all the jobs leaving the US? This is a serious question. But the answer might be no!

15 McDonalds (yes, the hamburger place) Missouri, Minnesota, Massachusetts Call center in Colorado Springs, Co. Pay operators more but costs down 10% Cut errors by 1/2 Service time down by 30 seconds Next step: phones at tables which go to the call center Headquarters doing a trial

16 Jet Blue Airlines Home Sourcing 100% of phone reservations 400 women (mostly) in Salt Lake City 30 hour weeks at home 1 day a month in office for training 30% more productive than similar on- site reservation facilities

17 U.S. Army Predator drones –Unmanned spy planes –Flying over Iraq –Flown by soldier in Las Vegas, Nevada

18 E-Tutoring From India $15 to $20 per hour Use cameras, microphones, digital pencils, scanners

19 Television Production Higglytown Heroes ½ day per episode –Send the stars a laptop computer –Designers in San Francisco –Writers at home –Animators in Bangalore Private virtual nw

20 Entrepreneur Rent business software –$17 per month –Constant upgrades –Web based Co. in China –$1 million per year in business –30 employees

21 Gold Mining Red Lake, NW Ontario 2000 – Contest –All mining data online –Tell them where to mine Winners 2 Australian Companies ($425k) Hit gold on first 4 attempts 2001 – 10X gold of previous years An Incredible Change of Attitude

22 Politics & Elections 2004 – Howard Dean 2008 – 2008 - ?? Future – Online voting

23 True Change is Occurring!!! How do we manage it? Who regulates it? Who taxes it? A significant change is occurring in ALL aspects of our world and at SUPER speed!

24 Whats Next?? What will be the next BIG change?? I dont know! I know you better be comfortable with computers and technology!!

25 Questions or Comments?

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