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Chapter 2 By: Mr. Latibeaudiere. The following presentation will provide information regarding the use of technology. First of all it explains control.

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1 Chapter 2 By: Mr. Latibeaudiere

2 The following presentation will provide information regarding the use of technology. First of all it explains control systems and issues about workplace such as teleworking. In addition, it covers advertising methods which can easily be acomplished by the use of websites, videoconferencing, multimedia presentation and many other. The way ICT is used in teaching and learning and data management.

3 A control system is one that uses microprocessors or computers to control certain physical conditions, either keeping them the same over a period of time or varying them according to pre-defined values and lengths of time. Examples Air- conditioning systems Central heating system RefrigerationRefrigeration Car -manufacture Medical applications Process control

4 An air- conditioning is a closed system of copper tubes in the form of coils containing a chemical liquid called the refrigerant that can easily be converted to a gas and back to a liquid again. Most systems also have a temperature sensor in each of the rooms where the system operates.

5 The refrigeration process works on much the same principle as air conditioning. The main inputs are Temperature sensor: to monitor the temperature inside the refrigerator. A contact switch or pressure sensor: for the door and a number pad or similar device to input the required temperature.

6 Central-heating systems use water as the medium to get heat from the central source to all of the areas to be heated. The main parts of a central-heating system consists of a boiler, a hot water cylinder, a pump and some radiators. The radiators are metal panels that are fixed to the wall in the rooms that need heating.

7 Car manufactures are composed by computer-controlled robots which are used in various manufacturing industries. A popular type of motor for robotic use is a stepper motor. A common one is a gripper, which acts like a hand: for example, it can be used to hold a part of the car body, so that the robot arm can move to somewhere else. The types of end effectors used in car manufacture are: Cameras to inspect work Spray guns to paint the car body Welding guns to weld parts of the car body together Drills to make holes in the car body

8 Computer control is used in two major medical applications-intensive care and surgery- but both still required human intervention. Intensive care Patients are monitored through the use of sensors. The use of sensors and computers makes the process more accurate and the computer can monitor the health of several patients simultaneously, thus enabling nurses to carry out other tasks. Surgery Robotic surgery is an extension of keyhole surgery that involves using robotic arms and cameras inside the patients body. The benefits are that the work is more accurate, but the surgeon is in complete control.

9 Process control is the use of computers or microprocessors to control a process. Is used in oil refining. There are 3 types of processing control Batch process control: this is used in processes where specific amounts of raw materials are combined together and mixed for a certain length of time. Continuous process control: this refers to processes that appear to be unending, for example the maintaining of temperature in confined surroundings. Discrete process control: This is when specific items are produce. It is likened to an on/off or start process/stop.

10 (PLC) Programmable logic controller is a type of computer or microcomputer that is used for a single purpose. This is a proportional-integral-derivative(PID). These are used with closed-loop control systems. PID is the best way of accomplish this and is found in many versions of control software. (EWT) Embedded web technology is a technology developed by NASA so that experiments in outer space could be conducted by authorized personnel anywhere in the world.

11 This section covers the use of ICT and how it has changed patterns of working. Home working or teleworking: is another name for working from home. This is done with help of technology. Teleworkers can stay in contact with the office using a broadband connection or a virtual private network. In order to work from home, a teleworker needs: 1.A PC with Internet access 2.Access to 3.A fax machine 4.A landline phone 5.A mobile phone 6.A printer/photocopier Most managers needing to make the decisions as to whether an employees should be allowed to work from home consider the following types of employment to be very suitable as a book editing, etc.

12 Teleworking is another name for working from home. When a person teleworks, it means that some or all of the work they d. The number of people working from homo is done at home using modern technology using ICT devices and systems have made it easier for jobs that used to be done in an office to be carried out at home. Teleworkers can stay in contact with the office using broadband connection or a virtual private network. Workers involved in any of these will need to have work-processing and web-browsing software. These help them to feel part of the team. The mangers would also probably wish workers to use time management and project management software.

13 When an employee is working away from their normal location. This typically involves a member of staff using a portable device such as laptop or PDA away from the office. For example, a salesman working on the road or home based working. For any of these groups of workers, remote access services are available. These allow them to access the desktop on their own PC when they are away from home or the office.

14 Some are based on what is best for the company and some are at the request of the workers. There is also the feeling that data is not safe or confidential if it is being transmitted outside the company. They look forward to chatting with their colleagues during their breaks. A number are also fearful for their jobs, feeling that if they are out of the normal daily office routine they might be easier to lay off when the company is looking to make redundancies.

15 A videoconferencing is the electronic equivalent to a conventional conference usually held in a conference suite, sometimes call a face to face conference. The essential components of a videoconference are: 1.A standard PC with mouse and keyboard 2.Monitor 3.Speakers 4.A network connection 5.A webcam 6.A microphone 7.Videoconferencing software There are two main types of videoconferences: each person has individual access to the conference; groups are involved rather than individuals.

16 This is linking together of several people on a phone line so that they can have a collective conversation. It is possible to hold this conferences using mobile phones, landline telephones or voice over the internet protocol(VOIP- the used of phones connected to computers to the internet) but each participant must have a touchtone phone. The person who is organizing the conference is giving two pins by the phone company one is their personal pin and the other is the participant pin. The organizer then contacts all the people who are going to be involved in the conference and tells them the participant pin and the agreed time and date and the conference.

17 Instant messaging is the exchange of text messages between two or more people logged into a particular instant messaging service. It is an interactive service, as people can reply immediately to others logged into the same system. It requires a username and a password. It is better than because messages are send on seconds or even minutes. If the contact happens to be online at the same time they can reply, leading into a conversation.

18 Fax is a short for facsimile transmission. A fax machine is connected to a phone line. A document is scanned and then transmitted through phone lines to another fax machine that then printed out. Although many uses of fax are being replaced by the use of and other internet services the fax still used in a number of ways. The publishers send copies of their newspapers by fax to this plants to this plants using fax via satellite

19 Electronic faxing is the modern version since manual faxing. For example, there are systems that use the internet for faxing. Instead of printing out a document and faxing it using a fax machine, the user prints the document directly to fax software, which uses the modem or broadband to send the fax

20 Many companies and organizations used advertising to promote their products or services. A variety of media are used for advertising including billboards, cinema, advertising flyers, magazines, newspapers, posters, radio, the sides of buses television programmes, video games and the worldwide web. Many of these can be considered to be ICT media.

21 Product advertising of a specific product. Product advertising is all about advertising one item: might be a specific model of car, but not the whole range of cars the company sells. The target audience is identified and an advertising campaign that will appeal to that type of audience is created.

22 In order for a business to become well known so that it can make money it needs to advertise itself. As for product advertising, the company needs to identified the type of costumer that it wants to attract. For example, if it sells purses that are mainly aimed at the wealthy, then it will want to advertise itself as an up market company.

23 The service industry involves, as its name implies, services rather than goods being provided to the costumer. Examples of services industries are: Insurance Government Tourism Banking Education Social services The approach to advertising services is much the same as advertising businesses.

24 Methods of advertising Websites Advertising on other people s websites Getting into an online directory Multimedia presentations Flyers Posters

25 All aspects of the above types of advertising require the use of some or all of the following methods. Websites One way of advertising is for an organist ion to have its own website. Web designers are employed who will produce a website to the organizations specification using a web authoring package. Designers will use a variety of devices to create the website: Scanners to input hard copy pictures such as photographs Microphones to input voiceovers Speakers so that they can check the sound input has been successful and is of sufficient quality Advertising on other peoples websites

26 A cheaper alternative may be to advertise on existing websites. Many websites allow other organizations to advertise on their site. Another method is pop-up advertising where little windows suddenly appear on top of the web page when a user accesses it.

27 1.Although these are an integral part of some websites, many multimedia presentations can also be used on purpose-built display monitors placed strategic locations. The presentation is produced using presentation software and makes use of the normal features of multimedia. Sound/music Video Animation Text Images Hyperlinks. There are other features that can be also included such as slide transition effects, special text effects, image transition and so on.

28 A flyer is usually a single-page leaflet. It can be used to advertise an event or a service. Flyers are generally used by individuals or small businesses. Many are produced by the individual or small business using their own PCs and printers. A flyer doesnt take very long to produce using desktop- publishing packages also come with a library or clipart.

29 A poster is a large printed piece of paper used to advertise products or services. Due to their size, they have to be printed by professional printers. Posters can be used to produce to advertise a local event or can be used by larger national organisations to advertise a product or service. Paylips Contains information that can be found on the new master file and also information form the transaction file. The create the paylips, the above information is linked to the transaction file containing the employee number and hours worked. Also financial reports. Technical and customer support Many companies that offer customer support do so through the use of call centres. Art and design work A wide range of activities when producing art and design work. For examples: CD and DVD covers, posters, books and magazines are published.

30 2.4 Use of ICT in teaching and learning Learning technology covers all aspects of the use of computers, including: CAI-computer-aided instruction CAL-computer-aided learning CBL-computer-based learning CBT-computer-based training CMC-computer-mediated communications CAA-computer-aided assessment

31 2.5 Use of ICT in publishing This section will look at how the use of computers and ICT has influence the way that publishers produce a variety of publications. To do this they need to: Typesetting Transmitting completed pages Computerized plate making Printing

32 2.6 Use of ICT in time management The ability to manage the time people spend on tasks or project is probably the most important part of achieving success in work. It has become very important to many organizations that their workers manage their time effectively.

33 Approaches to good time management The better application of time management makes an organization more profitable. Practice these features of time management: Identifying short-and long term targets Prioritizing Planning Decision making Use of ICT

34 Use of software in time management There are several time management software and packages that can help with various time management tasks like: Organizing meeting times Arranging workload Research and development projects Construction project management

35 2.7 Use of ICT in data management A database is a collection of related data. A database management system (DBMS) is the software used to manage a database system. It manage: The structure of each data files The relation between data items and files How the data is interrogated The properties of the database

36 In a sequential file, records are stored one after the other, in which they were added to the storage medium, usually magnetic tape. Indexed sequential and random access files This is stored in order, ordinary it can be stored on tape or disk to enable some form of direct access.

37 Hierarchical DBMS are no longer used as a form of file management to any extent, it use a tree- like structure.

38 Relational database system Relational database system consists of a number of separate tables that are related in some way. It is possible to select different fields from each table for output, using the key field as a reference point.

39 Network DBMS were developed to overcome a lot of the faults of the hierarchical type.

40 2.8 Payroll applications Payroll systems normally involve the use of batch processing. Usually means that the files are stored on separate magnetic tapes. There are two data files involved: Master files Transaction files

41 Pays lips The payslips contains information that can be found on the new master file and also information from the transaction file. Financial reports Most payroll software has a report generator facility that provides detailed payroll listings and exception reporting.

42 2.9 Technical and customer support Many companies that offer customer support do so through the use of call centers. So there is a need for many operators to be accessing the same line at the same time and the computer telephony integration (CTI) software can help us.

43 2.10 Art and design work ICT is used in a wide range of activities when producing art and design work. Most companies that deal with this type of work use computers with large storage capacities and graphics software.

44 After writing this presentation and learning a lot about technology we use daily it has made me acquire knowledge which will be useful for many things for example a job or school. Teleworking is an effective tool for organizations looking for a competitive edge in todays market. By having an employer with the ability to handle and have skilled workers, providing satisfaction and productivity, and being more efficient in the many tasks that need to be performed. The ways, machines and technology used for this were mentioned previously.

45 The previous information was taken from Ict book AS Level Applied ICT And the images from the internet page Google. The following inks were used to take the images. 8&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi 8&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi /2008/08/advertising- creative.jpg&imgrefurl= advertising/&usg=__E8ZVlh3Q8mCq68UYkWZCeOBX7pE=&h=462&w=575&sz=4 2&hl=es&start=5&um=1&itbs=1&tbnid=vnaa29aoLEnfTM:&tbnh=108&tbnw=13 4&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dadvertising%26um%3D1%26hl%3Des%26tbs%3Disch: 1 AS and A level Applied ICT by Brian Thomas Sargent and Graham Brown

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