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Information Technology Strategy Supporting Excellence Tim Phillips, Director of Information Systems & Computing.

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1 Information Technology Strategy Supporting Excellence Tim Phillips, Director of Information Systems & Computing

2 Information Technology, supporting excellence Tomorrows Challenges Responding to student expectationsResponding to student expectations Enabling research and collaborationEnabling research and collaboration Generating and sharing knowledgeGenerating and sharing knowledge Meeting the Exabyte challengeMeeting the Exabyte challenge Transforming business processesTransforming business processes Being innovative and achieving technological leverageBeing innovative and achieving technological leverage Developing all our peopleDeveloping all our people Building the Virtual UniversityBuilding the Virtual University

3 Information Technology, supporting excellence IT Strategy Aims

4 Information Technology, supporting excellence A Vision of the Future We are moving towards a mobile, broadband society I see a near-future in which mobile terminals (phones, other handheld devices) have more processing power than todays laptops; with cognitive radio, they will select the best wireless system for the task in hand …terabit communications are not that far away Joe McGeehan, Professor of Communications Engineering, credited with pioneering many of the major developments in mobile communications.

5 Information Technology, supporting excellence The future (or the present)? Did you know? Portal You Tube UOB Comp. Sci. Podcasts Online Courses e-Portfolios Weblogs Physics Wikis Virtual Campus SOA Second Life

6 Information Technology, supporting excellence What does that mean for Jane? Jane is woken by her mobile alarm, checks out the days todo list and diary and reads her email over breakfast whilst catching up on yesterdays soap in the corner of her laptop screen. She picks up a recorded lecture from last week as she cycles in (click here for podcasts). As she walks by the Students Union she sees a display of the weeks events and downloads timings and details to her mobile calendar. A message arrives saying her first lecture has moved, so she goes straight to the new Jane downloads images and notes during the lecture and annotates them, uploading them via the portal to her workspace afterwards. Shell use them when working on her essay later on in the library. A message arrives from a friend in a 2 nd Life seminar from another part of the course and they arrange to meet. (click here for 2 nd life)here The students compare notes and search video clips of lectures from the 3 rd year options to try to work out which to choose for their final year. (for an example, see UC Berkeley Youtube) UC Berkeley Youtube

7 Information Technology, supporting excellence Students can…

8 Information Technology, supporting excellence Staff can…

9 Student submits assignment Lecturer sets assignment for students Lecturer uploads learning resources into on-line learning environment Student accesses on-line resources and assignments Student attempts assignment Lecturer accesses submitted assignments Lecturer reviews, marks, and returns assignment On-line Assignments

10 Information Technology, supporting excellence Its all about integration (and access) Processes Communication Data


12 Workflow: Integrated processes Reporting Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) = Process and Systems Integration New Systems: Purchasing Timetabling fEC Workflow Business Process Model Portal CODASITSLibrary Aleph VLE Bboard JISC/SOA

13 Information Technology, supporting excellence Integrated Communication & Collaboration Portal Expertise Locator eLearning Large File Transfer Shared Workspaces Web Conferencing Messaging Presence Awareness Search Single Point of Entry Access to Applications & Reporting Q&A Forum Virtual Meeting Rooms

14 Information Technology, supporting excellence Integrated Data & Information Resources ROSE: Bristol Repository of Scholarly Eprints ?

15 Information Technology, supporting excellence A Vision of our future

16 We are still some way off a modern and wholly integrated IT system. This, in part, reflects years of underinvestment but also a kind of natural conservatism and a fear of the sums of money involved. Speech to University Court, 7 th December 2007 (Eric Thomas, Vice-Chancellor; Speech to Court, December 2007)

17 Information Technology, supporting excellence 3. Systems & Technology Balancing business requirements with technology and maturity of the organization 1. Requirements of business 2. Maturity of Organization 1) Unbalanced, technology push Balanced, business led pull 1) Processes, Structures & Organization, People & culture

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