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Technical Investigation Eng. Mehmet INAN

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1 Technical Investigation Eng. Mehmet INAN
Attacks of 9/11 Technical Investigation Eng. Mehmet INAN

2 2- Official Theory: 4 teams of 19 “SUICIDE MUSLIM TERRORISTS” hijacked 4 flights and crashed the planes into buildings and the ground.

3 3- THEY USED CUTTERS This cutter was presumed to be used in flight UA93, exhibit of the government in Moussaoui’s trial.

4 4- Consequences 2948 killed during the attacks.
Two wars started and two countries invaded. More than 4000 American soldiers dead, in addition to hundreds of thousands of innocent civilian people. Bin Ladin, known by few, became an overnight televison celebrity. Terrorist attacks increased as never before: Bali, Madrid, London, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Yemen, … Muslims are labeled as TERRORISTS. That was the beginning of the never-ending war against Muslims and no one acted to stop it.

5 5- Anomalies 1 Flight passenger lists had none of the terrorists names. It is possible to make false identity documents for 1, 2 or 3 people; where are the rest? Several terrorists reported alive. See BBC FBI Director Robert Mueller admitted that "the identity of several of the hijackers is in doubt", but he never explained how they had first been identified. Arguing over « National Security » almost all information has been classified secret and became inaccessible.

6 6- Anomalies 2 None of the planes parts has been identified by their serial numbers. The twin towers could not collapse. They were designed to resist an impact of a similar sized commercial plane, the 707. The official reports contain too many omissions, distortions, and lies.

7 The plane that hit the Pentagon was not a Boeing 757.
7- What’s the Reality? There are several evidences. But we will study only three proved facts: All four planes were controlled by only ONE team. They used American electronic weapon technology. The plane that hit the Pentagon was not a Boeing 757. Twin towers were demolished by explosives. For more details, we recommend to look into internet. Attention: There are too many unrealistic theories on the web. We want to emphasize that we refute them. But when the amount of available information is very small it’s normal to get so many theories, and many disinformation agents. You have to form your own opinion.

8 7.1- End of 2002, MEYSSAN/Pentagate
Meyssan’s missile theory is wrong. But this high temperature explosion (color) proves the presence of a bomb Kerosene explosion If Pentagon attack was a bomb, why shouldn’t the WTC attacks be something other than they appear?

9 8- How else could the attacks be made?
By using automated electronic control of the planes from remote area Set up one team to make the attacks Install the automatic control inside the planes to precisely control them The realisation by one team using technology will create some behavioral differences compared with the official version of 4 different terror teams

10 9- Compare 4 teams / 1 team Four terror teams One technologic team Work Parallel, Each plane has its own team and pilot, they will act independently from other planes Serial, To guarantee the reliability of the actions and make no mistake, they could manage only one plane at a time Coordination between planes No, As the terrorists couldn’t contact each other after the takeoffs, the planes will be independent Yes, As consequence of the serial work it becomes an obligation Relation between Take off & Deviation of the same plane End of one plane action & Beginning of the next plane deviation Similar time gap between takeoff and deviation is definitely 4 terror teams made operation. Similar time for the end of one hijack and beginning of the next one is definitely one team made operation.

11 10.0- Probable sequence with 4 teams

12 10.1- Probable Timeline Graphic with 4 Different Teams
The deviation from flight route will happen about 15 minutes after the take off. Each plane will fly directly to its target without worrying about other flights. Take off delays couldn’t be anticipated.. After take off, terrorists could not contact each other. There couldn’t be any interdependence between the planes.

13 11- Official Flight Path Source:

14 11.1- Only one difference about UA93
A phone call starts the hijack at 9:20, the commission report starts it at 9:28. The actual deviation begins at 9:35. Only the actual deviation is a reliable information!

15 12- The sequence of the events

16 13- Timeline graphic & conclusions
All hijacks were made sequentially, one plane at a time! Before deviating from its flight route, each plane waited for the previous plane to be put on target! The deviation of any plane was dependent on the situation of the previous plane. That’s totally consistent with "ONE team made"  operation, and impossible to make by four different teams.

17 14- CONCLUSION The timeline of the deviations of the planes is fully consistent with a central control of all planes by ONE TEAM, managing one plane at a time ,ending their job few minutes before the impact. This timeline is impossible to make by four different teams and totally meaningless in such case.

18 This technology has existed for decades.
15- HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? It’s possible if the planes have remote adjustable automatic control capabilities! This technology has existed for decades. The TOMAHAWK

19 16- TOMAHAWK MISSILES A SMALL PLANE WHICH GUIDES ITSELF ACCORDING TO GPS MEASURED POSITION In 10/1/2001, 19 days after the attacks, Raytheon released a document showing developments made on 727 and 737 civil aircrafts.

POSITION MEASUREMENT Independent from the missile FLIGHT SURFACES’ MOTORISATION Simulates pilot actions in an aircraft Size increases when missile becomes bigger They must be too much bigger in an aircraft In the market it is possible to find different sizes and versions, including non reversible ones as standard product. ORIENTATION MEASUREMENT Independent from the missile SATELLITE COMMUNICATION Independent from the missile COMPUTER Independent from the missile Precise altitude measurement Required only for precise impacts (<1m) If all these systems are installed inside the aircraft but not activated, the plane reacts normally and can take off naturally. When activated, the plane reacts like a missile. The install has to be done during a night or the last maintenance operation. The maintenance database of these planes has been cleaned up the day of 9/11 and became inaccessible to everybody including the professional aviation companies.

21 18- WHAT ABOUT THE PILOTS? The installed flight surface control servos can be of non reversible type to prevent the pilots countermanding the remote controls. The guidance control computer could use one digital output to activate a release valve injecting a military war gas inside the plane killing all passengers and flight crew. In this case, the autopilot can be used to guide the planes. But for the required precision and the validation of the ground control systems, the use missile control system would be necessary.

22 19- PLANES In the next page, we consider that technology installed in all planes which are controllable like missiles with the same ground equipment. The realization explained in the next page is the most probable explanation we found considering all available evidence, the feasibility, the reliability and simplicity of each action. We demand that an independent justice court collect all evidences, make the investigation and tell us the reality of these actions.

23 20- Managing and sequence of events
8:13:29 — 46R: AAL11, turn 20 degrees right. 8:13:31 — AAL11: 20 right AAL11. 8:13:47 — 46R: AAL11, now climb maintain FL350. No answer from AA11 = pilots dead & automatic control activated Take off UA175 ~8:25 – The automatic control of AA11 is validated Deviation towards twin towers 7:59 – Take off AA11 8:25+ – Automatic guidance system PID parameters are adjusted to guarantee the precision of impact 8:42 – Pilots reported have heard « everyone stay in your seats » End of connection = pilots dead & automatic control activated Deviation of UA175 8:45 – AA11 impact on North Tower 8:42 – AA11 adjustments end 9:35 – Pentagon plane adjustments end Deviation of UA93 10:06 – UA93 impact to ground 9:03 – UA175 impact on South Tower 8:54 - UA175 adjustments end Deviation of AA77 8:42 – Take off AU93 With 41 min delay ~8:50 – The automatic control of UA175 is validated PID parameters of AA11 copied into UA175, same B767 Immediate deviation towards twin towers 8:20 – Take off AA77 9:38 – Pentagon impact

24 Muslims are definitely not involved in 9/11
20.1- What about Muslims Muslims are definitely not involved in 9/11 American people should look elsewhere for the criminals who killed 3000 innocents The Koran 42/40: The recompense for an injury is an injury equal there to in degree: but if a person forgives and makes peace, his reward is due from Allah: He loves not those who do wrong.

25 21- The Pentagon Attack These are the sole published images of the Pentagon attack. Everything is done to avoid any possibility of identifying the plane. We only see the tail part of the plane. In reality, there are some movies of the attack recorded by surveillance cameras, some civilian. All were confiscated by the FBI immediately after the attack and have never been released.

26 21.1- Pentagon : Damages on the left Façade Entry hole on column 14

27 21.1- Pentagon : Damages on the left Façade
Columns C11 C12 C13 Columns C10 C9 C8

28 22- Pentagon : Damages on the right Façade
The entry hole – central fuselage of plane, Column 14 The last damaged column in the right side, Column 20 With 10ft between two columns and 6 bays, that makes 60ft as half the damage span

29 23- Pentagon : Plane Approach Direction
The wingspan calculated corresponds to a Boeing that is 95ft Flight AA77 was a 757 with a wingspan of 125ft so 3 extra columns should have been damaged Approach angle of the plane 52° : Half a wingspan = right side half damage span(60ft) * sin52° = 47ft, Implies a wingspan = 94ft

30 24- Pentagon: Closer Impact Drawing
The dimensions fit exactly to those of a Boeing 737

31 25- Pentagon : Official Report
The official report recognizes that the damages span over 120ft, converted to the perpendicular of the plane direction that makes 90ft instead of 125ft for a 757 But to justify the presence of a Boeing 757, the same report tells « the external 1/3 of the wings did no damage on the façade ». And that is justified with the impact that the engines made prior to reaching the façade which had to break down the extremity of the wings.

32 26- Broken ventilation wall
The report assumes this was broken by the left engine. Note no traces of the engine ploughing into the ground before the wall. All cable drums were before the wall. This cable drum crossed over starting from the ground near the wall. It had to touch the wall at the ground.

33 27- Pentagon : Construction of 737 impact Dimensions fit perfectly

34 29- Hidden plane A Boeing was too long and had to be visible behind the box A Boeing is just hidden behind the box

35 30- The Pentagon attack review
8:54 The team finished their job on UA175 which is flying toward its target. The team switches on the missile control system on board AA77, switches off the transponder and lowers it to make it invisible to radar. After that moment the flight route of AA77 is unknown. But we know that it flew the going path in 8:54-8:20=34 minutes including the take off. For the return path, it took =44 minutes WITHOUT TAKE OFF. Including the presence of another take off, there are still 10 min extra. These are the required 10 min for the crash of AA77 on the ground in a secret military zone. There is still enough time to take off a 737 and fly it to the Pentagon situated at 10km from Dulles airport where AA77 took off.

36 31- Why Change the Plane? It is possible to hit a plane on 400m high towers using a GPS receiver. A precision of +/-50m is still enough. A receiver like that can be installed in the nose of the plane where it is invisible from outside. To hit a plane on 23m high building the GPS receiver is not precise enough. So it was necessary to install the “Precise altitude sensor” of Tomahawk missile which has a precision less than 1m. To reach that precision, the sensor must have its measurement surface placed outside of the aircraft body. If that kind of sensor was installed on the 757 of AA77 it would be detected by the visual inspection made before each take off. If the altitude measurement is not precise enough, the plane can either hit the ground or pass over the building. That’s unacceptable for this kind of action.

37 32- Pentagon : All Damages
Notice the orange area where the slab deflected upwards. The sole possibility for that deflection is an explosion happening under it. A kerosene explosion can not accomplish this so far from the façade. A bomb was planted in the plane to increase the damage. FDR & left landing arm of B757, found here = planted in the plane.

38 32.1- Damages made by the explosion
Slab deflected upward Some overpressure went on the first floor. The bottom picture shows the damage made by the explosion overpressure.

39 32.2- Damages made by the explosion
The overpressure on the first floor pushed out the windows’ frames on the inner façade.

40 32.3- Damages made by the explosion
Outside façade damage Window’s frames are straight, no plane parts impact on them. Lime stones were pushed outward and fallen in to the ground

41 33- TOWERS COLLAPSE Official Theory : Kerosene fire highly weakened the metal and made the towers collapse. The heating of structures of the towers is a speculation subject. In practice, it was impossible to measure temperature of the structures. The smoke was dark showing low temperature fires. In the History, there is no steel framed building collapsing by fire. The fire could not explain these collapses. The bottom levels of the buildings were not heated at all.

The official reports give all details of outer columns and floor trusses but they hide the most important information about the inner core columns. In some pictures the size of these columns are reduced to present them as meaningless.

43 35- Floor plan of NIST report
Interior core columns are drawn at good scale. But no dimension details appear in the whole report. Notice that most of the core columns can be accessed from inside the elevators shafts. Source:

44 36- NIST Report exterior columns oversized

45 37- Floor plan of FEMA report
Interior core columns are drawn as small square dots representing them as minor elements. Dimension details are not shown in the whole of the report. Source:

46 38- Columns picture Interior core columns are much bigger and stronger than exterior columns. In addition these interior core columns are linked to each other making them extremely strong.

NORTH TOWER WTC1 Outer columns still vertical SOUTH TOWER WTC2 Internal columns demolished Outer columns still vertical Internal columns demolished

Façade columns still vertical Internal columns demolished, There must be 47 tube columns, which are 5” thick in the lower floors

Internal columns are the main structure of the building Demolished during the collapse! The Commission report contains that LIE : External columns that remained vertical over some floors after the collapse It is clear that the inner columns are the main structure of the building. That’s true in all well produced high buildings. Reversely, the exterior walls can really be compared to a hollow steel shaft.

According to the reality of the towers and to anti-seismic construction rules According to the official reports

Cast concrete core section Thin outer columns

52 44- Possible damage These internal columns are able to resist against collapsing of all upper floors. The worst possible damage is the sinking of some floors at impact level. Lower floors remaining unchanged.

53 45- Internal Core Columns Remain Standing During the Collapse
These pictures are taken by Aman Zafar who was near the towers ( . They show that the inner core of both WTC1 and WTC2 remained standing while the floors and façade columns were collapsing. That proves that the core section was resistant enough and could not collapse without explosives. WTC2 WTC1

54 46- Pictures Set 2 3 4

55 47- Internal Columns identification WTC2
The left side two close columns pairs could be or or or They are probably But we are not sure. We can just tell, some core columns remained erected while others were collapsing.

56 48- Internal columns identification WTC1
The vision angle is about 31° from perpendicular to the face. Rotating the flat view by 31° fits the picture exactly to the dimensions. These columns are identified as being 501, 601, 502, 602, 503, 603, 703, 803. Other columns such as 908, 1008 are visible in other videos and pictures.

57 49- TOWERS DEMOLITION According to all available evidence, picture and videos, the demolition has to be done in three steps: 1- Above floor 77/WTC2 and 89/WTC1, explode the core columns at their welded junctions starting from impact floor in order to make the upper part fall as it happened. 2- Explode the floor trusses seats at their junctions to the core columns + detach some horizontal and diagonal connections of the core columns. 3- Explode some key core columns near the ground to make the erected core columns collapse. 2 2 1

During the last week-end of 8-9 September 2001, radio controlled and coded RDX or C4 explosives are installed inside the towers on special places accessible from lifts shafts. Each pack is identified by a numeric code. The explosives for the same floor have the same code. Each pack has a quick fixing tool for assembly on the columns. 48 people can easily install explosives on both towers during the week-end. Above floor 77/WTC2 and 89/WTC1, the explosives are installed on core all junctions of series 500, 600, 900 and Every three floor. Under floor 77/WTC2 and 89/WTC1, the explosives are installed between floor trusses seat and the core columns to cut the welding of the trusses support. Every floor. After the plane hit, on basis of the impact floor, the authors knew the identity code of the explosives which must be exploded to start the demolition. To avoid the upper level parts from falling on lower level explosives and damage them, the explosions’ downward moving speed must be similar to free fall speed in the air. A laptop computer situated near the towers contained a program producing the radio codes to fire the explosives at wanted speed. The control center where the team acted is very probably the WTC building 7 from where both towers are visible and which was collapsed during the afternoon of 9/11/01 and which was leased by the same Larry Silverstein who owned the twin towers.

59 50- Core Columns Destruction Method

60 51- The distance between two explosions is approximately 3 floors, 36ft


62 53- Horizontal sheared core column
This picture shows the sheared connection between a box core column and an H section column. This type of connection existed at the uppermost floors of WTC towers. We see that the shearing was made by lateral displacement of the H sectioned column. The welds are pushed rightward in the picture. Such shearing is consistent with the explosion demolition method.

63 54- Exploded floor trusses supports
As most of the explosions happened on the floor trusses supports, these steel beams are the most damaged parts in the building. Here are some pieces, but almost all pictures included in the NIST report show that kind of damages.

64 54.1- Dust ejections directions
Empty, “no dust” area Vertical ejections in the core section Upward ejection between oblique floors Floor by floor explosions of trusses’ supports Core columns strength reduction by exploding of the column to column connections Horizontal ejection of the exploded floor When floor trusses inner end is exploded, the floor collapse begins at the inner end; making the floor oblique. The explosions continue to happen downward. The overpressure and dust created by the explosions follows the concrete floor slabs and rises upward-outward direction. When get out the dust began to fall down as the red lines. Watch other videos.

Continuously increasing dust size is meaningful. The explosions are so quick that falling dust reaches newly created dust by the explosions of the lower floors.


Arabic flight manuals found in a car near of one of the airports: the international language for aviation is English. Student pilots must have an adequate knowledge of English to be accepted for training and all their flight manuals would be in English if, as has been claimed, they undertook flight training in the USA. Arabic manuals are highly suspect and might have been specially prepared in justification of the events following 9/11. The half burnt hijacker’s passport found at ground zero: No human body was found, no debris was recognizable, but this passport remained intact, only slightly charred! In reality, this passport was retained by the CIA or some other agency. Then burnt before being shown to the medias.

Phone calls Phone calls made by cellular phones from planes flying at high altitudes of 30,000 feet: Even now in 2007, such calls remain impossible. By design mobile phone signals are guided horizontally to save power and only reach mobile phones at ground level. Therefore, the cellular phones cannot be used in the air. Since several decades the technique of synthesizing a voice synthesis is widely used. Israeli companies connected to Hollywood are the market leaders in this domain. In 2010 such voice changing software are available inside smart phones, see screaming bee. When listening to some of the alleged call, there is no background noise coming from the planes; the sound is extremely clear as if spoken by actors.

Cockpit communications from UA93 released in 2006: These communications do not have any credibility. They contain meaningless repeats of "sit down!", "what?", and "Allahu akbar". This last sentence is the most familiar Muslim expression in the West, but Muslims would not use it when faced with death. Moussaoui case: He was arrested 3 weeks before the attacks when intending to start flight training on 747s. When preparing attacks of this magnitude, it would make sense to start training years ahead, no 3 weeks. "I want to learn to fly without take off and without landing" : These alleged comments were provided of their willingness to crash the planes into a building. However, many amateurs interested in flying express themselves like this, wanting the enjoyment of flight without the tedious hard work. By itself such a sentence is worthless as evidence.

70 60- What About Bin Ladin? During the first three years Bin Ladin said he was not involved in 911! Now, he is telling that he is the author! To consider his messages, this needs to be handled by a court of impartial justice : He should speak to an independent court. He should be protected, his life guaranteed, to make his testimony totally free. All of his testimony should be checked against the facts. It is too easy for the Bush Administration to have him free, speaking as Bush wants him to speak. It is also very easy to produce his voice. I refuse to recognize Bin Ladin as a spokesman for Muslims.

Video of OBL released in November 2001: We saw a bearded man like OBL speaking with very bad sound and making statements like "their lost is more than 3 billion dollar", whereas OBL had studied in England and spoke English well. Physiognomic studies showed that this person was not Bin Ladin. In addition, an ideological fighter will not emphasis financial losses. But we know that for the domestic media the emphasis on financial losses is very important to make an impression on people in the US Video of OBL released in November 2004 : Here I believe that it was indeed Bin Ladin and he spoke like a Muslim. He indirectly takes responsibility for the attacks and justifies them on basis of 1980's Lebanon attacks: It's too easy for the USA to ask OBL to take responsibility for the attacks in order to left alone! Any way, OBL must be heard by a court of justice, and all what he says must be checked. In 9/2007, other movies containing another OBL with shorter and painted beard speaking against the same background have been released. It's clear that this is not the same person. What kind game is being played here? After using him in 2004, did they kill him and put an actor in his place? It is difficult to tell. The truth can only be found if real evidence is presented.

72 62- CONCLUSIONS There are many convergent evidences that prove the official theory is false! The presence of Muslim suicide pilots is not proved. There is enough evidence to request the disclosure of all classified information. Without that disclosure, both national and world security are in danger. These attacks can not be managed without knowledge and permission of the Bush administration’s high level deciders.

73 63- Does the US Administration have the skills to accomplish these attacks?
YES, they do! Some false flag terror attacks having different manner and authors that justified wars : Explosion of cruiser Maine! (1898) Reichstag fire (1933) Pearl Harbor (1941) Operation Northwoods (1962) Assassination of JFK (1963) Gulf of Tonkin, Vietnam (1964)


75 65- The Conquistador, Successor of Hitler He managed to start the invasion of Muslims countries

76 66- Why? Bali, Madrid, London, Morocco,..
Life in Muslim countries is simple: If you don’t bother anyone, no one will bother you. But if you attack someone, you will get an equal reaction. Let’s remember that before 9/11/01, during Clinton’s Administration efforts for peace in Palestine, the attacks had been reduced and there was dialogue. If the number and the intensity of the attacks are low and the reactions remain moderate, it can be resolved with good results. Today the intensity of the aggression (Americans) and injustices (Israelis) are so high that there is no room for dialogue or moderate reactions. The traditional method of Muslim countries has not adapted to today’s aggressions and injustices. We need another solution! The last remaining one is Justice which is imperfect, costly, and slow. Muslims must get used to its methods and complexities. And justice must be less imperfect.

77 67- Why? Madrid and London Let me explain some doubts about the Madrid and London blasts. I did no investigation into these actions. But my thoughts are: In Madrid they used cellular phones as radio controlled firing systems, similar to the explosives used in the WTC towers. The method was new. In 2007 Muslims are still making suicide bombings without using such technology. The authors must be the same people who made 9/11 attacks. I hope the current lawsuit in Spain will lead to some truth. I trust Spanish justice. The cctv cameras of the London tube were controlled and recorded by an Israeli company, before, during, and after the blasts. Simple children are shown as terrorists. These are the sole organized big blasts in European countries. All other actions done by Muslims in European countries were individual actions made by foolish people: Theo Van Gogh murder and other people placing gas bottles near the door of a synagogue. These small actions are not comparable to the Madrid and London blasts. To get stronger credibility and remove all doubts in such investigations, all evidences must be checked and independent Muslim professionals must be fully involved. This was before the verdict of Spanish court on 31 october 2007.

78 March 2004 Madrid attacks The Spanish court of justice reached its verdict on 31th October 2007 after 3 years of investigation and an 8-month trial against 28 defendants. Three of them were found guilty and received more than a total of 40,000 years imprisonment for having supplied or placed the explosives without participating in the actual bombing. The remaining 25 defendants were not at all involved in the Madrid bombings. 18 of them received several jail sentences of up to 18 years without having taken part in or being related to the bombings. 7 were acquitted. The masterminds of the bombings were not identified. How can 3 years of investigation bring 25 uninvolved people to the trial while the masterminds remain unknown? This poses serious questions for the impartiality of the trial. During 3 years of investigation all the evidence collected should have identified the masterminds and let those 25 without any direct involvement go free. It appears that the court needed to put the blame on someone and thus found passed guilty verdicts on random Muslim suspects. As for the exploded flat in Madrid it could well be that ordinary Arab tourists had stayed there. Whilst they were out of the flat some people might have installed explosives in their flat. Upon their return the culprits ignited the explosives by remote control, filming it at the same time for the benefit of the media.

79 69- July 7, 2005 London attacks The cctv cameras of the London tube were controlled and recorded by an Israeli company named Verint. There is no record showing the Muslim bombers entering these wagons. Natanyahu who had to give a conference near the explosion area received a call from the Mossad asking him to remain in his hotel. The policewoman Lizzie Kenworthy was next to the exploded wagon. She entered inside the explosion area and explained what she saw: The chap next to her had lost his leg and there was a woman to their left who was on her back trapped in the metal, which had twisted up through the middle of the carriage. The roof was still on, but the lining of the carriage had been blown off. The sides had also come off and there was a big hole in the floor. That means the bombs were placed under the carriage. Sources According to that testimony of a policewoman it’s impossible that any passenger have placed these bombs under the carriage. So Muslims are not involved in 7/7 London events. Justice has to be done again.

80 70- MY MOTIVES The World is becoming a small village, the changes are very huge. Humanity is facing several challenges. One of the challenges is diversity of life. As a Muslim, I believe that diversity, being the will of God, will enrich us with our differences. Koran 5/48, 49/13. As a scientist, I consider peaceful diversity as one of the most important conditions for life to exist. That diversity can only exist in a just world! I know that interest groups created these attacks to start wars. I didn’t start this investigation to help these warlike people. So let’s not deviate into hate which will make easier the work of these warlike people. Only some American Republican leaders are guilty. Let’s act as responsible people for peace and justice. That means fighting against our own unjust people as well. Justice is in the best interest of all.

81 Eng. Mehmet INAN Copyright 2003-2013

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