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Clearly the Best Funke Company Presentation 2010.

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1 Clearly the Best Funke Company Presentation 2010

2 Clearly the Best Family owned company with more than 50 years of experience Headquarters, R&D and production located at the Eindhoven area, the Netherlands Solid company Managed big technical turn-around end of 1990 by introducing digital antenna Proved to be reliable partner during decades Who Are We?

3 Clearly the Best Leading innovator / state of the art product development Solution driven / customized solutions Advisory board for the customer Partnership & Teamwork Continuous improvement is our driving force Company asset

4 Clearly the Best Delivering tailor-made specific solutions Sharing our Expert Knowledge Best product performance (long distance range of reception) and low investment cost Create solutions for our customers Customer Benefits

5 Clearly the Best Funke is a supplier to National and commercial broadcasters, Telecom operators Retail channels and OEM Funke is a member of various major digital associations Our customers are focused on quality and reliability Customer expects a solution minded organization being able to supply a unique and optimal result! Customer Profile

6 Clearly the Best KPN Example Dutch broadcaster & telecom operator: 23 TV & 19 radio (4 TV & 9 radio free-to-air) Basic concept implemented during the IBC of 1996 in Amsterdam Goals: - Full country coverage - Indoor reception (rooftop antennas are not accepted by general public) - Temporary free-to-air network ASO December 10 th 2006: Antenna & STB available on the market (broadcasters/retailers) Result: January 2010 digital market share >20% in fully cabled market (>1 million subscribers)

7 Clearly the Best Cooperation Funke - KPN Goal :indoor reception Solution :active indoor antenna and outdoor antenna in areas with a weak signal Expertise :KPN (network) & Funke (antennas) Funke :series Digital Signal Collectors indoor & outdoor Welcome-box :indoor antenna & DVB-T set top box Outdoor antenna : sold separately for the regions without full coverage (yet)

8 Clearly the Best Consumer focused Solution Provide your customer with a friendly solution! - Practical: antenna set in a mailbox size; convenient solution - Service: easy to reach the subscriber - Accessible: anytime, anywhere, fast and flexible - Price: cost efficient - Simplicity solution: Plug & Play welcome package

9 Clearly the Best DVB-T Failures during introduction UK, Spain and Sweden were the pioneers starting the roll-out of DVB-T. Projects were not successful in the beginning, due to several reasons: – Information towards end-consumers was not complete. – Incomplete business plan (commercial strategy). – Existing analogue antennas were used in combination with DVB-T receivers. – Frequency planning. – No certified products available.

10 Clearly the Best Funke follows and creates future trends: Consumers in the future would like to watch TV any place any time – Offering end-users a good working solution to watch TV on their laptop – All in one solution for the laptop (active antenna with integrated DVB-T tuner) – Add conditional access (embedded or with smart card) Offer a solution for broadcasting companies (Pay TV countries) Solution Minded Company

11 Clearly the Best Small reception antenna offering people a user-friendly way to watch portable TV – Antenna enabling communication with DVB-T tuner – End-users have opportunity to change amplification of antenna Small is Beautiful! Other solutions – 7/8 small band antennas will cover complete UHF frequency band to enlarge passive gain of all antennas – While watching a TV channel the tuner already detects the frequency of which band antenna should be used – Embedded software module inside the solution

12 Clearly the Best More and more studies confirm that the antenna is one of the success factors in a DVB-T(2) network Higher QAM level offers broadcasters a way to transmit more data to the end-user (able to watch HD TV) Reception possible when state of the art reception antenna is used (especially indoor) Funke owns a lot of experience in making state of the art antennas – An excellent SN ratio – Less cable sensitivity – Excellent max/min signal behaviour – Less power consumption Crucial factors for DTT/T2

13 Clearly the Best Proven Best Product Performance! Longest range of reception over the complete band Best coverage Stylish design 7 years guarantee Ability to modify products according to customer specifications Environmentally conscious Lowest energy consumption (less than 30 mA) Why Funke Products

14 Clearly the Best Digital receivers are more susceptible to unwanted signals. Impulsive noise causes interference Sources of impulsive noise are : car ignition, industrial areas, household appliances, etc. Impulsive noise can partly be overcome by using antennas with implemented filtering and a directive reception pattern. Digital reception: Digital Signal Collector Technical Constraints

15 Clearly the Best Reduced reception with conventional Antenna products Maximum bandwidth and suppression of GSM / DECT and impulsive noise with the Funke Digital Signal Collectors Technical Advantage of our products

16 Clearly the Best Funke Digital TV company uses two brands in order to fulfill demands from different segment groups The brand stands for PROFESSIONAL, sophisticated and innovative moments! The brand stands for FUN, careless moments in a playful environment! Branding Funke Digital TV

17 Clearly the Best Funke develops and markets a large range of user-friendly electronic products for digital TV in segments: Indoor Antennas Outdoor Antennas Automotive Antennas Handheld Antennas Accessories Funke Product Assortment

18 Clearly the Best Indoor and Outdoor Antennas DSC 250 DSC310 ODSC100

19 Clearly the Best Home+ 2.0 Margon Models Home+ 5.0

20 Clearly the Best City+ 5.1 Margon Models City+ 5.5

21 Clearly the Best Performance of Antenna Antenna has to be active to deliver high performance Antenna is activated by 5V which can be received from – STB or – Power inserter Verify the polarization: horizontal or vertical

22 Clearly the Best Our solutions benefit our customer Open, easy and straightforward communication Cost conscious and honest Professional and flexible attitude Win-Win Strategy Teamwork and partnership – TOGETHER WE CREATE A SUCCESS! Funke Values

23 Clearly the Best At Funke Digital TV, we are constantly improving and innovating our products and services to guarantee the highest performance. Portable, mobile and integration of antennas sets the challenge for now and the near future. Our new designs and concepts will create opportunities – BEYOND IMAGINATION! Our Commitment

24 Clearly the Best Leader in product innovation in digital reception Proven Best Product Performance! Longest range of reception over the complete band Best coverage Stylish design Tailor made products, ONLY for YOU! Able to offer you value for money as well as high premium technological products Ability to modify products according to your (company and country) specifications Constantly developing new products according to market trends 4-7 years guarantee Environmentally conscious Lowest energy consumption (less than 30 mA) Why Choose Us?

25 Clearly the Best :+31-411-672440 :+31-411-684885 Funke Digital TV Postbus 36 5280 AA Boxtel The Netherlands Funke Location

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