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adidas Electronic Body Protector Tournament Manual

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1 adidas Electronic Body Protector Tournament Manual

2 Overview Introduction Benefits of the adidas EBP Technical Equipment
3.1. Electronic Body Protector (EBP) 3.2. Electronic Scoring Machine (ESM) 3.3. CTM Connection 4. Tournament Software 4.1. EBP/CTM in Connection with a tournament software 4.2. Interaction between EBP, CTM and the tournament software 5. Hit Level 6. Setup Competition Area 6.1. Graphic Overview 6.2. Tournament Requirements 6.3. EBP Placement 6.4. Visualization (Competition Optic) 7. Referees 7.1. Center Referee 7.2. Corner Judges 7.3. Visualization (Referee Optic) 7.4. Referee Table Staff Athletes Coaches Contact

3 1. Introduction The use of the adidas Electronic Body Protector (EBP) sets a new standard in Taekwondo. It brings numerous advantages, but also requires a modified tournament setup. This tournament manual contains only recommendations and does not replace the EBP User Manual which is needed to install the system properly. For all technical support please refer to the EBP User Manual (CD-ROM/ or contact: Hotline: +49 (0)

4 2. Benefits of the adidas EBP
Objectivity, transparency for all participants Accurate measurement According to WTF rules and design Bluetooth Technology for safe transmission Calibration continuously adjustable to individual weight class and gender including vest size #0 Registration of up to four repeated hits per second Fight protocol available in case of protests Less referees needed

5 3. Technical Equipment

6 3.1. Electronic Body Protector (EBP)
3) 4) 2) 5) 1) 1) Red Body Protector 2) Blue Body Protector 3) Sensor 4) Charging Station 5) CTM Software Special attention: Pre-Charge all sensors at least 6-8 hours prior to the tournament

7 3.2. Electronic Scoring Machine (ESM)
2) Charging Station Special attention: Pre-Charge all ESM units at least 6-8 hours prior to the tournament 2) 1)

8 3.3. Combat Tournament Manager (CTM)
In order to use the EBP and/or the ESM properly a computer or notebook with certain technical prerequisites and correctly installed CTM software is required and offers the following components: Connection capability via Bluetooth Technology Selection possibility between competition or training mode Connection capacity with the tournament software Individual settings (Hitlevel, Rules, Update, EBP or Handscoring etc.) Individual match protocol. If a fight is selected and started in Training or Combat Mode, the combat interface (Please refer to 7.3. Visualization (Referee Optic) is displayed. From this point there is no differentiation between Training or Combat Mode. This interface shows the current score, hit values, penalty points, cautions and other data. Furthermore, the main judge has the option to intervene in the fight. Note: If a fight was started in Combat Mode, the selected result and the winner are added to the pool list data bank and the next fight can be loaded and initiated.

9 4. Tournament Software

10 4. Tournament Software The adidas EBP/CTM requires an interface with the tournament software in order to be used in a network. If not available it can be run in the training mode for the tournament. We recommend TAEKOPLAN as tournament software. The existing interface with the tournament software TAEKOPLAN guarantees optimal function for tournament use. The recommended software assures that all necessary specifics of the current and following matches are automatically updated into the CTM and all results are transferred back to the main server. A special software Update from Taekoplan is mandatory to run the CTM together with Taekoplan in a network!!! Contact Taekoplan: BudoScore Netherlands Portal Alphen aan den Rijn ZH, Netherlands For other interfaces please contact:

11 4.1. EBP/CTM in connection with a tournament software
+ ESM EBP CTM Tournament software Scoring device On-time input by referees Scoreboard display Individual fight report Weigh-in Pool lists Fight schedule input to CTM Result output from CTM

12 4.2. Interaction between EBP, CTM and the tournament software
+ Match result Next match data Interaction 1 2 3 4 EBP CTM ESM Network Tournament software The EBP and ESM transfer via Bluetooth the results to the CTM By wireless or cable network the CTM automatically transfers the results of the previous match to the main server The data for the following fight is transfered to the CTM Update of pool lists and tournament schedule 1 2 4 3

13 5. Hit Level The decision of the hit level for each weight class depends on the level of the competition and lies in the responsibility of the organiser in coordination with the referee comitee. However, we suggest that only the following recommended settings should be used to offer the best performance and results:

14 Hitlevel recommendation adidas EBP
Software: < 1.10/10 > Senior Male Weight Class -54kg -58kg -62kg -67kg -72kg -78kg -84kg +84kg Size EBP #2 #3 #4 #5 Hit Level B-Class 190 200 210 220 230 Hit Level ETU 1.1 240 250 Hit Level A-Class 350 360 370 380 390 Senior Female -47kg -51kg -55kg -59kg -63kg +72kg 140 150 160 170 180 185 195 205 215 270 280 290 300 305 310

15 Hitlevel recommendation adidas EBP
Software: < 1.10/10 > Junior Male Weight Class -45kg -48kg -51kg -55kg -59kg -63kg -68kg -73kg -78kg +78kg Size EBP #1 #2 #3 #4 Hit Level B-Class 130 140 150 160 170 180 190 200 Hit Level ETU 1.1 210 220 Junior Female -42kg -44kg -46kg -49kg -52kg +68kg 110 120 155 165 175 185

16 Hitlevel recommendation adidas EBP
Software: < 1.10/10 > Cadet Male 12-14 Weight Class -33kg -37kg -41kg -45kg -49kg -53kg -57kg -61kg -65kg +65kg Size EBP #0 #1 Hit Level 30 35 45 55 70 85 95 100 110 120 Cadet Female 12-14 Weight Class -29kg -33kg -37kg -41kg -44kg -47kg -51kg -55kg -59kg +59kg Size EBP #0 #1 Hit Level 30 35 40 59 65 75 85 95 100 Cadet Male 9-11 Weight Class -30kg -32kg -35kg -38kg -41kg -45kg -49kg -53kg -57kg +57kg Size EBP #0 #1 Hit Level 25 30 35 40 50 60 70 80 Cadet Female 9-11 Weight Class -30kg -32kg -35kg -38kg -41kg -45kg -49kg -53kg -57kg +57kg Size EBP #0 #1 Hit Level 20 25 30 35 45 55 65 70

17 6. Setup Competition Area

18 6.1. Graphic Overview XCJ XCJ XCR XT XF XFn XCn XStaff XC1 XC1 XF1 XF1
Corner Judge Center Referee Screen Stairs Fighter blue Fighter and Coaches following matches XT XF XFn XCn Coach blue Fighter red Coach red 1,2,3…n Match Number XStaff Referee assistance staff XCR XC1 XC1 XF1 XF1 Entrance XCJ Inspection desk Computer Referee table XStaff Table/Box for blue EBP XC2 XF3 XF2 XC3 Table/ Box for red EBP XF3 XC3 XC2 XF2 XStaff XStaff

19 6.2. Tournament Requirements
1 Competition area 2 Competition areas 3 Competition areas 4 Competition areas Minimum Maximum EBP units/ size 2 4 8 6 12 16 Sensor units ESM units Sound system units 1  2 Laptop units 3 5 Software units  1 Printer units Network cabel units Beamer/ Screen units 24 32 Referees 9 Staff Technical support (manpower) Weigh-in is the responsibility of the organizer and must be integrated within the actual tournament software used. The minimum quantitiy of EBP units can be reduced if most of the matches with the same vest size are shared on the same competition area.

20 6.3. EBP Placement 2 tables for each area (1x blue/ 1xred)
Only referees or staff members are authorized at the EBP placement desk and to handle the EBP  No other persons, especially coaches or competitors, may assist Three pairs of athletes need to be taken care of at all times: 1) Active pair (XF1) on the match area (one set of sensors) 2) Pair of athletes (XF2) for following match fight. EBP and sensors already in place 3) Third pair (XF3) of athletes waiting to receive the EBP Pair 2 (XF2) and 3 (XF3) must remain next to the EBP placement desk (refer to 5.1.)

21 6.4. Visualization (Competition Optic)
Hit Value Hit Level Weight Class Round Score Penalties Competitor Match Number Remaining Time The screen is designed for athletes, coaches and spectators and shows all relevant data

22 One screen: Recommended screen size 42“ One screen must be visible from the competition area Placement on the same side as the referee table Requirements: 1 Audio cable 1 VGA cable 2 Power supply More than one screen: Screens back-to-back and visible to all sides (refer to 5.2.) Additional amount of cables and powers supplies depends on the amount of screens 1 Video-splitter 1 Audio splitter  extra VGA cable Attention: Assure that all cables have the correct connections for the screen and the laptop (e.g. VGA cable either male-female or male-male, depending on screen or laptop)

23 7. Referees

24 7.1. Center Referee The experience and qualification of the center referee is the relevant factor. He/She is the decisive person for the success of the competition. EBP System check: Confirmation of the functionality to all parties Check through a soft punch or kick on each of the competitors EBP Recommended to be done by the coach OK signal on the scoreboard is shown. For more details please refer to the EBP User Manual

25 Knee kicks Handling strictly in accordance with existing WTF rules Manual deduction from the scoreboard (if an invalid point was scored with unusually high impact) Collision or knock-down Involvement of arm or leg during a collision or knock-down could result in a point Manual deduction from the scoreboard Procedure: 1) Kalyo 2) Shigan 3) Point deduction 4) Kyongo/KamJom (if intentional) 5) Kesok

26 7.2. Corner Judges Main responsibility for the head points (ESM)
Simultaneous reaction within the time frame of 1.5 seconds according to WTF rules Recommended positions are the corners 1 and 3. In case of a dead angle the corner judges may move along the boundary line Body points are blocked during the use of the EBP Collateral observation on body points in case a mutual decision needs to be made Green button in the middle for On-/Off-Mode (Not to be used during competition!) The display in the middle of the ESM has no relevance except when using in Poomsae

27 7.3. Visualization (Referee Optic)
This area is only visible at the referee table This screen is designed for the technical assistant and the operator and allows the input of penalty points, warnings and other data. Only the center referee has the option to decide and/or intervene in the fight. A clear communication between the center referee and the referee table is necessary. For more detailed information please refer to the EBP User Manual

28 1 Laptop user (Staff or technical assistant)
6-8 power supplies (Screen, Laptop, Sensor Charging Stations etc.) If the laptop stands on a tablecloth, overheating must be avoided! Place a small piece of wood or a similar object between the frontside of the laptop and the tablecloth to assure for proper ventilation.

29 8. Staff Quantity Minimum 1 staff per competition area (red + blue vest exchange) Recommended: 2 staff (1x blue vest exchange + 1x red vest exchange) 1 staff per referee table (if service is not supplied by referee) laptop handling Workflow Step 1: Check correct EBP size The vest size is indicated on the starter card of each athlete Step 2: Check regarding correct set (Set 1 or Set 2) of sensors!!! 1) Active set on the competition area 2) Second set prepared in the pair of EBPs for next competition Good communication between referee table and staff is an important key for success!

30 Step 3: Sensor check: Only the green light indicates that the sensor is on-line Step 4: Check proper tube connection between sensor and inlay Step 5: Proper adjustment of the EBP (close to the body/no loose fitting) Step 6: EBP (including sensors) currently in use on the competition area must be collected immediately following each match Step 7: The third pair of athletes needs to be prepared (Step 1-6) Step 8: Repetition of Step 1-7

31 9. Athletes XT XF XFn XCn 5 XC1 XC1 XF1 XF1 1 4 XC2 XF3 XF2 XC3 XF3
Screen Stairs Fighter blue XT XF XFn XCn Coach blue Fighter red Coach red 1,2,3…n 5 XC1 XC1 Match Number XF1 XF1 Entrance Fighter and Coaches following matches 1 4 Inspection desk Computer Referee table XC2 XF3 XF2 XC3 XF3 XC3 XC2 XF2 Table/Box for blue EBP Table/ Box for red EBP XStaff XStaff 2 3

32 Step : Inspection Desk Check of starter card, protective gear (except Electronic Body Protector) Step : Electronic Body Protector Outfit by the staff with the correct EBP According to the WTF rules both athletes must wear the same vest size and each weight category needs to use the appropriate size Step : Waiting Position Waiting position to avoid any time delay Step : Coach and break position Coach and athlete take their designated position at the length of the competition area Step : Fighting position Position of the athlete before and during the match 1 2 3 4 5

33 10. Coaches Coaches are positioned next to the steps on the side of their athletes in accordance with WTF regulations

34 For any further questions or discussion points we remain personally at your disposal:
How to reach us: Tel.: +49 (0) Mobile: +49 (0) Jürgen Borkenstein Manager Olympic & Emerging Sports

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