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Unified Workflow Discovery Tool Version 1.0 User Guide December 2008 – Internal Use Only.

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1 Unified Workflow Discovery Tool Version 1.0 User Guide December 2008 – Internal Use Only

2 2 Overview What is it? Interactive platform to aid Kodak sales teams guide Print Service Providers (PSPs) through the value of Kodak Unified Workflow Solutions as it applies to their specific business operations What is the Strategy? Facilitate the ROI discovery process at the first stages of a sales cycle Communicate Unified Workflow (UWF) message and key value propositions of UWF Solutions Identify areas for Growth and Production Efficiency Discover customers current operations, needs and gaps in order to sell How does it help? Kodak sales person understands the clients business, strengths and weaknesses and is in a better position to drive the selling process and win Customer gains a better understanding of Kodaks UWF Solutions and the products that could improve specific business operations

3 3 Navigation Example (outlined further on slides 7-10): Choose Department: Prepress and Production Value Proposition: Increase efficiency with intelligent automation and reduce errors, waste and turnaround time Choose Task: Imposition/Layout Value Proposition: Reduce press make-ready time with information rich layouts Lead customer to the appropriate Kodak Solution Rollover product to reveal brief description Choose product to reveal Product Information Window Aiding the Customer Discovery Process Explore a Print Service Providers business by typical departments and tasks to identify areas for Growth and Production Efficiency Non-Linear Presentation enables free navigation to facilitate any conversation flow

4 4 Kodak UWF Discovery Tool - Key Features Configurator tool (feature available at Startup Window) Allows you to create a Client List upon startup Records and stores client information captured in the product information windows during the discovery process for future reference: Current solutions owned (Kodak or Non-Kodak solution details) Kodak solutions selected as of interest to the client Features available during discovery process with the client: Notes tool allow you to record client specific production notes or requirements during the discovery session (client notes are also accessible within the configurator tool) Product Finder provides immediate access to specific product information windows if required or specifically requested. These windows are normally revealed as part of the discovery process after navigating to a specific task Solution Center captures Kodak products of interest to the client as a customized PDF downloadable for their perusal

5 5 User Guideline: Setup Configurator Tool: Create Client List 1. Click on wrench icon (Note: First time installation will automatically direct you to the New Client window upon language selection. Once a client has been added the configurator tool can be accessed through the wrench icon on the startup window) 2. Add New Client 3. Enter Client Name 4. If the client is an existing Kodak customer, select current solutions owned. These will automatically be populated within the tool and will be highlighted in the indicator bars 5. Continue and Exit Configurator 4 1 3 5

6 6 User Guideline: Customer Facing Presentation Upon client and language selection, the tool automatically navigates to the Introduction 1. Introduce Kodak UWF and the need to analyze current business operations to identify areas for growth and production efficiency 2. The animation will automatically proceed to the key Kodak UWF value propositions or you can choose to move the presentation forward Optional: 3. Skip Introduction 3 1 2 Introduction: Kodak Unified Workflow

7 7 User Guideline: Customer Facing Presentation 1. Introduction 2. Highlight areas to discover Rollover each department to start discussing the value propositions Click department to reveal specific operation tasks 3. Red indicator identifies a Kodak solution already selected and indicates room for growth 4. As solutions are selected during the discovery discussion with the customer, the overview meter rises indicating growth opportunity progress 1 3 4 2 Sales Discovery Process – Discover Departments

8 8 User Guideline: Customer Facing Presentation 1 2 options to Navigates between levels 4 2 3 1. Highlight key value propositions 2. Highlight typical operational tasks to discover Rollover each task to highlight value Click task to reveal Kodak UWF solutions which cater specifically for that task 3. Enter Customer Notes 4. Fast track directly to a Kodak UWF Product Window Sales Discovery Process – Discover Tasks

9 9 2 options to Navigates between levels 3 1. Highlight key value propositions 2. Highlight Kodak UWF solutions for task Rollover each solution to reveal brief product description Click solution to reveal product information 3. Purple indicates solutions customer already owns 2 User Guideline: Customer Facing Presentation Sales Discovery Process – Lead to Kodak UWF Solution 1

10 10 User Guideline: Customer Facing Presentation Image overview diagram (1or 2 images depending on product) Close/Navigate back Scroll 1. Review Product 2. Choose option: a) Customer already uses the product b) Customer interested in product – adds to the Solution Centre List c) Customer has another solution in place – enter details if known Information is captured in the configurator Navigate freely identifying solution needs throughout the sales discussion 2 Sales Discovery Process – Product Information Window 1

11 11 User Guideline: Customer Facing Presentation 1. Download PDF of all products of interest identified for customer perusal 2. Return to Introduction to review customer information in the configurator tool Or 3. Exit Tool and review later 1 2 3 Sales Discovery Process – Final Stage

12 12 User Guideline: Customer Information 1. Configurator captures information entered in the Product Finder window throughout the discovery process with the customer 2. You can enter additional information in custom fields 3. View/Edit Client Notes Add or review Client Notes 4. Export Client Notes - exports PDF that can be shared to prepare for follow up discussions with the customer 2 3 4 1 Customer Information Review

13 13 Availability Download the Discovery Tool from the following URL: Download Adobe Air executable desktop application Install Wizard installs Adobe Air Application on your laptop for first time installations and then installs the Kodak Discovery Tool automatically PC/Mac/Linux compatible Latest User Guide available View system requirements View troubleshooting and HelpIT guidelines if temporary administrator access is required Version Updates will be posted to same URL address

14 14 User Feedback Welcome Contact: Laura McGrath

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