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PRO-MIC Roll Measurement Systems An Overview 1PRO-MIC Corporation (c) 2013.

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2 PRO-MIC Roll Measurement Systems An Overview 1PRO-MIC Corporation (c) 2013

3 PRO-MIC Roll Measurement Systems 2PRO-MIC Corporation (c) 2013

4 PRO-MIC Roll Measurement Systems 28 years and 40,000,000 roll profiles measured (est). More than 750 Systems in use on 6 Continents. Reliable equipment that works. All Industries: Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Paper Rubber – Tires and calendering, Magnetic Tape, Film and more. All Roll Materials (Steel, Cast Iron, Rubber, Synthetics, etc…) All Roll Shapes (Sine/Cosine, Parabolic, CVC, TFT, etc.) Measures change in diameter. 3PRO-MIC Corporation (c) 2013

5 PRO-MIC Roll Measurement Systems Key Points PRO-MIC Digital Electronics Package -- all digital, battery powered. PRO-MIC TRUE End-to-End - complete edge to edge profiles. PRO-MIC Lightweight - measures 2/ 50mm inside each edge. Size ranges from 1-80 inches/25-2000mm diameter. Scales/arms adjust to form an X above the wheeled carriage, minimizing space requirements around the roll. Crown/profile measurement range: 0.400/10mm Resolution: 0.000020/0.0005mm (Option: 0.000005/0.0001mm) Repeatability: +/-0.0001 / +/-0.0025mm Print direct from PRO-MIC, or, easy wireless Bluetooth transfer to PC software. 4PRO-MIC Corporation (c) 2013

6 PRO-MIC Roll Measurement Systems Standard Size Ranges 1" to 4" (25 to 100mm) 2" to 8" (50 to 200mm) 4" to 22" (100 to 559mm) 8" to 32" (200 to 810mm) 8" to 40" (200 to 1015mm) 16" to 48" (400 to 1200mm) 16" to 64" (400 to 1600mm) 20" to 80" (500 to 2000mm) Custom Sizes Available 5PRO-MIC Corporation (c) 2013

7 PRO-MIC Locations 6PRO-MIC Corporation (c) 2013

8 PRO-MIC Digital Electronics Package PRO-MIC Puts an End to Calibration! Lower your operating costs. No calibration required! All new Digital system. (Sony) Magnescale Probes - Specialty digital probes generate High Precision with no calibration. Measurement Range: 0.400 /10mm. Resolution: 0.000020 / 0.0005mm. Exchange or replace probes without accuracy loss or re-calibration. Bluetooth Wireless Communication to PC. Nearly 250 Digital PRO-MICs in service. High Resolution Option. 7PRO-MIC Corporation (c) 2013

9 PRO-MIC TRUE End-to-End (Patented) PRO-MIC Digital Electronics. Patented design. Original design was created in to meet demands of precise rolling operations. Measures complete roll profiles from one roll body edge to the other. No operator manipulation or special skills required. Easy and Convenient to operate. Complete profiles are important for: – Critical Rolling Operations. – Correcting Mill Problems. – Diagnosing Grinder Performance. – Advanced Roll Shapes (CVC and other shapes) 8PRO-MIC Corporation (c) 2013

10 PRO-MIC Lightweight PRO-MIC Digital Electronics Bluetooth Wireless Communication Precision, Lightweight design. Measures with in 2/50mm of roll ends. Reduced cost. Easy and convenient to operate. 9 PRO-MIC Corporation (c) 2013

11 Manual Indicator Systems Traditional Dial Indicator Saddle Micrometer. Maintains mechanical precision of PRO-MIC electronic systems. Includes dial indicator. Same size ranges as other PRO-MIC systems. Lightweight and simple to use. Low Cost. 10PRO-MIC Corporation (c) 2013

12 Low Clearance Systems Used to measure rolls in place. Special Low Clearance mechanical assemblies custom designed for each roll size. Main wheeled frame requires only 35mm/1.375 clearance. Radius arms require only 1/25mm clearance. (excl. probes) Special opposed probe version of PRO-MIC Digital electronic package. Available as balanced and offset arm design to fit in tight spaces. Offboard electronics with Bluetooth wireless communication to PC. 11PRO-MIC Corporation (c) 2013 See Separate PowerPoint for More Info

13 Sendzimer Mill Systems (Small rolls) Miniature precision mechanical assemblies. For rolls under 4 inches / 100mm Offboard PRO-MIC electronics. Complete electronic profile measurements for small diameter rolls. Size Ranges 1 - 4 (25-100mm) 2 – 8 (50-200mm) 12PRO-MIC Corporation (c) 2013

14 PRO-MIC Software Systems PRO-MIC Software Features: Electronic Storage of PRO-MIC Measurements Microsoft Access Data Storage. Target Shapes (Sine/Cosine, Parabolic, etc). Tolerance Bands. High speed printing to any Windows Printer. Interactive profile display. Live scale adjustment. Profile Zoom. Easy to Use Interface. Support for Touchscreen PCs. Minimized user input. Built in data export functions. Easy to Read Data Entry Screen. Network option available. Can be integrated with Plant Systems. Roll Comparisons included (worn vs ground or hot vs. cold) PRO-MIC Corporation (c) 201313 See Separate PowerPoint for More Info

15 Accessories and Optional Capabilities Bluetooth Wireless Communication Concentricity / Roundness Measurement -- Polar Plot PRO-FILER Handheld Datalogger 14PRO-MIC Corporation (c) 2013

16 PRO-MIC Bluetooth Wireless PRO-MIC Digital Electronics includes Bluetooth wireless communication ability. PRO-MIC Data can be wirelessly transferred from the PRO-MIC Digital to your PC running PRO-MIC software. Data can be sent to Desktop, Laptop or Tablet PC. Measurement charts can be viewed on the roll! 15PRO-MIC Corporation (c) 2013 Handheld or Mounted Tablet PC Laptop or Desktop PC PRO-MIC with Bluetooth Antenna

17 Concentricity/TIR Measurement Measures Roundness of the roll as is rotates in the grinder or machinery. Proximity Sensor provides rotational index. Up to 3 measurements can be collected and stored in PRO-MIC Electronics. PRO-MIC Digital measures at up to 200Hz. Data can be transferred to PC Software and Polar Plot generated. PRO-MIC mechanical saddle is not used in this measurement - Magnetic Stands are used to position the measurement probes. 16PRO-MIC Corporation (c) 2013

18 PRO-FILER Data Logger Temporary data storage device used to store and annotate PRO-MIC Measurements. Measurement data is transferred from the PRO-MIC to the PRO-FILER then on to your PC or Printer. Convenient for transfer of groups of measurements to a remotely located PC. Also helpful for measuring rolls in place where the PC cannot be conveniently positioned. 17PRO-MIC Corporation (c) 2013

19 Sample Hardcopy Reports 18PRO-MIC Corporation (c) 2013

20 Special PRO-MIC Systems 19PRO-MIC Corporation (c) 2013

21 Contact Information PRO-MIC Corporation 20135 Valley Forge Circle King of Prussia, PA 19406 U.S.A. Phone: 610/783-7901 Fax: 610/783-7904 Email: WWW.PRO-MIC.COM PRO-MIC Corporation (c) 201320

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