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TexasTTCC: The Road Map to Accelerating Technology Integration Mary Pearson, Karin Horn, and Norma Smith ESC Region XI.

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1 TexasTTCC: The Road Map to Accelerating Technology Integration Mary Pearson, Karin Horn, and Norma Smith ESC Region XI

2 TTCC gave them the map they need to get the skills to go on in the classroom with technology…

3 Recognized statewide 100% Online Electronic Portfolio with items addressing all 73 performance indicators of SBEC Technology Applications Standards I-V required of all teachers National standards addressed TexasTTCC - Certifying Teacher Technology Competency Since 2003

4 Desktop Publishing Product Spreadsheet and Chart Multimedia Presentation Database Web page Technology-rich lesson plans Evaluation instruments for technology products Technology tools to perform tasks and plan, monitor and adjust instruction Teacher-created Portfolio Contents

5 Why Do Districts Require Their Teachers to Become TexasTTCC Certified?

6 To Improve Student Achievement The key is that this certification would assure us teachers can add value to student learning. … Thats the bottom line. We believe technology can improve teaching and improve learning. Robert Damron, Superintendent Cleburne ISD

7 How Does a Teacher Technology Competencies Certification Program Improve Student Achievement?

8 TexasTTCC makes teachers more confident What districts discovered was that as their teachers prepared the products for their TexasTTCC electronic portfolios, they became more confident with integrating technology into curriculum and instruction

9 Teachers Exceed Expectations Godley ISD It started out as a concept of requiring a lesson plan dealing with technology this year…. It snowballed…I can state absolutely, unequivocally, had it not been for TTCC our teachers would not be doing what they are doing today. They have far exceeded any of our expectations. Jimmy Smith Technology Director Godley ISD

10 If the network is down, its like someone dropped a bomb in here. … They have integrated technology that much into their everyday lesson plans that if it is not working, its a BIG deal.

11 TexasTTCC Accelerates Technology Integration Teachers who are proficient and confident in using technology integrate technology into student activities and instruction more often than other teachers.

12 I had just done a spreadsheet for TTCC and I thought, if I can make a spreadsheet, I know my 8 year olds can do it! So we made a spreadsheet on our whales and they incorporated it into their PowerPoints and they did an excellent job. I was bragging to everybody…

13 The student who doesnt want to risk giving a wrong answer in class is not afraid to click that button (on CPS system) because theyve seen their teachers be lifelong learners (with TTCC)…

14 How Are School Districts Implementing the TexasTTCC Program? With Superintendent-directed long term plans to have every teacher certified

15 Godley ISD Superintendent, Technology Director, Administrators, Finance Director, School Board All these entities must be on the same page Jimmy Smith, Technology Director Godley ISD 103 teachers certified

16 Reluctant teacher –Give me a book and Ill teach. … I didnt want to do it. I didnt have time to do it and I wasnt going to find time to do it. … The more I got into learning things on the computer…I have come full circle to appreciate technology. I enjoy it. The kids love it. … I have my diploma (TexasTTCC certificate) on the field house wall.

17 Randolph Field ISD Superintendent learned about TexasTTCC at the Midwinter conference TexasTTCC became part of the District Technology Plan


19 Randolph Field ISD By September of 2005, 90 teachers were TexasTTCC certified According to the student produced video on the home page of their Web site, –Technology is everywhere –1-1 Student/computer ratio –SOAR program (Student Online Achievement Resources)

20 Cleburne ISD Superintendent, Curriculum Director and Technology Director developed 5 year plan –Stipends –Professional Development –TexasTTCC certification

21 Cleburne ISD 301 Teachers certified Part of new teacher contract

22 Mansfield ISD Superintendent and Technology Director developed plan using Title IID funds –Professional Development –Virtual Field Trips –TexasTTCC certification

23 Laptops Distributed for Technology Certification

24 Mansfield ISD 522 Teachers certified Instructional Technology Cadre


26 Another Implementation of the TexasTTCC Program is for Grant Evaluation

27 Arlington ISD One school was in the grant Instructional Technology department became certified

28 Arlington ISD Teachers at other campuses were encouraged to participate 453 Teachers now certified

29 At a district staff development facility, Arlington ISD frequently has three computer labs filled with TTCC participants. The atmosphere is like a think tank of professionals discussing curriculum content, instructional strategies, and problem-solving techniques. The result of the competency program is well- informed educators who are prepared to use technology to improve teaching and learning for students. Sue McGahee Director of Instructional Technology

30 TARGET Grant ISDs Denton, Bluffdale, Dublin, Sivells Bend. Erath Excels, Fort Worth CAN, Strawn, Three Way One school from each district Another 100 TexasTTCC certified teachers


32 Birdville ISD 12 Districts across the state partnered with Birdville ISD Online and face-to-face professional development TexasTTCC


34 Belton ISD & Rosebud-Lott ISD 180 Teachers certified

35 Another implementation of the TexasTTCC Program is to create a cadre of technology-using teachers to help others integrate technology

36 Mansfield ISD Instructional Technology team piloted TTCC when it was a regional program and again when it was revised as TexasTTCC Team members work with several campuses to assist teachers in technology integration and portfolio preparation

37 Pasadena ISD and Ector County ISD Instructional Technology Departments Become Cadres All central office and campus-based instructional technology specialists become certified

38 Yet another way to use the TexasTTCC Program Lewisville ISD is using the TexasTTCC program as the equivalent of their own program in qualifying teachers to receive a laptop computer

39 It is imperative that school districts have the ability to demonstrate accountability for their teachers technical competency certification. The states education service centers are providing a needed support mechanism with this high quality program to help ensure legitimacy in this critical professional development area. Greg Veal, Executive Director of Technology, Lewisville ISD

40 Some School Districts are using the TexasTTCC Program in collaboration with the Education Service Centers for professional development and assessment

41 New Diana ISD Two Step Program Prepare with Teaching with Technology online classes TexasTTCC assessment

42 Some districts are using the TexasTTCC program as a model for performance-based portfolio assessment to show that their 8 th grade students are Technology Literate

43 Many teachers and school district leaders are asking questions about how TexasTTCC will work for them What questions do you have? –Mary Jones Pearson 817 723-7286 –Karin Horn 817 –Norma Smith 817

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