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E-Portfolios – Design Elements & Requirements – Categories – Marking.

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2 E-Portfolios – Design Elements & Requirements – Categories – Marking

3 Dream Weaver or Power Point Presentation Colours, Fonts & Graphics Reflect You

4 Welcome Page Your Name & Student Number Graphics about You


6 Hyperlink Six Categories Creativity and Innovation Communication and Collaboration Research and Information Fluency Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making Citizenship & Volunteerism Technology Operations and Concepts

7 Creativity & Innovation Communication & Collaboration Research & Information Fluency Critical Thinking, Problem Solving & Decision Making Citizenship & Volunteerism Technology Operations & Concepts Intro Statement Resume

8 Paragraphs about You Name, School, Skills Club or Community Involvement School Year Goals

9 My name is Anastasia Demakos. I attend the International Business and Technology program at Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School. I am excellent with computers and software programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash and Microsoft Power Point. In this portfolio, I have placed a few examples of individual and group academic work, awards and my resume. I created this portfolio in the hope that it will help me acquire a job at a local business. I would value any opportunity from filing papers to being a camp councillor, in order to further enhance my knowledge of a real work environment. A job would help teach me everything from basic office protocols, how a business is run, first hand and even how to deal with potentially critical situations. While in my grade ten year, I have become very involved in my school and residential community. As part of the IBT Leadership Council at Gordon Graydon, I help make decisions that affect the IBT program. I am constantly given tasks that challenge my communication and technological abilities, such as creating presentations that cater to the knowledge of all IBT students and their parents. Furthermore, I have taken the time to begin teaching the elderly how to use a computer so they can be as technologically efficient as the younger generations. As I wrap up my third year at Gordon Graydon, I will continue to strive for an above eighty average in all my subjects while staying very involved in the clubs and sports teams the school offers.

10 Formatted to Business Class Standards Document Outlining Experience & Skills Name & School Work Experience Useful Skills

11 Link to Resume

12 Download them at:

13 Creative Thinking or New Ideas Independent Study Task (IST) Business Venture PowerPoint Presentations such as this one!

14 IBT Laptop Presentation – October 2009 English ISU Presentation – December 2009

15 Group Work about Global Issues Essays about Laws or Rights Cultural Assignments Language Projects (French, German or Spanish) Group Presentations

16 Cell Phone Ban– October 2010

17 Gathering, Evaluating and Using Information Career or University Research English Essays or History Essays Grade 9 Math Stock Market Challenge

18 Winnipeg General Strike Essay – January 2010

19 Making Informed Decisions or Solutions based on a problem Science Fair Projects Leadership Class Work or Assignments

20 Career Trends – January 2010

21 Community Volunteering or Examples of Citizenship Volunteer Hours Involvement at school (Clubs/ Activities) Involvement in your Community ( Church, Libraries, Community Centers)

22 ActivityLocationNumber of Hours French TutoringGordon Graydon14 Willowfest Fair 2009Willow Glen School2 Westacres June Fair 2009Westacres School6 Teaching Elderly to use Computer Eleanor Konkles Home2 Promoting Healthy LivingGordon Graydon4 Westacres June Fair 2010Westacres School6 Total Number of Hours34 Hours Photography Club Secretary - 2009 to 2010 Volleyball Team – October 2009 to February 2010 IBT Council Apprentice – 2009 to 2010

23 Ability to use Different Computer Applications Business HTML Website Comm. Tech Projects

24 English ISU – April 2009 Business Venture – May 2010 /Teach-Tech

25 Open the file Go to File Save As XSP/ PDF Exit File Not an option? Google save file as XPS/PDF Open first link & download file Now save the file in XPS/ PDF and close file

26 Open up your Power Point Click Insert tab Object Create From File Browse Find PDF File Click OK A picture of your file will appear NOT YET LINKED You must save the PDF file in the same place on your drive

27 Save to `G` Drive (Student Number Drive) Save ALL PDF Files in same place on `G` Drive Place it all in a Folder "IBT Portfolio" It is Case Sensitive No folders inside your IBT Portfolio folder To receive your feedback please make sure you have at least 500KB of free space on your G Drive

28 E-Portfolio due on May 30 th 2011 by 2:35pm Questions? Drop by the IBT Office at Lunch E-mail Find Zeeshan, Nigel or Ana

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