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© 2008 Cyberspace Virtual Services 1 How to Stay in Business When the Sky Falls In.

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1 © 2008 Cyberspace Virtual Services 1 How to Stay in Business When the Sky Falls In

2 © 2008 Cyberspace Virtual Services2 Business Continuity Planning is a REQUIREMENT in todays volatile environment

3 © 2008 Cyberspace Virtual Services3 From an earthquake to a stolen laptop every business is at risk, and the need to manage it has nothing to do with your size.

4 © 2008 Cyberspace Virtual Services4 Small businesses, particularly a sole proprietor, are less able to survive a disaster.

5 © 2008 Cyberspace Virtual Services5 With a Business Continuity Plan the loss of business income will be lessened.

6 © 2008 Cyberspace Virtual Services6 Business Continuity Plan A formal and comprehensive Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is an essential part of Business Continuity Management (BCM).

7 © 2008 Cyberspace Virtual Services7 Business Continuity Institute To quote the Business Continuity Institute, the professional body for Business Continuity Management: Business Continuity Management is the act of anticipating incidents which will affect critical functions and processes for the organisation and ensuring that it responds to any incident in a planned and rehearsed manner.

8 © 2008 Cyberspace Virtual Services8 Create your own Business Continuity Plan Prevention: what can be done to prevent the crisis from occurring in the first place; Detection: what can be done to ensure timely detection of the crisis, and Correction: what can be done to respond to, and recover from the crisis.

9 © 2008 Cyberspace Virtual Services9 Business Continuity Plan List the risks List the corresponding impact on your business resources Prioritise

10 © 2008 Cyberspace Virtual Services10 Risk Summary For a typical small business the risks can be summarised under the headings: Input risks Your unavailability Output risks (the reverse of input risks) Other risks

11 © 2008 Cyberspace Virtual Services11 Risk Assessment Prioritisation Probability, and Impact

12 © 2008 Cyberspace Virtual Services12 Risk Assessment Prioritisation Probability

13 © 2008 Cyberspace Virtual Services13 Risk Assessment Prioritisation Impact

14 © 2008 Cyberspace Virtual Services14 Calculation

15 © 2008 Cyberspace Virtual Services15 Risk Mitigation Mitigation strategies focus on: Recovery Continuity Delayed recovery Hours Days Weeks Cost effectiveness

16 © 2008 Cyberspace Virtual Services16 Business Continuity Plan Compile the plan Test the plan Revise the plan Revisit the plan

17 © 2008 Cyberspace Virtual Services17 Business Continuity Plan If there is time, I am available to answer any of your questions. In any event you can contact me by email at: with Business Continuity Plan in the subject line.

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