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CoLA 9 Project 15 May 2008 Phillip A. Sloop Southside Middle School.

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1 CoLA 9 Project 15 May 2008 Phillip A. Sloop Southside Middle School

2 Southside Middle School 2005-2006 SITREP Academically Unacceptable Not meeting AYP in four areas Significant student discipline issues Faculty departing in large numbers

3 Areas Requiring Attention Leadership Staff Morale/Professional Development Low Expectations (staff, students, parents) Curriculum & Instruction Unsatisfactory TAKS Performance

4 1 st - Leadership Issues Organizational Atmosphere Staff Potential Competence Curriculum and Instruction

5 Crews State of Affairs Teacher turnover: 33% Declining morale Frustration! Low student performance expectations

6 Curriculum/Instructional Issues TEKS & curriculum not fully aligned Minimal collaboration across departments or grade levels Limited curriculum rigor

7 Instructional Concerns Teacher professional development Old school delivery of lessons Lack of supplemental resources

8 Reading TAKS SCORES - 2005 GradeCampusState 6th69%86% 7th68%81% 8th70%84%

9 Math TAKS Scores (2005) GradeCampusState 6th40%79% 7th35%65% 8th26%62%

10 Writing & Social Studies - 2005 Grade/ Subject CampusState 7 th Writing 79%89% 8 th Social Studies 65%85%

11 Striking Back!

12 Leadership Order of Battle Communicate Purpose and Meaning Remove Instructional Roadblocks and Build Trust Establish and Enforce Good Order and Discipline

13 Leadership Order of Battle Holistic Approach to Improvement Processes Inspire a We Can Do Anything Mentality

14 Staff Professional Development Focused on needs, not wants In School Model of Professional Development On-site consultation/training with instructional facilitators (contractors/ESC-20). Pre-AP Training – All Core Courses

15 Expectations Overhaul Released control of improvement processes to staff If you need it…youve got it! Ownership – Its Your School

16 Expectations Overhaul Improved content and frequency of teacher/parent contacts. Increased number of parent volunteers. Provided ongoing information exchange on SSI, early college programs, etc. Implemented a meaningful student awards program (each grading period).

17 Curriculum & Instruction Initiatives Fully Aligned Scope & Sequence with TEKS (vertically and horizontally) Meetings with elementary and high school teachers Initiated Grade-Level Teacher Teaming Implemented Block Schedule

18 Curriculum & Instruction Initiatives Implemented Algebra and Pre-Algebra Implemented Pre-AP Curriculum Created TAKS Reading & Math Classes Homeroom – Instructional Period Contracted with outside curriculum expects

19 Curriculum & Instruction Initiatives Tutorials – After School/In School Project X More Effective Use of Inclusion Teachers Elective Teacher Collaboration (mini lessons/concepts/vocabulary)

20 Curriculum & Instruction Initiatives TAKS Blitz Sessions Contractors: instructional mentoring Technology – Laptop/In-Focus Projectors, Curriculum on Wheels (COW), Wireless laptops for classrooms, 3 computer labs.

21 Curriculum & Instruction Initiatives Just say yes. Provided teachers with supplemental instruction materials. Everyone made a Plankowner – Its Your School. RIGHT TEACHER – RIGHT STUDENT!

22 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to School… Staff pushed administrators aside and took ownership for student academic achievement. Teachers volunteered conference time for pull- out tutorials. Elective teachers, instructional aides, librarian, even secretaries volunteered conference time for core course instruction/tutoring Teacher retention jumped to 90%

23 TAKS Reading Grade 2005 2006 2007 Change 6th69%91%94% + 25% 7 th 68%67%82% + 14% 8 th 70%81%85% + 15% TOTAL 69%80%87% + 18%

24 TAKS MATH Grade 2005 2006 2007 Change 6th40%67%72% + 32% 7 th 35%46%67% + 32% 8 th 26%47%58% + 32% TOTAL 33%54%66% + 33%

25 8 th Grade TAKS – 2008 Subject 2007 2008 3YR Chg Reading 85%94%+24% Math58%72%+46% Social Studies 78%TBD+13% Science58%TBD

26 Righting the Ship Missed recognized campus (2007) by only 3 points Met AYP in all areas Five Gold Performance Stars

27 Students, Staff and Parents Win!

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