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Digital Education Revolution – NSW. SR - 2010. Kogarah HS Students at Work.

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1 Digital Education Revolution – NSW. SR - 2010

2 Kogarah HS Students at Work

3 NSW DET customisations Custom high resolution 10.1 screen Intel Pinetrail Custom BIOS security (Computrace settings) Iphone/Blackberry charging Custom splash screen on startup

4 DET security customisations Dual spring loaded latches Tamper evident sticker Intelligent long life battery Security Screws Moulded security message RFID Tag barcode Custom DET colour BLUE


6 Laptop User Charter 2.1.3Where a student has not reimbursed the school as required for repairs or replacement (see 2.2.5) the principal may determine that transfer of ownership will be withheld. 2.2.5Laptops that are damaged or lost by neglect, abuse or malicious act, may require reimbursement. The Principal will determine whether replacement is appropriate and/or whether or not the student is responsible for repair or replacement costs and whether or not the student retains access to a laptop for home use.

7 Installed software: DER & T4L (Windows) EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE

8 Rollout Schedule Term 1Delivery Date Sydney Boys High School8/03/2010 Gymea High School10/03/2010 Kogarah High School10/03/2010 Sydney Girls High School16/03/2010 Sydney Sec College Blackwattle Bay16/03/2010 Newtown High School of Performing Arts17/03/2010 Sydney Distance Education High School17/03/2010 Sydney Sec College Leichhardt Campus17/03/2010 Sydney Secondary College Balmain Campus17/03/2010 Fort Street High School22/03/2010 J J Cahill Memorial High School22/03/2010 Matraville Sports High School22/03/2010 South Sydney High School22/03/2010 Tempe High School22/03/2010 Alexandria Park Community School23/03/2010 Randwick Boys High School23/03/2010 Randwick Girls High School23/03/2010

9 Commissioning TSO or Device Manager is the only officers allowed to commission the device Upon completion the officer is required to do extensive testing (up to 30 Minutes) After 30 Minutes the following needs to be complete – On device management to students – Label device – Place completed device in box for Handout day

10 Handout Done in groups – up to school Students log into device Go to the portal and complete the following – Access email and click on link to access and complete on line DER survey – Complete activities based on Cyber bullying and Cyber Citizenship Complete activities based on Cyber bullying and Cyber Citizenship

11 Wireless Phase one complete Fibre remediation complete Phase two ces/majorprojects/dernsw/rolloutschedule/wire_phase2.pdf ces/majorprojects/dernsw/rolloutschedule/wire_phase2.pdf – 7 SR schools complete – All sites expected to be completed by August 2010

12 Wireless Pre installation of Phase two – Ensure the installers aware of locations of BDs – Where APs are to be installed Post installation – Before signing off All BD cabinets are in correct location All APS are incorrect location All cableing neat and to standard

13 SSP Wireless solution being trialed. So far looking promising

14 Non Warranty Process Process School will be contacted by Best International and a quotation for the repair will be emailed or faxed to the school. Once the quotation is accepted, the school will provide Best International with a purchase order number to cover the cost of repairs The school will send the Netbook back to Best Internationals repair facility at the schools cost, following up with a phone call or email to Best International to advise them of the return of the Netbook.

15 Non Warranty Process Best will inspect the unit and confirm that the repairs required are limited to those identified in the quotation. Should the repairs required vary from those identified at the initial quotation, an updated quote will be sent to the school identifying the additional parts and labour required. Once the repair is completed, Best will contact the school to advise them that the Netbook is ready for collection. School will organise collection of the Netbook from Best Internationals repair facility at their own expense. majorprojects/dernsw/techsupport/tso_resources/price_list.pdf

16 Non Warranty Process

17 Technology Support Officer Collecting Laptop user charters V10.3 and marking off in RMU. – Upon return Charters stored in student files Check students can access Internet using correct credentials. Meet with manager and RTSO to Plan – Parent meetings prior handout – Handover – Activities

18 DER – NSW Home s/majorprojects/dernsw/ s/majorprojects/dernsw/

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