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Virtual Private Networks (VPN) in Conjunction with DSL & ISDN New AVM Products for the Growing Remote LAN Access Market.

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1 Virtual Private Networks (VPN) in Conjunction with DSL & ISDN New AVM Products for the Growing Remote LAN Access Market

2 Source: Mummert + Partner 2002 Mobile and laptop Essential not just in business The Germans want to be available during their holidays for: 24% 60% 62% Colleagues Boss Friends Parents Which mobile devices Germans take on their holidays 3% 20% 24% 80% i-mode Mobile Handheld-PC Laptop Mobile Phone

3 PC drives business Source: Globus Infodienst, February 2002 Sweden Netherlands Denmark Finland Luxembourg United Kingdom Belgium Germany Austria Italy France Ireland Spain Portugal Greece Europe Work places equipped with PCs, 2002

4 PC & Internet drive business Source: Globus Infodienst, February 2002 Work places equipped with PC & Internet by occupational groups (EU) 0%20%40%60%80%100% Workers Self-employed Employees Manager Internet PC

5 KEN! drives Small Business ISDN & DSL mainstream access for private/SME KEN!/FRITZ!Card and KEN! DSL/FRITZ!Card DSL Secure connection of a small network (an isle) with –ISDN/DSL –E-Mail –Internet

6 Access Server drives Small/Medium Business There are customers who want more: –Access for remote workstations to the central office –Access for remote networks to the central office –Specific Internet-Firewall/Routing-demands Seamless (and secure) connection from inside to outside These are –the Top 15% of the KEN! customers –new customers with no KEN! experience

7 Separation of target groups KEN! / Access Server Closed Single-isle KEN! Open Connecting isles Access Server

8 Teleworking Germany - Development Teleworker Population - Germany, 2000 - 2006 Quelle: GfK, Statistisches Bundesamt 2002 0 1.000.000 2.000.000 3.000.000 4.000.000 5.000.000 6.000.000 7.000.000 2000200120022003200420052006 Gartner Dataquest 09/2001 IDC

9 Source: Dataquest (Sept 2001) Teleworking Europe - Access Technology Access technology stationary PC

10 Teleworking Europe - Access Technology Access technology mobile PC (field employees) Source: Dataquest (Sept 2001) 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 1998199920002001200220032004 Analog ISDN GSM ISDN GSM

11 Remote LAN Access Using VPN

12 What Is a VPN? Definition:A VPN (virtual private network) is a way to use a public telecommunication infrastructure, such as the Internet, to provide remote offices or individual users with secure access to their organization's network.

13 What Is a VPN?


15 VPN Requirements Authenticity –No unauthorized access –User authentication Confidentiality –No electronic eavesdropping by third parties –Data encryption Integrity –Verification of data source –Security against data manipulation

16 Insecure Internet Connection

17 Secure Internet Connection


19 Tunnel Technology A logical network independent of physical conditions Dynamic set-up and clear-down Endpoints authenticated before the tunnel is set up Secure data communication through the tunnel Possible tunnel endpoints: –PCs –Networks


21 VPN vs. ISDN Where does remote access leads us?

22 VPN vs. ISDN Pro VPN: Based on Internet connection Internet availability worldwide Flexible, dynamic network scalability Economical Internet connectivity costs (call-by-call, flat-rate) Connection costs are independent of distance Remote access at DSL speeds

23 VPN vs. ISDN Pro ISDN Non-based Internet connection Always available Guaranteed bandwidth Dynamic channel management CLI, call-back, centralized costs Maximum reliability

24 VPN vs. ISDN The optimum solution supports both: VPN and Dial-up Connections

25 AVM Products for Remote LAN Access

26 Always a Good Connection with AVM Matching Hardware and software for maximum performance The server: –AVM Access Server –ISDN-Controller B1, C2, C4 or T1 for up to 120 B channels –FRITZ!Card DSL for DSL access The employee in the field or home-office: –NetWAYS/ISDN –FRITZ!Card family for ISDN –FRITZ!Card DSL for DSL and Fast Internet Access –FRITZ!GSM for the field work

27 AVM Access Server The all-around solution –Internet access –Remote LAN access –LAN-to-LAN links Support for –ISDN –GSM –ADSL VPN using IPsec

28 NetWAYS/ISDN 6.0 The universal remote access client Dialer and VPN client in one Support for: –ISDN –GSM –ADSL VPN using IPsec

29 Access with AVM Complete –DSL, ISDN, GSM and VPN in one product –Remote network, LAN-to-LAN and Internet access –Even tunnels between two dynamic IP addresses Variable –Seamless integration in the existing infrastructure –Usable immediately with existing AVM ISDN-Controllers –VPN using the LANs existing Internet connection Simple –Configuration interface –Automatic parameter adjustment

30 Access with AVM Secure Access for Your Network Internet access –Packet-filtering and masquerading VPN –Support for all common IPsec encryption techniques –Maximum security through AES with 256-bit keys Dial-up connections –Multi-layered security concept –Caller ID, security call-back,... –Data encryption –Packet filter

31 Access with AVM High-Performance Communication Internet access –Scalable access, including data compression –ADSL and other broadband access media VPN –IPsec data compression: IPcomp –Data rates > 30 Mbit/s Dial-up connections –PPP data compression –Dynamic channel management

32 Access with AVM Always a Good Connection



35 VPN Summary IPSec - the VPN-protocol Data compression for VPN-tunnels with IPComp Tunneling between two dynamic IP-addresses (DSL to DSL) Secure encryption with the new Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with up to 256-bit keys Interoperable due to open standards (e.g. to Cisco, Watchguard, Linux...)

36 Access Server and NetWAYS/ISDN Summary ISDN and DSL for Internet access, remote access, network access Follow-on product for already existing KEN! Customers Flexible remote access solution for all costumers Scaleable: up to 30 VPN-connections (8 x ISDN) or unlimited VPN-technology IPSec (incl. IPComp) New market for AVM partners – profitable and fast growing

37 Access Server and NetWAYS/ISDN Support for our partners Public Relations Ads in trade magazines Fairs/road shows (lead tracking) Forwarding project requests Trainings Presales support Hotline support Your project in the AVM Solutions Guide

38 Access Server and NetWAYS/ISDN For a successful cooperation

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