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2012 Kick Off Case Study – PLDT Philippines. Proprietary Information. The Snopsis Wavion was the Winning Vendor for the Upgrade and Expansion of the PLDT.

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1 2012 Kick Off Case Study – PLDT Philippines

2 Proprietary Information. The Snopsis Wavion was the Winning Vendor for the Upgrade and Expansion of the PLDT WiFi Zone Project A Win with a lot of Twists and Challenges with a product that was still evolving Significant WHY? PLDT largest and one of the most profitable companies in Philippines Deep pockets and has a very aggressive plan to stem stagnation thru acquisitions and fast expansion plans Very Good Corporate Governance First and Largest Customer installed base in SEA/ANZ for the WBSn Total Potential of Project – 4000 Wireless Base Stations Initial Order – 1,000 Base Stations 2

3 Proprietary Information. PLDT, is the largest telecommunications company in the Philippines. PLDT is also the largest company in the Philippines Provides – Wireless, Fixed Line and Business Communication Systems 3 PLDT WiFi Zone Access to reliable and fast-speed Internet services in public spots all over the metro Covers over 2,500 hot zones (business establishments) all over the metro Subscribers use one unique Wifi ID to enjoy the WiFi nationwide Php 5 per day (US12 cents), Unlimited WiFi The Lead Character

4 Proprietary Information. The Villains Ruckus One of the Key Suppliers to PLDT Well Established – Strong Story Cisco Incumbent – Strongly Entrenched Aruba Strongly positioned by 2 Key System Integrators Altai Very aggressive – A lot of Over-Selling Pushing a product that did not exists Motorola Was a major supplier of WBA to PLDT Group Strong Presence 4

5 Proprietary Information. Story Line – Twists & Turns March Tender Announced - Supply 5000 devices – mostly indoor - Wavion not shortlisted April Tender cancelled - PLDT / Smart Comms consolidates WiFi Expansion Engaged with both Smart and PLDT @ Technical and Project Management level including POCs June PLDT announces new Tender for 2000 devices mostly Indoor July Wavion shortlisted along with everyone else Project ownership snatched away from PLDT to Smart Comms Aug POC completed - Wavion Wins Sept STOP - Tender put on hold by Smart LOBBY - Risky move to directly engage presidents of both companies WORKED - Triggered a reshuffle – PLDT handed back the project STALLED – PLDT budget was insufficient Oct PO finally issued but had to complete an Acceptance & Stability Test before taking full order Nov / Dec Acceptance test on first small shipment completed but Stability Test had multiple hang ups Dec 28 – Final shipment of 800 released

6 Proprietary Information. The NEW Plot - WHAT IF © Strategy Objective Was TO SHIFT Conventional Plans, Ideas & Beliefs Reset the Playing Field 6 What IF …. You put the radios outside and penetrate malls & buildings What IF …..You install radios that can cover longer distances both LOS and nLOS… like 500m What IF … You install radios on your buildings to cover streets, parks and everything in between What IF ….. You install one radio rather than using a 100 radios What IF ….. You Pay More to Save More What IF ….. Less is More ©

7 Proprietary Information. The Playground - Greenbelt Park

8 Proprietary Information. One for All & All on One

9 Proprietary Information. Greenbelt Park Coverage Test SiteWavionComment My Ayala Museum (62m) 1.5 Mbps Behind concrete no reflections Myrons Place (72m) 3.3 Mbps Totally NLOS Trees, elevated walkway, building Haiku Restaurant (277m 2 nd floor) 5.6 Mbps NLOS Laptop Seattle Best (283m) 4 Mbps Totally NLOS Trees, Building, laptop Greenbelt Cinema (320m Indoor) 7.7 MbpsLOS Laptop, iPhone, Samsung Smartphone Urban NLOS Extremely heavy Foliage Poor Placement – not optimal for this case Client device: Laptop Lenovo X201, iPad2, Samsung Smartphone 100m 200m 300m

10 Proprietary Information. Dela Rosa Street Coverage SiteWavionComment Elevated walkway (115 meters) 23 Mbps NLOS, Indoor Car Park Area laptop Paseo Street (386 meters) 28 MbpsNLOS, street level, laptop Castro Street (509 meters) 20 MbpsNLOS, street level, laptop Customer requirements is get at least 1Mbps @ 500m LOS Wavion WBSn Radios provided 20Mbps @509m at NLOS conditions, in a urban city environment Average of 42 APs along in any stretch Busy Main Road A lot of Foliage & Obstructions

11 Proprietary Information. Costumes & Make Up – Designer Stickers iPhone 4S Launch

12 Proprietary Information. Background Sets

13 Proprietary Information. The Smart Sequel Sma rt WiFi 3GO Tender Wavion won the technical bid BUT……… Smart not keen to have the same vendor supplying to PLDT Smart is Cisco Leveraged on PLDT Success Cebu Major Telecommunications Event in Cebu Ruckus offered to set up network – 16APs Partner set up Wavion network – 2 radios covering both indoor and outdoor Ad Congress Smart - 48 HP & Ruckus Aps PLDT - 4 WBSn covering both indoor & outdoor PLDT network rock stable. Smart kept crashing iPhone 4S Launch Smart could not risk another network failure – decided to put up a Wavion Network Final Test

14 Proprietary Information. The Academy Awards – Why We Won CHESSerized © Approach Changed Rules – WHAT IF? © Great Story - Solid Hardware with Great Potential Strong Wavion Cast Ofer Regev / Audie Austria / Vadim Pilipenko / Yael Shavit Amazing R&D Team Solid Partner – SysNet Integrators Great Executive Producer – Zeev Hard Work & Heart Work – We Wanted to WIN 14

15 Thank You Name: Joshua Mony E-Mail: Phone: (65) 8100-7787

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