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Hidden Valley High School Laptop Initiative FAQs HVHS PTSO March 21, 2005.

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1 Hidden Valley High School Laptop Initiative FAQs HVHS PTSO March 21, 2005

2 FAQs? FAQ = Frequently Asked Question Why? Rules of Laptop Use / Consequences Home Internet Use Loss and Theft Damage and Repairs Network Monitoring Update and News Q and A

3 Why? Prepare Students for todays world Accommodate different learning styles Close the Digital Dividegive all students the same resources Allow access to information 24/7 Provide the most current information

4 Rules of Laptop Use Students are not allowed to … chat or use instant messenger – This includes web based chat download copyrighted videos, music or games. play games on their laptop. listen to music on their laptops during school. use pictures on the computer that are sexually explicit, promote drugs or alcohol, contain profanity, or that may be deemed inappropriate for school. attempt to bypass security or alter or rename files on the laptop or network. interfere with use of network by others. use computer or network for commercial purposes.

5 Consequences First Offense – One Hour ASD Second Offense –One Day ISD Third Offense – Loss of Laptop Use to be determined by administrators

6 Internet Use at Home Wireless High Speed becoming very popular in SW Co. Secure your Network at Home …have neighbors secure theirs No filter provided by RCPS when laptop leaves our network

7 Loss or Theft Report loss or Theft immediately to SRO, Administrator or Technology Specialist. Police report must be filed $250 deductible applies to theft or laptop and accessories Stop Tags are installed as a theft deterrent

8 Damage and Repairs Aug – December 7 th 407 Parts Orders Dec 7 th – March 18 th 770 Parts Orders 1177 total / 129 school days Average of 9 orders a day

9 Most damage can be prevented 1.Use bag provided – laptop only 2.Proper Handling 3.Intentional Damage



12 Network Monitoring Locally – laptops can be monitored on an individual basis Bandwidth use and web browsing behaviors monitored from central office Files stored on Network server space is monitored on a regular basis

13 Updates and News RCPS receives award –American School Board Journals 11 th Annual Magna Awards –Honorable Mention for Technology Program Laptop Collection – during exam week June 3 rd -9 th Additional Technology Specialist will begin at HVHS July 1 HVHS Laptop information available from the HVHS website

14 Questions?

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